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Cost: $1.95 / 3 Day, $4.95 / 1 Week, $24.95 / 1 Month Rating: 96

Naughty America - www.NaughtyAmerica.comNaughty America is essentially a package deal where you get the whole network of Naughty America sites for the price of one. You get 33 sites, thousands of hours of videos, thousands of babes, and dozens of updates per week. Here is the list of sites: 2 Chicks Same Time, American Daydreams, Asian 1 on 1, Ass Masterpiece, Diary of a MILF, Diary of a Nanny, Fast Times, Housewife 1 on 1, I Have a Wife, Neighbor Affair, Seduced by a Cougar, SoCal Coeds, Latin Adultery, Lesbian Girl on Girl, My Dad's Hot Girlfriend, My First Sex Teacher, My Friend's Hot Mom, My Friend's Hot Girl, My Girlfriend's Busty Friend, My Naughty Latin Maid, My Naughty Massage, My Sister's Hot Friend, My Wife's Hot Friend, Naughty America, Naughty Athletics, Naughty Bookworms, Naughty Country Girls, Naughty Flipside, Naughty Office, and Naughty Rich Girls.

Most sites have at least 60 updates, some as high as 250 plus. Some are currently updated, some are not. Most have more than enough content, and most offer both streaming and downloadable content in 1080p quality for the newest updates. They are very consistent about the quality throughout all of the sites on the network, and navigation is a breeze.

Let's check out the main sites one at a time...

2 Chicks Same Time: I thought this one was gonna be an Asian site with that play on words, but nope, it's just about fucking two chicks at the same time regardless of their home of origin! Simple premise, oh-so-sweet result. These lucky bastards get to do two chicks at the same time. There are 92 updates on this site.

American Daydreams: This is one of Naughty America's originals, and it features your favorite pornstars helping daydreamers like you live out your fantasies. Sexy women like Nikki Benz, Penny Flame, and Eve Laurence seduce all kinds of guys on this site. 92 updates here as well.

Asian 1 on 1: Lots of Asian fantasies on Asian 1 on 1, everything from that happy ending massage parlor to the naughty foreign exchange student. Shy girls and nasty girls, all sexy Asian babes, from all over the Orient. Horny and ready, just like you like 'em! 63 updates on this one.

Ass Masterpiece: I reviewed this site a while back and I remember that it was HOT. Great asses, big bubble butts, and the babes attached to those asses are hot as can be. If you love big asses, you will be in heaven right here. How many updates at the present time? 124. Very nice.

Diary of a MILF: An incredible 117 updates give you a sneak peek into the hidden lives of naughty MILFs who love to fuck! Tons of hot housewife bangers who love younger guys. They've got everything from amateur MILFs to black MILFs and everything else right here. I enjoyed this site a lot, and I'm sure you will too.

Diary of a Nanny: This one's like Diary of a MILF, but focused on naughty nannies instead. When the kids and the wife are away, these nannies love to fuck their male bosses. Some are just being hired and finding out that the requirements for the job are to suck and fuck! Some are even doing it with the lady of the house. Naughty babes... you gotta love it. 58 episodes on this site.

Fast Times at NAU (Naughty America University): As you might guess, Fast Times is all about college fantasies. If you dream of sexy amateur blowjobs, sex in dorms, and fraternity guys fucking sorority girls, you'll wanna enroll today! 149 updates make this one of the most overflowing sites on the network. Really great news there.

Housewife 1 on 1: This site is a total take off on the Desperate Housewives thing, complete with the Eva Longoria lookalikes that you can't resist! They've got hot housewives, horny housewives, cheating housewives, mature housewives, and amateur housewives... but no desperate ones because they're all hot enough to fuck any guy they want! Great stuff here, highly recommended. An almost unbelievable 299 episodes here!

I Have a Wife: One of the hottest sites in the Naughty America family, packed with just over 256 updates. Weekly or twice a week updates with these hot husband-stealers who can't wait to get theri hands on some very married cock! Highly recommended.

Latin Adultery: On Latin Adultery, you'll see nothing but hot Latina babes who like to cheat on their husbands when they're away! You get that great combination of spicy Latin girls and the naughty element of cheating. If you like it spicy, this one's for you! 293 sizzling updates.

