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Cost: $4.95 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $74.95 for 6 Months RexMag.com Rating: 94

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Homemade Video Pass is the only all homemade megasite on the net! Every single video that you see here is real, many times caught on hidden camera, but always taped by the guy that you see in the video, often without the chick ever knowing that she's been filmed! There are a multitude of hot sites here, each with a different theme: My Dirty Teen Girlfriend, Our Homemade Porno, Stolen Porn Videos, Real Hidden Porn, and Swinger Sex Tapes. Just one pass t Homemade Video Pass gets you access to all of those sites! Let's check out the details.

With your membership to Homemade Video Pass, you'll get access to more than five excellent homemade video sites! This is the biggest collection of homemade sex videos on the net, and while that's a claim made by the webmasters, I am inclined to believe it. I spent the last couple of days working on reviews of these sites, and I have never seen such convincing hidden and/or homemade porn in my life! If it's not real, it damn sure looks real. There aren't any crappy 1-2 minute clips on these sites—most are at least 20 minutes long, though there are a few 5 minute movies (blowjobs, handjobs, etc.) on certain sites, especially the hidden cam ones. Understandable. Let's go a little deeper into Homemade Video Pass and see if it's worth your while...

They update the network daily with brand new videos—generally one update per week per site. That really adds up, tons of videos during just a 30 day membership. You can download, save, and share all of their videos. One low fee gets you complete access to all of them. The videos are the highest quality full screen—720p at least on all of them. That's the one thing that kind of breaks the illusion for me, but hey, maybe they upscale all of them, make them all fit. Who knows? Either way it's still pretty damn believable when you're watching these couples fucking. VERY real looking content here. I'm a cynic from way back and even I am believing this shit! So you know it's good.

Let's go ahead and detail each site one at a time...

My Dirty Teen Girlfriend
My Dirty Teen Girlfriend is the first site that they offer you, and it features all hot teens starring in their own homemade videos. You know the young sluts nowadays just love to film themselves in front of the mirror, touching their pussies, getting off alone on their bed, or just looking sexy. Now that's just the beginning. On this site you'll see them doing handjobs and blowjobs, even hardcore sex, and plenty of girl-girl action too. The girls are real amateurs, looking like the young hoes you might see on your own street. They update every single week with fresh content, and right now there are a total of 55 videos on the site with a screencap gallery for each of them. Very nice.

Our Homemade Porno
Our Homemade Porno features real couples filming their hardcore bedroom action, and then uploading it to the website for guys like yourself to enjoy! Now that's hot. Imagine convincing your girlfriend to let you upload your sex tapes. Not gonna happen. But these lucky bastards made that dream come true for you! Live vicariously through them and enjoy these nasty blowjob, handjob, and hardcore fucking videos! 57 updates on the site right now. Really great site.

Stolen Porn Videos
Stolen Porn Videos—pretty self explanatory! The girls filmed in these movies have no idea that you're downloading and watching their fine asses tonight. Now if that doesn't get you off, I don't know what will. The movies here are really hot, really dirty, and really worth your time. It's packed with 64 updates at the present time and it's growing weekly just like the other sites, so I say this one's a go. Every site on this network has been a winner so far, now let's move on to the next and see if they keep on delivering. (Spoiler: They totally do. Oh yeah buddy. This network is a winner.)

Real Hidden Porn
Real Hidden Porn is geared toward the guy who has hidden the camera on his girlfriend, filmed themselves fucking, and never told her. These guys take it one step further and send the video into Real Hidden Porn! Some of the videos also feature hidden cameras in stores and public places, peeping toms, etc... All good stuff that'll get the voyeur in you off REALLY good. This one has the most updates of all—96 of them! Wow. Due to the nature of this one, some of the updates are a little shorter—as short as 5 minutes. But there are still dozens and dozens of 20 to 30 minute videos here, so again it's a win. No complaints, this song is just as strong if not stronger than the others!

Swinger Sex Tapes unfortunately does not exist yet. Obviously it's in the works though because it's mentioned on the Homemade Video Pass page, and as soon as it's live on the net, we'll update this review with it and add a separate review of its own too. If every other site on this network is any indication of the quality and quantity that you'll get from Swinger Sex Tapes, then you are in for a really hot collection of porn.

You also get more than 35 bonus sites with your membership, even though you're already on this huge megasite! That's amazing. As if you haven't already had more than your fill... This is really, really impressive, even for a seasoned porno reviewer like me. Good stuff.

So, if you've decided to join Homemade Video Pass, it's cheap as hell to get into this high quality content: Just $29.95 for a month, $39.95 for two months, $54.95 for three months, or $74.95 for six months (no rebill with the six month option). This is by far one of the most “worth it” networks that I have ever reviewed. It's not that there are zillions of sites featured on it (though you do get 35 bonus sites on top of the ones that you get as part of this network)... it's that the content is so consistent and unique. For the ultimate voyeur (is that you?), this is like a buffet of hidden and/or homemade porn! And despite the premise, it's all high quality, yet very believable (and maybe even actually authentic). Final score for Homemade Video Pass is 94/100. DEFINITELY join this one. Period.

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  • Homemade Video Pass by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:04 AM (78/100):
    If you're a fan of amateur porn, you might want to look into getting yourself a membership at Homemade Video Pass. It's a mega-site that combines the content from five websites in order to provide you with 391 good-quality videos. There aren't any photos on the site, but there are plenty of vid caps. You also get 11 full-access bonus sites that have the pornstars taking over from where these amateurs have left off. Updates to this site are frequent.

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