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Mommy Loves Pussy - www.MommyLovesPussy.comMommy Loves Pussy is all about lesbian MILFs! Merging two porn genres has never been so good. These hot mature babes find ways to indulge in their naughty little secret… whether it's with the babe next door, their best friends, or whatever hot babe happens to be nearby! Mommy Loves Pussy is all about that hot mature lesbian content that you can't get enough of. Let's log into the member's section and see what these babes are up to when they think nobody is watching…

The member's section doesn't look the same as the tour pages at all—gone are the pinks and whites and fancy layout—instead you've just got a plain table layout with varying shades of brown. It's really basic, but the navigation is easy, and in the end that's what matters.

The easiest way to navigate the site is to just click on “all movie downloads” right from the beginning. You'll be shown all of the movies on multiple pages, ten per page. There are about 360 movies on the site in all—an incredible number! Impressive. Each update is dated, and I'm glad to say that the site is currently being updated at least twice per month, sometimes more often than that. With each one you get a thumbnail, the date, the title, and a link to download either the broadband version or the dialup version.

You can choose between broadband and dialup movie downloads, both full movies only, no clips. The broadband movies are around 115MB and the dialup versions are about 20MB. The hi-speed versions are nicely sized, I'm guessing around 600 x 500 pixels in resolution, but the smaller ones aren't even worth the 20MB download. They're probably 150 x 100 pixels in size, literally. I'd skip those, even if you are on dialup. It's just not worth it. It's like watching an animated thumbnail. Go for the broadband, it's worth the wait. The movies are all in WMV format no matter which ones you choose.

There are no matching photo galleries on the site, though there is a separate and unrelated photo gallery in the extras. Some extras that are listed on the site include: Bonus sites (Do My Mom, Candy Films, Pornstar Classics, Smashcom Hardcore, and Porn Different for Macintosh), streaming video, massive photo archive (this is the same on all the bonus sites too, has nothing to do with lesbian MILFs at all, just random photos of babes), live sex and web cams (not sure how free these really are!), DVD Pay Per View (worth it for hard-to-find movies!), DVD rentals, and a sex toy shop.

Membership to Mommy Loves Pussy is $24.95 monthly via credit card or check (USA only), or you can go 90 days for $59.95. I'd give this site a 90/100. The content is fantastic and lives up to all expectations—the only reason that score is a little lower than it could be is because of the plain layout, no matching photo galleries, and the crappy quality of the dialup videos. If you're only downloading broadband anyway and you don't care about photos or the layout, you'll definitely enjoy the content here. Recommended—so why not join Mommy Loves Pussy today?

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Bonus Websites

When you join Mommy Loves Pussy, you also get access to the following websites: Busty Classics, Candy Films, Do My Mom, Pornstar Classics, and Smashcom.

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  • Mommy Loves Pussy by 8/9/2010 6:16:35 AM (75/100):
    There are so many MILF sites out the with hot studs banging mature women, and in an area saturated by cock suck and fuck, it's completely refreshing to cum across a site offering older women and nubile babes with their tongues swirling in an out of each others mouths, their wet pussies rubbing together, and a lot more action. With 351 videos and 185 solo chick photo sets you will have loads of nonexclusive lesbo action to enjoy.

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Rex Labra
Rex Labra 100:
It's cool first time to have this all women porn site. Keep it up.
June 22, 2014 at 8:59 PM

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