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Karen Loves Kate (KarenLovesKate.com)

Karen Loves Kate puts a new spin on the usual lesbian site... this time it's about two teens in love and in lust. These girls are real friends and real girlfriends. This is the kind of stuff that goes on everyday behind closed doors in your neighborhood, young teen girls exploring their sexuality together, except it's amped up to the next degree... these babes are exploring bondage, jello wrestling, outdoor sex, and more. Plus there's tons of candid and behind the scenes footage to enjoy. If you love teen lesbian sex, you have got to check out KarenLovesKate.com.

$19.95 a Month ($24.95 for 1st Month)
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Karen Loves Kate (www.KarenLovesKate.com)

Lesbian Recruiters (LesbianRecruiters.com)

Lesbian Recruiters. You've heard that those naughty lesbians are always out to recruit more girls for their naughty sexcapades, and now you've got the video proof! These lesbians are out to turn straight girls gay, and when these sluts pair up for some one on one girl-girl sex, the one who really gets all the spoils is you! That's because you get to watch it all. See these teen lesbo lickers go totally wild with each other only on LesbianRecruiters.com!

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Lesbian Recruiters (www.LesbianRecruiters.com)

LS Sorority (LSSorority.com)

If there is one ultimate sorority to rule among others, it would be this one: LS Sorority. For the girls who are quite lonely out there, this is the perfect place to be. The sisterhood is going to support you in almost everything, and most especially, they are there to satisfy your body's craving. Watch these young girls perform initiations on their new members. The initiations involve mainly licking pussies, touching each other, and even playing with dildos.

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LS Sorority (www.LSSorority.com)

Mama Turned Me Out (MamaTurnedMeOut.com)

Mama Turned Me Out is one of the most unique offerings on the web. We pair up hot black lesbian MILFs with gorgeous ebony teens, and these mamas turn these young black girls into ravenous lesbians overnight! This is a cougar scenario unlike any other. Our curvy bootylicious black beauties love to flip the script and have fun without a dick! Popping young lesbian cherries has never been so fun. The Lords of Porn network has outdone itself this time. Let mama give you some sugar tonight on MamaTurnedMeOut.com!

$1 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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Mama Turned Me Out (www.MamaTurnedMeOut.com)

Crazy Lesbian Orgies (CrazyLesbianOrgies.com)

Crazy Lesbian Orgies will absolutely fucking blow your mind. You may love lesbian sex, but you've never seen it like this! These girl-loving sluts get together in groups of three, four, five, or more, fucking each other hard with dildos and vibrators, licking and sucking each other's clits, jamming their tongues in each other's pussies and asses... there are no limits to the girl-on-girl pleasures that these babes are craving. If you want to be the lucky guy who gets to watch, CrazyLesbianOrgies.com is the place to catch 'em in the act.

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Crazy Lesbian Orgies (www.CrazyLesbianOrgies.com)

All Hot Lesbians (AllHotLesbians.com)

Just one look at our sexy lesbian models 69ing at the top of our website will have you hooked. These girls mean business. They can't get enough of eating pussy, and you're the lucky motherfucker that gets to watch. Our girl-girl addicts are displayed in exclusive HD widescreen videos, all in perfect 1280 x 720 resolution with 4200kbps streaming bitrate for those who like to get right to the action without downloading. All of our videos are widescreen and hi-def. Daily updates, huge galleries... what more could you ask for? Signup now on AllHotLesbians.com.

FREE Trial, $34.95 Monthly, $59.99 for 3 Months
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All Hot Lesbians (www.AllHotLesbians.com)

Lesbian Next Door (LesbianNextDoor.com)

Guess what? There's a Lesbian Next Door... if you thought your street was too straight-laced for this kind of hot fuckery, you've got another thing coming! These babes are indulging in hot pussy licking, finger fucking each other behind closed doors but with the cameras rolling! Some of these babes are young teens who have never had a girl girl experience before, and others have been around the block a time or two and know how to work those dildos. One hundred percent girl on girl action here--no guys allowed except you! Grab your membership to LesbianNextDoor.com now!