Lesbian Girl on Girl: These horny lesbians cannot get enough of each other on Lesbian Girl on Girl, and as the site says, you get double the tits and ass here! The babes are purely amazing, just so hot and sexy in their lingerie and getting naughty together in all kinds of sexy girl-girl situations. There are only a scant 7 updates on this site right now, but it's brand new, and they're updating at a rate of one video per week. Can't wait until this one is built up a bit more.

My Dad's Hot Girlfriend: The intro on the site says it all: 'She's got tits, she's got ass, she's the woman you've always wanted but could never have... she's your dad's hot girlfriend.' Yep, the guy's dad is dating again and the girl that's after his dick is after the son's dick too! 174 amazing updates here. Very impressive.

My First Sex Teacher: How many times did you fantasize about fucking your teacher in high school? Now you can watch that fantasy played out right there on your computer screen. It's a combo of a MILF site with the whole teacher fantasy thing. Let them teach you a thing or two! This one's packed with an amazing 439 updates. Awesome.

My Friend's Hot Mom: You know that song about Stacy's mom (she's got it goin' on), well this site is all about that fantasy that we've all had of having sex with our friend's hot mom! Another hot MILF site in disguise, you get the fantasy element and the MILF element too. Great site! How many episodes here? A purely amazing amount: 550.

My Friend's Hot Girl: In the same vein as so many of the other popular Naughty America sites that delve into our hottest fantasies, My Friend's Hot Girl allows you to get your cheating fantasies into gear while living vicariously through these naughty porn stars. Presently updated every week, and already packed with 46 updates. Very hot.

My Girlfriend's Busty Friend: How many times have you found yourself fantasizing about your girlfriend's busty friend? Now you can dive right into those fantasies on My Girlfriend's Busty Friend without actually getting into any trouble with your girl. That's a win-win if you ask us. They're updating about a couple of times per month right now and there are 36 updates to enjoy.

My Naughty Latin Maid: These lucky motherfuckers have hot Latina maids, and when their wives are away, they get to fuck those spicy little pussies all damn day. These Latina maids like to do more than just clean house, if you know what I mean! Just 53 updates on this one, but the fact that that's considered a low number on this network really tells you something. That's NOT a bad thing!

My Naughty Massage: If you've got a lot of pent up rub-and-tug massage fantasies that you want to explore in the form of hot hardcore massage videos, Naughty America has got you covered yet again. Just 13 updates right now, and they stopped their monthly updates about three months ago at the time of this review. Hopefully they'll resume this one very soon.

My Sister's Hot Friend: We've all had fantasies of fucking our sister's hot friends—and this is the site where you can indulge that fantasy that you've been holding in since high school! Featuring lots of hot amateur nude girls and tons of content. Great site. 491 updates featured here, if you can believe it!

My Wife's Hot Friend: In case you didn't have enough of your sister's hot friends or your dad's hot girlfriends or whoever's hot mom, you can now indulge in My Wife's Hot Friend too. This is a site where husbands cheat on their wives with her hot girlfriends. Basic but it does the trick every time, right? This one also has an impressive number of updates for you to enjoy: 198. Hot damn.

Naughty America: This one is the standard site that represents the whole network, and it's basically packed with 64 videos of milfs, sexy mature women, bookworms, Latinas, and so much more. It's like a selective mashup of the best of the whole network. We'd love to see a little more content on their flagship site, but we appreciate their discriminating taste!

Naughty Athletics: One of my favorite themes for a XXX site ever, Naughty Athletics grabs all those hot babes that you love like the cheerleaders in micro skirts, soccer players with perfect legs... just all the naughtiest female athletes and pornstars, and puts them all on one site for you. You'll see these babes fucking on the tennis court, in the boxing ring, on the golf course... everywhere. There are 138 updates here. Schweet.

Naughty Bookworms: Did you always have a craving for the hot girls with glasses, plaid skirts, knee socks, that whole schoolgirl thing? Who doesn't?? Behind closed doors the uniforms come off, the hair comes down, and you find out that they like to do way more than just study! Pull an all-nighter with these naughty bookworm babes! 437 updates make this one of largest sites in the network, and I'm guessing one of the most popular. Make sure you don't miss this one.

