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Muffia - www.Muffia.comMuffia. Let me break that down for you. It's like the mafia of muff. And if you can appreciate that kind of humor, then you're ready to get in there and find out about The Muffia Network of websites. Muffia is a high quality porn network, dedicated to bringing you some of the best and most varied porn out there. This network actually has content aren't going to find anywhere else, believe it or not, and all of their content is 100% exclusive to them. And most sites update once per week. Let's see just exactly what the Muffia Network has to offer us. We'll work through each site on the network, and then I'll get into the technical details on content quality and all of that.

It's Real
It's Real is a website dedicated to finding the strangest, the most unbelievable, the most extreme and bizarre stuff out there. This site is all about sexual curiosities, the kind of things you'd see in a circus freak show. You really gotta see it to believe it. From chicks with three tits to dudes with two dicks, this site brings the circus straight home to you. This site has eighteen different sets thus far, and is updated on the second Thursday of each month.

Cum Fu
If you're into Asians, you'll want to check out Cum Fu. It features tons of hot Asian chicks in all kinds of hardcore scenarios. Japanese, Chinese, Laotian... I mean name an origin and they've got 'em covered. They really showcase Asian women in a ton of different hardcore styles, but like I said in the main review for this site, despite the title, there is no use of karate, humorous or otherwise! Haha. This website has twenty-eight sets so far, and it updates once a week, every Friday.

Molly's Life
Molly's Life is a site featuring Molly, a sexy young blond chick, and all of her sexy adventures. You're the lucky bastard that gets to watch Molly have sex with all of her hot girlfriends. It's strictly girl-girl action here, and it's packed with updates covering six months of Molly's naughty life. She gets into all kinds of trouble! If you're into tons of girl on girl action, this is your site. It updates once a week, each Monday.

My Sexy Life
My Sexy Life is another site in the same theme as Molly's Life, featuring all of the hot erotic escapades of another young woman. It's another hot young blond, this time a girl named Phoenix. And while there is plenty of girl on girl action going down on this site, there is also plenty of cock sucking and ass reaming as well. Phoenix likes it hardcore, and she definitely makes up for the lack of guy-girl action on Molly's site. My Sexy Life has 35 sets so far, and is updated every couple weeks on Wednesdays.

Foot Ville is the site for all you foot lovers out there, dipping a little more into the fetish arena. Foot Ville has all kinds of hot foot action, from foot jobs to toe sucking to threesomes and orgies and more. There's girls in shoes, girls with bare feet, and babes in stockings, all working toward getting their pretty little feet covered in hot cum. The site has twenty three updates at the time of this review, and updates once a week on Tuesdays.

Kristin's Life
Kristin's Life is another site that follows a woman, and all of her sexual exploits, but this time it's not some young blond, it's a super hot MILF! Watch Kristin get herself into tons of naughty situations with her girlfriends, and watch them fuck each other, and what ever man they can find! This site seems to update weekly, but not on any set scheduled day like the others, and there are only fourteen sets so far.

Naked Movie
Naked Movie is a site that takes your favorite movies and turns them into porn. This is something I have fantasized about for a while now, but this is the first time I have seen somebody try to make it happen. I'd say they did a pretty damn decent job of it. the site is very new though--literally just a little over a month old at the time of this review--so there's not that much content yet. So far, there are only 5 sets on here, and I have no clue when another set is going to be uploaded because it's not on a set schedule. I have hope for this one though. It's worth it just for a one-time visit too.

King Dong
There are big cocks, then there are king-sized dongs. If you want to see pornstars begging to be fucked by the biggest cocks, then King Dong is the site for you. This site features the internet's hottest porn stars begging to get their pussies filled by the big-dicked men from Stars such Mindy Main, Carmel Moore, Tanya James, Francesca Lee, Audrey Bitoni, Kylee Strutt, Jeneve Jolie, and Capri Cavali go crazy for these big dicks, and Magic Man, Night Hawk, and The Salami Dealer are happy to give it to them. Just 19 updates right now, and the new content is coming every two weeks or so. So check out the action for yourself, if you dare!

Pornstars Lick
Pornstars Lick is the new kid on the block, and it features nothing but hot lesbian content from some of the hottest porno starlets in the biz. 100 percent pussy licking and finger fucking--really hot stuff! Since it's a fairly new site you'll have to deal with a little less content than you get on the others--just nine episodes, but they do update twice per month. With pornstars like Nika Noire, Jesse Daniels, and Nikita Von James, you'll definitely want to stick around for a while!

So, there you have it, the details on all the sites on the Muffia Network. Now what you need is the details on the content itself. The layout is pretty similar on each of the sites, so you'll be able to find your way around easily. You also won't have to log in separately to each site. Most sites have actual photos, coming in at anywhere from 400x600 to 1440x800, while others have just screencaps in those same dimensions. Some sites offer several hundred photos per set, or more than 500 on some. The galleries are all designed so that you can just keep clicking on each image to be taken to the next, which is a feature that I very much appreciate.

When it comes to the movie content, they generally offer both WMVs and MP4s, which is of course great news for iPod, iPhone, or PSP users (other portable devices too of course--gotta have our porn on-the-go). The WMVs are generally anywhere from 300MB to 500MB for a full download, or you can stream them or get them in clips of about 100MB each. The MP4s are usually about the same size, and both are generally around 600x400 in resolution. Nice and large, and they look great full-screened too.

With all of those different sites, great quality content, and updates almost every day of the week, the Muffia network seems like a pretty solid deal to me. All of the sites have multiple viewing and downloading options, high quality videos, downloadable picture galleries, and a pretty user-friendly site interface. I am especially a fan of their big mixture of content that combines girl-girl content with hardcore, and funky crazy stuff with pure fetish. They really cover it all. All in all, the Muffia network earns a rating of 85/100 from me, and they do get my seal of approval even though they're quite new to the game. I think they're gonna go far. Now go check 'em out while they're hot!

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Bonus Websites

When you join Muffia, you also get access to the following websites: Cum Fu, FootVille, It's Real, King Dong, Kristin's Life, Manuel Uncut, Molly's Life, My Sexy Life, Naked Movie, and Pornstars Lick.

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Muffia Videos

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Other Reviews of Muffia

  • Muffia by 8/9/2010 6:17:10 AM (85/100):
    Made up of 10 quality sites, Muffia is the familia of fun, very energized porn. So far, members get a total of 336 movies that come in a great-looking Windows Media format and there are about two or three new ones added every week. You also get quite a ton of photos in the form of 336 or so picture sets. This is a site worth looking into given the quality of the content and the amount found throughout.
  • Muffia by 7/30/2009 (73/100):
    Desiring to watch some Asian sex goddesses? Needing to see some sexual oddities, even if they might be faked? Want to see some intense lesbian and heterosexual hardcore action? Then check out Muffia today! You will get all kinds of hot (and sometimes bizarre) material. Much of the content involves more than two people.
  • Muffia review by 6/17/2009 (8.5/10):
    Muffia is a promising new site network featuring reality based content starring popular porn stars in original and often highly entertaining scenes. Muffia is developed by the makers of competing site Reality Kings and their magic touch doesn't go unnoticed. The network isn't yet as huge and often updated as some of its competitors, but it's a great choice for fans of reality porn.

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