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My Naughty Latin Maid Amina Amore
Amina Amore feels terrible when she accidentally knocks her boss's fiance's ring into the sink, and Jordan makes her feel even worse when he tells her she has to pay for the plumber! But quick-thinking Amina knows she can't afford a whole day's pay, so she quickly drops to her knees to pay the debt.

My Naughty Latin Maid Thea Marie
Seth thinks that the clumsy but very sexy maid Thea Marie is good for nothing but looking good in short shorts, so she asks him to take a seat and she will show him what she does right. She sucks good cock cuz, after all, her favorite popsicle is a "man-sicle".

My Naughty Latin Maid Daisy Marie
Vincent is sad to hear his maid died, but damn, the replacement maid Daisy is HOT!! He promises her more work for a kiss and then bam, next thing you know, she is licking his dick like a lollipop and begging him to lick her culo 'til she cums.

My Naughty Latin Maid Yaisely
Muy caliente!! When Yaiselys comes over to clean Alec's apartment, he can't understand why this hot little Cuban number doesn't have a boyfriend. She says she doesn't have time for that, but how about a little sweet and spicy rough and tumble for the road

My Naughty Latin Maid Jayna Oso
Jack needs a maid to clean up after his Halloween party, but he hasn't been impressed with the maids he's gotten before. So when Jayna Oso shows up, she's not only eager to do a good job, but to give a good blow job as well, and Jack's cum shower on her face will just give her more to clean!!

My Naughty Latin Maid Kira Kums
Seth's place is a real pig's sty. It's such a shit hole that he hires a cleaning service cuz' he can't seem to pull himself off of the couch. But when the lovely Latina Kira Kums arrives, his dick takes over and before Kira knows it, she's getting her chocha cleaned out!

My Naughty Latin Maid Felony
Anthony hasn't used the cleaning service in months … and it shows.  When Felony arrives she meticulously scours the loft and when done she offers up the bonus treatment which includes an immaculate blow job, 69 and some serious up 'n down, face down and ass up fucking!

My Naughty Latin Maid Destiny Summers
Kris Slater threw a party and the house is wreck because his friend, Andy, puked all over the place so he had to call in some professional help, Vanessa's Criadas. Destiny Summers did a bang-up job cleaning the casa but she refused to get the barf and opted to get her hands dirty with bodily fluids of a different sort!

My Naughty Latin Maid Geena Ginger
Geena Ginger partied down last night putting back a bottle of Mescal and will do anything to get out of her janitorial obligations for Seth Dickens. Seth is a big boy and doesn't mind doing half the work as long Geena gives good head and gives up the pussy!

My Naughty Latin Maid Sativa Rose
Sativa comes to work late, not a good impression on her first day cleaning this guy's house. After she get's done cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen maybe she can get a little work done on the couch. If she can give him a good blow-job maybe he'll give her a permenant job.

My Naughty Latin Maid Lucious Lopez
Bixel wants revenge on Slim and is gonna' leave him high and dry without a roof over his head! The cleaning service sends Luscious Lopez to assist with the move. But Luscious ain't no limpiadora – she's only interested in getting her pinocha licked out and swallowing huge cock!

My Naughty Latin Maid Katalina Linda
Matt has let Slim down for the last time. If you thought getting written on with permanent markers during the New Year's party was bad then wait until you see what's next! After this, Matt's gonna' need more than your typical housekeeper to lift his spirits. Let's see if Katalina Linda has got what it takes!

My Naughty Latin Maid Havana And Ice
Slim and Laura are off to Hawaii for their Luna de Miel and will miss out on Matt's birthday. But leave it to Slim to arrange for not one but TWO housekeepers to make sure things are ship-shape around the house … and don't forget about the weenie tip, the shaft, the balls and that little bit of skin between the sack ...

My Naughty Latin Maid Angel Flirt
Matt had one helluva' party but apparently passed out early; hence all the body graffiti! Imagine his surprise when Angel Flirt drops by to clean his cock rather than the aftermath of the party!

My Naughty Latin Maid Marquetta Jewel
Marquetta has been cleaning homes since she was 13 but never before has she had to perform a job quite like this. She'll be cleaning cock and getting her pussy swept!

My Naughty Latin Maid Shy Love
Matt has built himself quite a reputation with the cleaning service. It's to the point where the only thing getting cleaned anymore is his cock! Aye que buena!

My Naughty Latin Maid Raquel Amante
Matt is calling his old latina maid for a little fun. But this time, she needs to keep quiet about it and not tell Slim. If she can keep a good secret, then she'll earn extra cash.

