Naughty America Claudia Marie Picture

Naughty America Claudia Marie
Claudia Marie just snuck away from her sister's party for some special time with a family friend. She's worried someone might catch them making out, but those huge tits won't stay in her shirt forever...

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Seduced by a Cougar Claudia Marie
Seduced by a Cougar Claudia Marie
  Monday, January 31, 2011

Bill is in dealer school, and his teacher asks him to help her out by dealing cards at the home game of one of her friends, Claudia Marie. When he gets to her house, no one else is there, there aren't any cards, food, or other players. Bill doesn't know ...

My Friends Hot Mom Claudia Marie 2
My Friends Hot Mom Claudia Marie 2
  Friday, January 07, 2011

Michael has come over to his buddy's house after coming home from his family vacation. Not to see his buddy, but in order to give a gift of English tea to his buddy's mom, Claudia. Claudia is super excited, because she never gets any gifts or presents, ...

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