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NS All Access - www.NSAllAccess.comNS All Access is a multi-site all-access pass giving you the chance to view the best exclusive hardcore content on the internet! You get a total of 14 sites, plenty of which I'm sure you have heard of. Let me run down the list for you really quickly and then we'll detail them one by one, followed by the specs and stats for all the sites on the network. Here are the sites: New Sensations, JizzBomb, Squirting 101, Mr Biggz, Lil Latinas, Screamin O, Butt Divers, Papa Loads, Nachos Killer Pussy, Four Finger Club, 2 Dicks in 1 Chick, Heavy Handfuls, POV Fantasy, and Internal Violations.

Damn that's a lot of hardcore content all in one place. Let's detail them one by one...

New Sensations
A great place to start within the NS All Access network is New Sensations, because it more or less combines the best of the entire network into one convenient site. They feature all the hottest pornstars like Jenna Jameson, Monica Sweetheart, Tera Patrick, Crissy Moran, Peter North, and so many more. Since you're seeing a ton of network updates in one place, this is one site that can truly claim to update FIVE days per week with fresh content. It's a huge mixture of different types of porn--standard hardcore, DP, creampie, POV, big tits, cumshots, lesbian, anal, squirting, and interracial. A total of 484 episodes span the entire network, spread out over 22 glorious pages (and that's just at the time of this review--imagine how many more will be there by the time you read this). This is one way of approaching the entire network, but if you'd rather do it site-by-site, then keep on reading...

JizzBomb features nothing but the hottest and most exclusive teen facials and hardcore sex. These are the youngest sluts on the block, all getting jizzed in the face. They're all California girls, and they all know how to suck a mean cock. There are an unbelievable 723 updates on this site alone, so you know it's damn popular and really good. Some of the hottest teens on the net are featured on this site, getting those faces blasted good with some hot sticky cum. Worth your time? You bet.

Squirting 101
Wanna teach your girl to squirt? Axel Braun's Squirting 101 is the place to start. This motherfucker had his hands insured for $2,000,000 EACH, so you know his secrets are worth learning. He's not gonna leave it to your girl to make that pussy shoot cum--he's gonna teach you how to make it cum for her. Master the secrets of the G-spot and watch these nasty chicks gush girl cum all over the place in 126 exclusive updates.

Mr Biggz, a.k.a. Shane Diesel, has a 13 inch black cock that he loves to stick in any chick that can handle it. This legend of internet porn is inviting you into his private lair so that you can watch these cock hungry chicks gag at the sight of his enormous cock, but then swallow it down and take it in their tight pussies with a big fat smile on their face. It's all interracial from what I can see--not a black girl in sight--but Mr Biggz does not limit himself to the typical blonde white chicks. There are plenty of hot Asians and Indian babes here as well. He's got enough black love for all of 'em to share. How many updates on this towering site? 242 total. Very nice.

Lil Latinas
Lil Latinas features some of the hottest Latin talent on the net--these nasty hardcore models are all about getting fucked, but they won't be pleased unless you're there to watch them. There's actually a nice mix of content here, from masturbation to hardcore double penetration. And these spicy Latina babes serve up a total of 199 updates for you. I swear this network is unstoppable.

Obsessed with the mystery of an uncontrollable female orgasm, especially when it's one that the girl brings herself to without any help from our cocks? Want to have more of an up close and personal bond with the girls on the screen as they get themselves to that ultimate climax? Screamin O gives you a POV view so you feel like you're the lucky guy laying right there next to her pussy while she fucks the hell out of it with a sex toy. These girls use so many different sex toys, indoors and outdoors, deep inside and on those hard little clits... There are so many flavors of solo pleasure here, you'll blow your load from the very first video. There are 158 videos. Very nice.

Butt Divers
If your dream girl is one who likes it rough in the ass, then Butt Divers really has your number. This is extreme anal sex at its best. You can just sit back and watch these girls get their assholes stretched to the limits. They're not satisfied unless it's a big bad cock getting slammed hard into that ass, and Butt Divers knows you're not satisfied unless that's what you get to see! They've packed this anal treasure chest full of 235 mind blowing updates. No complaints here--they know what you want and they give it to you.

Papa Loads
Papa Loads Blowjob Babes should really be called Papa Unloads, because man do these guys ever unload those monster servings of cum on these nasty hoes! If you like to see hundreds of glazed faces all wet with sticky cum, then Papa Loads is gonna make you happy with all this hot blowjob and cumshot content. You'll be shocked at how much content they were able to pack onto this site-- 177 updates at the time of this review. Definitely worth several nights of your time, at the very least!