My Naughty Latin Maid Havana Ginger
Matt is housesitting for his friend up in the hills. He calls the agency and requests their new girl Havana. Havana is willing to do anything for a little extra dinero.

My Naughty Latin Maid Maria Ray
Maria has been with the agency for a year and has yet to meet the guys maybe she will learn something new and have some fun at the same time not to mention a little cash.

My Naughty Latin Maid Avy Lee Roth
Avy Lee is NOT here to clean! She knows what the other girls got when they came to clean, so she wants in on the action!

My Naughty Latin Maid Jennifer 2
Jennifer is ready to clean the house, but shes going to be doing alot more then just cleaning!

My Naughty Latin Maid Estella
Estella is really good at washing the dishes, but lets just see what else she is good at!

My Naughty Latin Maid Alexia
We hired Alexia to come clean the house. Little does she know we have a little side work for her to do. Lets see how much we have to pay her to have a little fun!

My Naughty Latin Maid Sofia Sandobar
Slim just got from Vegas and it looks like he can't pay rent. Well, Matt is sick of this shit. He wants to fuck the next three maids or else Slim can hit the road.

My Naughty Latin Maid Dulce
The wedding is over and for old time's sake it's time to fuck a dirty latina maid named Dulce. Sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same!

My Naughty Latin Maid Jennifer
Matt is getting married so Slim is giving him his last chance to fuck a hot latin maid.. Check out the final chaper of the Dirty Latina Maids!

My Naughty Latin Maid Rio
We found Rio (new to the apartment complex) sitting on a ledge and we started talking to her. She was willing to show us her goods, so we thought she might go all the way. Lets see if she did!

My Naughty Latin Maid Monique
Monique is late to clean the office, and when an office working comes in and sees her in her "clubbin" out fit rather then her maid outfit he has to be persuaded not to tell the boss!

My Naughty Latin Maid Keeani
We called a private maid into the hotel and when she showed up she was very confused about the fact we already had hotel maids. She gives it up after we offer her some easy money.

My Naughty Latin Maid Alicia
The boys aren't ready for the maid to come over, but when she does they make sure she gets the job done right!

My Naughty Latin Maid Camille
The new girl from the cleaning service dosent co-operate at first, but a little more cash and she is doing us like the rest.

My Naughty Latin Maid Mary Jane
We hired Daisy's cousin Mary Jane to come and clean the house. She had no idea that Daisy participated in such a thing with us. But, once she found out, Mary Jane reluctantly agreed to be on our next Dirty Latina Maids!

My Naughty Latin Maid Megan
Megan showed up late to clean the house. We decided she needed to be taught a lesson about being on time so we gave her a spanking and a knob to clean.....

My Naughty Latin Maid Yasmine
The agency sent over a new girl to clean my house. Yasmine didn't speak much English and was not familiar with the routine. So, I took it upon myself to break her in and show her how we do things here.

My Naughty Latin Maid Angel And Madison
I was at my parents house when the maid stopped by. We talked about school and life for a little while. She seemed like she likes to have fun. No ones home, nice house, a hot maid, college is a time for exploration after all.

My Naughty Latin Maid Shay
Another hottie from the Service. She came to clean and clean she did. $20 and no more shirt, a few more 20's and then she was just about ready to clean. She asked where she should clean, so i gave her exactly what she asked for.

My Naughty Latin Maid Daisy
I had to get a new maid today. Enter Daisy, she was a sweet girl and it didn't take long for her to get the program down. A little cleaning, a little swallowing and before long she was done and so was I.

My Naughty Latin Maid Isabella
Isabella came over to clean my place, but she knew exactly what to expect. She was asking all the questions and in no time she was naked cleaning my bathroom. A little longer and she was ready to get to the real job at hand. She cleaned my pole and gave me the best service I could have expected.

My Naughty Latin Maid Eva
I just moved into my new place. I was thinking of getting a new maid, maybe a live in or full time one, with a few fringe benefits. My first interview was with the latina hottie Eva. She was ready to get straight down to work. She had a deep throat and deep pussy, she cleaned my accessories very well. One down many, many ...

My Naughty Latin Maid Merissa
Merissa is a hottie who lives in my apartment complex. I wouldn't miss the chance to hire her and get her to clean my place up a little bit. I talked to her for a little bit and it wasnt too hard to get her to drop her panties. And you know what we say, what happens in my place stays in my place.

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