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Cost: $1 for 1 Day Trial, $29.37 Per Month, $59.37 for 3 Months Rating: 85

Melissa Cam Videos - www.MelissaCamVideos.comI just finished reviewing Melissa Midwest, and now I'm checking out Melissa Cam Videos for you, an offshoot of that original site. As soon as you log in, you're greeted with a message that says, “Don't forget as great as Melissa Cam Videos, Melissa Midwest is even better with over 200 picture sets, hours upon hours of video you won't find here, and many other great members only things.” So…

Without even looking too far into the site I'd agree with that statement above—and at the same price I don't know why you'd join Melissa Cam Videos in lieu of the main site. But whatever… you just want to know what's on this site and whether or not you should join it. So let's find out.

Basically the content on Melissa Cam Videos is split up into regular cam videos, hi-res videos, virtual Melissa (her 3D game), fan signs, her contact info, and some teaser pics of her friends. The one bonus I can see here is that you will be able to separate her movies into cam videos and HD videos, which you can't do on Melissa Midwest. There are 43 cam videos on the site right now, and 84 hi-res movies. A total of 127. Not bad at all.

Let's look at those cam videos first since they are what's mentioned in the title of the site. Uh oh. My illusion of Melissa Cam Videos being currently updated has been officially broken—these updates are dated 2006. There's so much content here that I just figured it was currently updated. There's still enough to justify a membership so I won't complain too much, but this hottie will definitely be missed—there aren't too many out there like her.

So those cam videos are broken up into tons of clips that stream in your browser window, no downloading at all. BUMMER. These are probably 320x240 at best. Not too impressive as far as videos go, but again they're cam videos from 2006, so that's about as good as it gets. Melissa is entertaining and fresh on cam—always doing something crazy just like all the hot girls always do. The videos are great in terms of content, just not so great in terms of physical quality.

So what about those hi-res videos? Now we're talking. You still can't download them, but they load at about 720x480 resolution and they look fantastic. When it loads in the window, you can double click on it to load it full screen, and it will still look fantastic. The only exception to that is perhaps if you're on a huge monster monitor, in which case it might be a little too much stretching—but the quality here is great. No complaints at all.

As a member of Melissa Cam Videos you'll also get access to Sweet Adri and Melissa Midwest. The fact that you get access to the regular Melissa Midwest site means that you won't have to choose between the two after all. Not a bad deal… and Sweet Adri is the cherry on top.

It'll cost you $29.37 for a month or $69.37 for three months on Melissa Cam Videos. I think the prices are pretty reasonable but you've got to keep in mind that there are no updates here—all the content is from 2006. I'd recommend the site anyway, which gives you an idea of just how hot this babe is and how different her content is. Melissa Cam Videos earns an 85/100 from me, and I do recommend it. Ready to check Melissa out for yourself?

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Bonus Websites

When you join Melissa Cam Videos, you also get access to the following websites: Foxy Jacky, Melissa Midwest, and Sweet Adri.

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Melissa Cam Videos Video

Melissa Cam Videos Video
Melissa Cam Videos Video

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Melissa Cam Videos Picture
Melissa Cam Videos Picture

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