Nachos Killer Pussy is famous for having hot nasty hardcore porn, just the way you like it. Nacho is the internet's top male star (or so they say!) and the undisputed fact is that he gets to bang the hottest babes while YOU get to watch! If the name sounds familiar, it's because you need to be familiar with this site. It's well known for a reason. 105 updates make sure that you will stick around for a good long while.

Four Finger Club
Four Finger Club, or 4 Finger Club, is known for presenting the most hardcor lesbian action possible. These girls aren't satisfied with the slow stuff--they want to be banged hard and fast by members of the same sex! Whoever said a girl couldn't fuck another girl's brains out must never have seen The Four Finger Club. How many updates on this one? 339 so far. Damn.

2 Dicks in 1 Chick
Love watching girls get plowed by two cocks at the same time? Feel like they're just not getting their fill unless they're COMPLETELY filled to the brim with hard dick? I feel ya bro. And so do the guys who run 2 Dicks in 1 Chick. These girls get fucked hard in the pussy and ass at the very same time, and then they gobble up two Monster Loads without batting an eyelash. These are the cock-hungriest bitches you will ever see. How many updates pack this site? 97. Looks like this one isn't updated anymore, but that's not a big deal since it's got so many videos. Maybe those girl's pussies just finally got too worn out to handle so many cocks at once. Ha!

Heavy Handfuls
Sometimes it really is all about how big the girl's tits are. If you're a size king when it comes to big breasts, Heavy Handfuls wants to make sure that only the biggest titties make it to your computer screen tonight. And the content is all hardcore, so it's two times the bang for your buck--hardcore huge tit action? Come on. You can't beat that. How many updates can they fit between those giant boobies? 185. Impressive.

POV Fantasy
Can't resist the thought of watching your fantasies come true right here on the internet from your own point of view? That's what POV Fantasies is all about. Some of the hottest fantasies are fucking a cop chick, doing an anime babe, screwing a showgirl... this kind of stuff is what your daydreams are made of, and now you can make them come true tonight in 67 amazing episodes.

Internal Violations
Finally we've got Internal Violations with the hottest internal cumshots on the net. These babes aren't happy unless they've got a guy shooting his warm load into their tight pussies, and every single video on the site ends with those creampies that you just cannot resist. Watch the cum drip out of these freshly fucked holes in 95 exclusive episodes.

And that wraps up the individual site recaps. Let's talk about the tech specs...

While the sites differ in quantity and style, the same general features extend across most of them. All sites offer full downloads, generally in high quality WMV format. Most of them also offer 3-minute clips, some with different qualities of WMVs or other formats like Microsoft FastMotion or Quicktime. The largest files are always 720p or above from what I saw, and they are incredibly sharp and clear. Perfect videos as far as I'm concerned. The quality throughout the network is consistent. Most sites offer hi-res pics and screencaps, both being 720px resolution or so. The ones that only offer screencaps are saved by the fact that they're high quality enough to be passed off as hi-res pics. Seriously. They're very clear.

Each site offers so many updates, so much high quality consistent content, and just an overwhelming number of pages of sucking and fucking. I love to see networks like this that offer you so much for just one low price. Speaking of price, if you join you'll have these price options: $4.95 for a 3-day trial (you already know what's in there, don't waste your money on a trial, get it all!), $24.95 for the standard one month membership, $39.95 for a two month membership, $54.95 for three months, or $74.95 for an amazing six months. Honestly unless you have a ridiculous amount of time on your hands, there's no way you can even get through this treasure trove of hardcore content in six months. You're going to want to stick around at LEAST that long if you want to get your money's worth. It's an incredible deal and it's definitely worth it. NS All Access earns a high rating of 88/100 from me. Recommended?? Hell yeah!!!

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  • NS All Access by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:03 AM (89/100):
    Can't decide what you want to check out late at night as you browse some porn? Head to NS All Access and you'll discover you have access to 14 sites for one price, all featuring good to great-quality movies along with some hot photos. There are almost 3,700 vids to download and roughly 3,000 photo sets. Among their themes you'll find Latinas, lesbian action, interracial, nubile gals in lust and orgasmic bliss. It's one-stop porn shopping at its finest! Some sites are no longer updating, but others are doing so frequently, so there's always something new each week.

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