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Cost: $2.95 Trial, $19.80 Monthly, $98.16 a Year Rating: 98

Playboy Plus - www.PlayboyPlus.comPlayboy Plus has been newly revamped and we are all too happy to come back and give it a fresh review! Any Playboy site is always a pleasure to join and visit, and when you consider the fact that this membership includes Playmates, celebrities, Cyber Girls, Coed Girls, Amateurs, and Internationals, you can see how this joining be a very "worth it" proposition! But we'll get in there and give it the once over for you, so you really know exactly what you're getting before you buy. Let's take a peek into Playboy Plus right now.

Playboy Plus features over 3,000 gorgeous women, all exclusive to Playboy. You will see familiar faces like Jaclyn Swedberg, Katie Vernola, Sara Jean Underwood, Raquel Pomplun, Dani Mathers, Kitty Lee, Kristina Pohhlmann, and Lauren Bethencourt. There are over 100,000 photos and videos for you to enjoy of all those gorgeous angels, so you will definitely get your thirst quenched here. When you log in, you'll see a beautifully designed member's area in subdued tones of black and gray, which really puts the focus on the beautiful bodies that are on display. The latest updates are shown prominently front and center, followed by Cybergirl of the Month and a selection of videos and photos that are being looked at by members right now.

Clicking on an update takes you to an equally beautifully designed page that's dedicated to it, with the babe in question highlighted at the top in very hot photo, with the video preview embedded within that photo. You can click it to view the video right away, or scroll down to see the pictorial thumbnails (click for full size or view the slideshow) as well as comments and related content. The featured Playmate also has her intro and stats at the top of the page. You can easily see the date that the set was published, the total number of member views, and the category that it falls into above that. You can also rate the pictorial from one to five bunnies (you didn't expect Playboy to have some generic star rating system, did you?), and share via Facebook or Twitter if you like.

The size of the images are only 640 x 960 pixels, which is a smaller resolution than some folks enjoy, but they're just right on today's popular laptop screen sizes and especially on iPads. The photos are clear with that gorgeous soft lighting that Playboy is known for, but not quite what we'd call super HD quality. You're not going to be able to zoom in on every little freckle like you can on some sites nowadays, but you'll get the same great quality that you see when flipping through a Playboy magazine off the newsstand. The overall quality of the pictorials in terms of the setting and atmosphere, the hair and makeup, and the beauty of the women is unparalleled. Just what Playboy is known for.

The videos load directly on the page just like they do on YouTube, and they are really fantastic quality. Super crystal clear clarity at its finest, really displaying these gorgeous women in the finest light possible. You'll see every angle of their scintillating pictorial shoots, plus behind-the-scenes interviews and flirty moments that will have you just as addicted to these women as they are to the spotlight. You will want to spend all day and night just flipping through all these endless pictorials and videos, just poring over every single shot and every moment of film. You'll enjoy reading the comments and contributing too. It's all very streamlined and easy to use.

Everything that we saw on Playboy Plus leads to a very high recommendation! You get daily updates – not just once, but four times a day! – simple streaming and downloads too, and one of the most elegant layouts that we have seen in all our years of reviewing adult sites. You can gain access to Playboy Plus for just $29.99 per month, $59.95 for three months, or $119.88 for a full year. We recommend the yearly membership for the amount of content that you get here! You'll never want to leave. We give Playboy Plus a final score of 98/100 and we couldn't possibly recommend it any more highly than we do.

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Playboy Plus Picture
Playboy Plus Picture

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    Playboy is the most famous adult magazine in history. To not know the name is, well, unfathomable - and to not have dreamed of an invite to the mansion is even more unlikely. However, the rarest thing of all is to actually score one, but settling for Playboy Plus is a pretty good consolation prize. It has six sites and over 1,140 episodes of softcore fun. The vids are usually high-def and the pics are high-res once their set is downloaded in a Zip file. There's tons of extras and, even better, multiple updates a week to keep things fresh.

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