$29.95 Monthly, $79.95 for 3 Months, $99.95 for 6 Months
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Lesbian Next Door (www.LesbianNextDoor.com)

Chicks Go Both Ways (ChicksGoBothWays.com)

Women are lucky. They can both have men and women, and they still look good doing it. On Chicks Go Both Ways, the lesbians that we have are like supermodels. They are gorgeous, they are beautiful, and they got attitude. They know what they want and they will get it no matter what it takes. It's easy for them to get the man that they want, and it's also easy for them to get their other girl friends to pleasure them.

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Chicks Go Both Ways (www.ChicksGoBothWays.com)

Ashlee and Serena (AshleeAndSerena.com)

Welcome, we're Ashlee and Serena and we are living the dream of exploring our sexuality online. We are two fun-loving lesbian teens, and we have filmed hundreds of videos of us enjoying each others teen bodies. Best of all, we might be lesbians, but it gets us wet to know that guys like you jerk off thinking about fucking us. It's such a turn off to know you can't! But we hope you won't hold that against us and that you join us at AshleeAndSerena.com.

$19.95 a Month ($24.95 for 1st Month)
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Ashlee and Serena (www.AshleeAndSerena.com)

Lick Me Girl (LickMeGirl.com)

Lick Me Girl! Now that's a command that you love to hear out of a woman's mouth. When these sluts get together for some hot lesbian sex, you are the one who gets to reap all the rewards! You'll be able to watch hours of hot girl on girl sex, with pussy fingering, vibrator and dildo fucking, and tons of pussy eating. These sluts are licking anything and everything they can get their hot lips on, from boobs to pussies to asses. There's only one place to see this hot girl-girl action tonight, at LickMeGirl.com.

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Lick Me Girl (www.LickMeGirl.com)

Clit Lickin Lesbians (ClitLickinLesbians.com)

You've reached ClitLickinLesbians.com, and if the name hasn't explained it all to you, here goes – this website is about lesbians who love to lick pussy. Simple, right? Well, all those websites out there claiming to be lesbian sites but have no REAL pussy licking going on? Not cool. So we created this site, for those of you out there who want to see gorgeous, horny, sexy lesbian hotties who really love to actually eat a pussy! These honeys know exactly what they're doing! On Clit Lickin Lesbians, every girl cums hard from having her clit licked by a stunning dyke!

$4.95 Trial, $39.99 Monthly
Clit Lickin Lesbians (www.ClitLickinLesbians.com)

Lesbo Erotica (LesboErotica.com)

Young ladies from 18 to the early 20's are here on Lesbo Erotica to have some naughty lesbian fun. These ladies are young, yes, but that doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing. That also does not necessarily mean that they are experts already. They are new to the business, but they know how things work. They can make any scene as hot as it can be, but you can still see that what they are doing is real.

$4.95 for 3 Days, $39.95 Month
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Lesbo Erotica (www.LesboErotica.com)

Lesbian Playground (LesbianPlayground.com)

Welcome to LesbianPlayground.com, and really, our name says it all. If you love lesbians, then you're going to love all the stuff we have to offer! We are a hub of hot dyke content, and we bring you only the best in what the internet has to offer. We have links to tons of high quality sites, as well as direct links to new and free porn every single day! You'll always have tons of high quality, fresh, varied lesbian porn to go through here on Lesbian Playground!

$9.99 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $89.99 a Year
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Lesbian Playground (www.LesbianPlayground.com)

Jenny and Jill (JennyandJill.com)

Jenny and Jill are not the only girls that you will see on this website. We promise you an array of the hottest lesbians making out and more. These chicks just love to fool around with their girlfriends. But sometimes, their play time ends up as sexy time. These young women may look prim and proper when they are outside, but once they take their clothes off, things become a lot hotter.