Naughty Country Girls: There are only 22 updates on the site and it hasn't been updated since 2009, but you can bet your ass that you're going to enjoy the hell out of those 22 updates. This is a very original theme and one that's hard to find, so don't let the small amount of content put you off. These dirty little cowgirls just love to ride a hard dick, and the content on this site is blistering hot. Put on those cowboy boots and get into this one while it's fresh and new. Definitely one of the hottest sites on the network, even if there are no current updates.

Naughty Flipside: This one has less content than the other sites, but it's still one of my favorites. It's focused on the new breed of badass babes who don't give a fuck about anything except fucking! The layout is kind of emo and the girls are all really hot. With new updates this site could take the top spot. Just 19 episodes at this time and no sign of any new content anytime soon.

Naughty Office: Ah, the office sex theme. Naughty Office is all about that. If you can't get enough of bosses fucking employees, hiring staff fucking applicants, etc., then you'll be in heaven right here. There's a nice amount of threesomes going on here too which is a great bonus. 414 updates here, making it another one of the biggest sites in the bunch. I fucking love this site. Don't miss it.

Naughty Rich Girls: Naughty Rich Girls is perfect for those of us who fantasize about those pristine stuck-up babes who know that the best accompaniment to an expensive handbag is a pearl necklace, and we think you know what we mean when we say that! 39 updates and they're pretty regular about it. Hot concept and original idea. Recommended.

Neighbor Affair: Neighbor Affair plays on the fantasy of fucking the girl next door. There's quite a bit of MILF content here as well, but there are sexy young neighbors too. Everything from one on one to threesomes. Sneak next door for some hot action tonight! 182 episodes.

Seduced by a Cougar: This one is another MILF site, but these ones are specifically very hungry and horny and will do anything to get what they need. Ravenous older women looking for hot young guys to seduce. Another great MILF site from Naughty America. How many episodes here? 284 total.

So Cal Coeds: Like Fast Times at NAU, So Cal Coeds features hot college babes, but these ones are all from southern California! If you are into hot coeds, this is like an extension of the Fast Times site. It's packed with hot content and you will definitely enjoy it. Just 40 updates here, and no new updates since 2007.

Naughty America Classics: This is the site where they open the NA vault and show you 38 of the hottest videos they have ever made, totally remastered for your viewing pleasure. This is the hidden gem in the bunch if you ask me. A nice bonus.

Naughty America HD: This is the part of the network that aggregates all of the really high quality stuff from the entire network in stunning HD quality! These feature updates from all the other sites on the network, but in true HD so you can burn them onto discs and enjoy them on your HDTV if you like. Now that's living it up. How many movies do you get on this one? Close to 1400. You could more or less just hang out on this site and get the best of the entire network all in one place.

Porn Star Interviews: This is a naughty little bonus that we really enjoyed. No XXX video content here, just porn star interviews, sex stories from members, and articles about Naughty America. This is something that we rarely see on other networks or sites, so we considered it quite a treat. If you enjoy reading naughty content like this and getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into a porn star's life via interviews and other articles, be sure to check this one out.

...and that wraps up the coverage of the individual sites.

To sum it all up... I'd give the network overall an 96/100. They are extremely consistent with quality which is the most important thing. You get truckloads of hot porno content on this network, so I'd recommend the 30-day membership probably renewed at least a few times. It's only $24.95 which works out to 83 cents per day. It's an awesome deal for so much hot content spread out over 33 sites. I would highly recommend this network to anybody, but especially if you're a MILF lover, you'll find a ton of that content here! Naughty America is highly recommended!

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    With your membership to Naughty America, you are going to get yourself access to around 3,470 movies and 3,050 photo sets among 26 various sites. They are adding multiple episodes five times a week, so you will always have some new hardcore action to enjoy. The quality of the material varies, but if you look around, you'll come across some high-def vids that will blow you away. Live shows, a message board and interviews are included with a membership as extras.

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