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Cost: $2.95 Trial, $29.95 a Month, $68.95 for 3 Months Rating: 93

Peter North DVD - www.PeterNorthDVD.comPeter North DVD. That title tells you that you're going to get to enjoy all of Peter North's legendary DVDs (or at least a sizable chunk of them!) in high quality content right there on his site. Why is he so legendary in the porno industry? Well, as my girlfriend made sure to remind me when I told her I was reviewing his site, it's first and foremost because of his massive cock and his powerful cumshots. This guy can pump out cum like nobody you've ever seen before. Lucky bastard. There is nothing like watching hot pornstar babes react to that monster of a dick on Peter North DVD.

But the other reason that Peter North and the Peter North DVD site are so well known  is because he brings you a level of quality that is unparalleled. Not just here on his own site, but on all the others on his network—it's top notch. I almost don't feel that I need to review this site to tell you that it's worth whatever price they charge, but it's my job so I'll go ahead and do it anyway. But I'll bet you five bucks right now that it'll be worth it. Let's check out Peter North DVD and find out.

The updates are fresh and they throw new content onto the site every few days. They don't junk up the member page with all the updates either, instead focusing on site news and trusting that you're smart enough to find your way to the updates link. I already know you're smart enough to do that, because you're here reading this review, right? Clearly you know what's up.

Peter North's movies are always crowned by his larger-than-life cumshots. North has said that he had no idea that his volume was higher than a normal guy until he got into the industry. He averages eight to ten ejaculations per climax, and you're looking at a thirty year career there. He's a fucking dynamo. You could do a lot worse than living vicariously through this guy. Beyond the cumshot factor, his huge dick is also the star of the movies—larger than any other current male pornstar, he's supposedly 8.5 inches long by 6 inches in girth. The girls just lap it up. They can't get enough.

When you're looking at the updates section, you'll see that the most recent ten have images and more details, but the ones below that are all text. I'm not a big fan of that setup. It's not impossible to navigate, but with 237 DVDs and more than 835 hours of content on the whole site it's a little crazy. Text? Ugh. I'm a visual guy. Aren't we all? I need the thumbnails. Come on North, if you're reading this, hook up my readers with some thumbnails.

Now having said that there are about 200 updates on the site, you have to realize that these are actually not just updates, but full DVDs. So it's much more content than it sounds like. With multiple scenes featured in each DVD, it really adds up quickly. There must be well over 1000 scenes on the whole site. There's new content every few days also, so it just keeps getting better. Doesn't this guy ever take a break? Lucky for us, he doesn't.

The movies are actually best served in streaming format if you ask me. I usually opt for downloads but these were flawless and instant. They're in WMV format so you'll need Windows Media Player or another player that can stream WMVs. You can skip around as much as you like without worrying about the movie freezing or lagging. This couldn't be any better than it is. Kudos to Peter for giving us more quality in this area, just like you'd expect. If you still prefer to download, those full movies will be about 2GB and the resolution is 720x480, so they look really fantastic. No complaints. Keep in mind that you have to download them scene by scene though, so those will be about 300MB each. Nice.

This is a DVD site, so you're not going to see any high quality professional photo galleries, but you will have access to screencaps. There are usually anywhere from 25 to 75 photos in a set, sometimes a few more. These are kind of afterthoughts if you ask me—if I bought a membership to Peter North DVD I don't think I'd even look at anything but the movies. If you love screencaps though, these are great.

Wait a sec—I almost forgot to tell you about the bonus sites. You get thirteen of them all from the Fame Digital network. Here's the list: Silvia Saint, Tera Patrick, Devils Film, Silverstone DVD, White Ghetto, Hairy Undies, Squirtalicious, Big Fat Cream Pie, I Swallow Peter North, Mother Fucker XXX, Cumshot Oasis, Curry Creampie, and Tranny Pros. So basically it's fourteen sites for the price of one. All high quality too. You can't beat that.

Now let's look at the prices for Peter North DVD. You can get 30 days for $29.95 or 90 days for $68.95. You will definitely want to stick around for more than just 30 days, so go for the 90 day option and save yourself some cash. You won't regret it. I think I'm most impressed with the fact that this site is updated so often—rather than weekly or bi-weekly like most sites, you will see updates a few times per week. And of course, it's Peter North—so you automatically know that you're getting that high quality. My final rating here is 93/100, with points taken off for the text-based navigation in the updates section, but otherwise it's a go. Ready to join Peter North DVD? What are you waiting for? Join now!

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Peter North DVD Picture

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  • Peter North DVD by 8/9/2010 6:16:48 AM (80/100):
    Peter North has distinguished himself from the pack of nameless stunt cocks to become a star and at Peter North DVD you can see why. With his ability to shoot huge amounts of cum and a track record of over a thousand babes fucked, you know you will be getting quality porn. You can choose from loads of DVDs produced by Peter and download something like 1,680 stellar-quality scenes. Moreover, there are 20 full-access bonus sites with even more great smut to enjoy.

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