1 day trial, 1 dollar/ 30 days $29.97/ 90 days $59.94
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Jenny and Jill (www.JennyandJill.com)

Strap On Teenies (StrapOnTeenies.com)

Strap On Teenies is a lesbian site with a twist. It's not often that you see teen lesbians going hardcore and strapping on a dildo! Usually the teen lesbos are just touching each other, kissing each other's pussies... well, none of that bullshit here! These sluts are serious about their girl-girl sexcapades, putting on a huge dildo and fucking the hell out of each other. These babes mean business. Watch all the hot teen lesbian sex tonight at StrapOnTeenies.com!

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Strap On Teenies (www.StrapOnTeenies.com)

X Lesbians (XLesbians.com)

Welcome to X Lesbians. Our site is 100% lesbians, 100% of the time. We feature a ton of girls and thousands of hot lesbian pictures and videos. The girls of XLesbians.com cannot get enough of each others hot pussies, and neither should you. Check out the site today!

3 Days for $1, 5 Days for $6.95, $29.96 a Month
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X Lesbians (www.XLesbians.com)

Orgasm With Me (OrgasmWithMe.com)

What do hot and horny women do when the boys aren't around?
They get out the toys and play that's what!

See some of the hottest bisexual teens on the net fuck each other with huge strap-ons, toys, and anything else they can find.
Will it fit in that tiny pussy? You be the judge.

$29.92 for 30 days
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Orgasm With Me (www.OrgasmWithMe.com)

Lesbian Sex Tales (LesbianSexTales.com)

Lesbian Sex Tales is a different kind of girl girl sex site. The premise here is that the members send in their fantasy sex stories (and real experiences too!) and they make them come to life for you on the screen. Babes having fun with ice cream, having sex instead of doing their homework, hot nurses and their teen patients... there is so much sexy lesbian sex happening on this site, and the storylines are fantastic. If you demand a little more from your porno than the average bullshit, you will definitely want to check out LesbianSexTales.com.

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Lesbian Sex Tales (www.LesbianSexTales.com)

Lesbo Network (LesboNetwork.com)

Don't you just love watching girls making out? These girls are gorgeous - they got the looks, they got the talents, they can get any man that they want, and yet, they chose to be lesbians. There's a lot of pussy licking, fingering and use of dildos on this website, these ladies do not need the cocks of men to pleasure themselves. Everything that they want is with their girlfriends.

$0 Trial, $29.95 for 1 Month, $89.50 / Year
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Lesbo Network (www.LesboNetwork.com)

No Mans Playland (NoMansPlayland.com)

A world without men, that's what No Mans Playland is all about. What makes us say that? These ladies are all lesbians, and they are proud to say so. They can pleasure each other without the help of a man, thank you very much. Watch these ladies as they lick each others pussies, finger and make out with each other. Their hotness is all over the site that you can't resist them.

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No Mans Playland (www.NoMansPlayland.com)

Naughty Best Friends (NaughtyBestFriends.com)

Naughty Best Friends has such an awesome concept. They lure teen best friends with a classified ad that promises a dating show, but there's no show. Instead of a lame video of the girls getting to know some guys, you get to watch them getting to know each other a little better! These babes are best friends, but once they cross this line it's nothing but lusty lesbian sex! Watch these nasty girls strap on dildos and screw each other silly! Only on NaughtyBestFriends.com!

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Naughty Best Friends (www.NaughtyBestFriends.com)

Lesbian Suite (LesbianSuite.com)

Who says that cocks are essential to a woman's happiness? The lesbians from the Lesbian Suite say otherwise. Dildos and strap ons were probably invented by lesbians. 'Cause it's what they have and they seem to be enjoying using it. These ladies are hot, don't doubt about that. But they don't want a man in their lives. Men complicate things. So they go out with girls and have fun. You'll be a part of it too.

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Lesbian Suite (www.LesbianSuite.com)

Pussy Lixxx (PussyLixxx.com)

Pussy Lixxx is the site where lesbian beauties go to fuck each other good! It starts off with that sexy pussy licking and eating out, and then they graduate to clit rubbing and finger fucking, and finally to vibrator and dildo fucking! These girls give you both sexy videos and pictures, plus sexy erotic chat right there on the site! If you really love sexy girl girl scenes, you will love PussyLixxx.com!

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Pussy Lixxx (www.PussyLixxx.com)

Lesbian Exotic (LesbianExotic.com)

There is that satisfaction only two woman can share. This satisfaction can be found in two lesbians pleasuring each other. They know that they don't need men to satisfy their pussy's needs. They manage to arouse themselves and have the same pleasure afterwards. That's what you are going to see on Lesbian Exotic. Hot ladies who long for pussies to play with, to lick and to finger.

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Lesbian Exotic (www.LesbianExotic.com)

Pussy Lickin Lesbos (PussyLickinLesbos.com)

Who would not want to see lesbians licking each others pussies? Hot ladies in action are such a turn on, no doubt. Most especially if these women go erotic and sensual. See Pussy Lickin Lesbos in action. You will surely get turned on with how they suck and lick clits, finger fuck and fondle breasts. These women surely know what they are doing. These ladies are hot, sexy, and are damned talented in pleasing another woman.

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Pussy Lickin Lesbos (www.PussyLickinLesbos.com)

Lesbian Blush (LesbianBlush.com)

No, these lesbians from Lesbian Blush don't know how to blush anymore. They are liberated young lesbos who are very much comfortable showing their bodies in front of the camera. Lesbian Blush is a website full of high quality videos of classic young lesbian action. These girls don't need men to pleasure themselves - they got tongue, they got fingers, and they got toys to do the fucking.

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Lesbian Blush (www.LesbianBlush.com)

Lesbian Extasy (LesbianExtasy.com)

Many people are in search for endless pussy-licking action. Lesbian Extasy has that for you. Here we have gorgeous female models who have a thing for the pussies of their co-models. They love to play with it, as if they don't have their own. These muff diving chicks are so hot that your computer may overheat. Prepare yourself for intense lesbian action only on Lesbian Extasy.

$1.00 for 3 Day Trial, $29.92 a Month
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Lesbian Extasy (www.LesbianExtasy.com)

Lesbian College Girls (Lesbian-College-Girls.com)

Lesbian College Girls. What girl in college isn't a lesbian, at least for a while? These sluts have already had their fill of guys in high school (literally!) and they're ready to spend the night with some sexy girls. They love eating pussy and finger fucking each other all night long, and playing with their favorite dildos together! Watch all the hot lesbian sex between these university sluts at LesbianCollegeGirls.com!

$9.99 Trial, $24.95 Monthly, $89.99 a Year
Lesbian College Girls (www.Lesbian-College-Girls.com)

Lesbian Eden (LesbianEden.com)

Lesbian Eden is the haven on the web for sexy girl girl content! They've got gigabyte after gigabyte of sexy lesbian flicks, totally uncensored and wild! These sluts can't get enough of eating out other girl's pussies and squeezing their soft kissable tits. When the dildos come out, you know they mean business! Watch these sluts shove their faces in each other's mounds and finger fuck each other to climax at LesbianEden.com!

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Lesbian Eden (www.LesbianEden.com)

Sexy Lesbian Videos (SexyLesbianVideos.com)

If you're a guy who enjoys watching one lesbian eat another lesbian out, then you might find that Sexy Lesbian Videos is the site for you. It's all lesbians, all the time, 24/7. Watch as one big-breasted lesbian gets licked by another, and enjoy watching them suck on each others pussies. The girls on SexyLesbianVideos.com love grabbing their double-edged dildos and fucking each other hard. It's all filmed in high-quality vids and worth the $1 trail.

3 Days for $1, 5 Days for $6.95, $29.96 a Month
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Sexy Lesbian Videos (www.SexyLesbianVideos.com)

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