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Cost: $4.95 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $54.95 for 3 Months Rating: 93

Lil Latinas - www.LilLatinas.comLil Latinas is another hot offering from the Reel Pass network. This one features sizzling DVD quality movies of lovely Latin girls getting involved in some hot and heavy hardcore action! I've been really pleased with everything I have seen on the network so far, so I'm especially excited to get into Lil Latinas and see just how good it can get. Let's go in.

You are obviously the kind of guy who enjoys Hispanic girls getting fucked by guys with big cocks, and Lil Latinas totally delivers in that category. I'm lucky enough to be dating an insatiable Latina at the moment, and she is an example of how insatiable these girls really are! Whether they're Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, or whatever—they are so fine with their tantalizing brown skin and tight pink pussies. These girls love to suck and fuck, and each video on Lil Latinas is a testament to that. Very spicy content here. Enough said!

Now the first thing I'd like to look at here is the navigation. Your main focus will be on the right side of the screen where all the new updates are. The latest one is huge on top and then it's followed by smaller recent updates. It's a pretty typical layout. On the left you've got most popular updates followed by a great little dropdown menu that lets you access all of your favorite girls with just one click. Gotta love it. Before I forget to tell you—there are 192 updates on the site. Damn impressive. For the record I don't think the site is updated anymore since there are no dates on the updates. But with 192 updates—who cares?

Let's get a look at the pics first. Like most sites on this network, they offer both professional photos and screencaps. They are all excellent quality and they offer zip sets for both. The HQ photos are sized 1024x681 pixels and they're as good as they can get. Not quite the true HD standard that you might be used to nowadays, but still really really sharp and good looking. The video caps also are great, sized 720x389 and very clear great quality. They really get every hot angle in both the pro pics and vid caps—these are true excellence as porno pics go!

Now how about those videos? You can get full WMV downloads for about 300MB for a 30 minute update. Some are around 20 minutes, some are as many as 40. There are smaller clips for the dialup users as well that range from 444x240 to 720x389 resolution, so you can still get your fill even if you're on a crappy connection. Obviously the smaller ones will be a little lesser quality and a little more pixelated, but if you're on a bad connection they will be fine. They're all good quality for their respective sizes. And as I mentioned before, these movies are all hot, exclusive, and blazingly hardcore.

You get more than just Lil Latinas with your paid membership though. You also get a lot of excellent bonus sites from the Reel Pass network of sites. Here's the list: Butt Divers, Heavy Handfuls, Lions Den XXX, Nacho's Killer Pussy, Papa Loads, Squirting 101, Stolen Porn Videos, Porn Newcomer, Naughty Pigtails, Milf Gets Fucked, Horiental, Coed Vids, Four Finger Club, Jizz Bomb, Mr. Biggz, NS Full On Video, Real Hidden Porn, Screaming O, Only Movies, Monster Loads, and Fresh Outta High School. It's a great bunch of sites, all updated, all exclusive.

Thinking about joining Lil Latinas? It'll cost you only $29.95 for 30 days, $39.95 for 60 days, $54.95 for 90 days, or $74.95 for a complete six month membership. With 192 updates on this site plus all the ones on the other sites, I'd say 6 months is totally warranted. I personally wouldn't go for less than 90 days though—you'll miss out on a lot if you do, and you'll be wishing you had signed up for the longer membership. So what's my final rating for these sexy Latina babes who grace Lil Latinas with all their sizzling hardcore content? 93/100. One of the high points on the network for sure. Don't miss it!

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Lil Latinas Video

Lil Latinas Video
Lil Latinas Video

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Lil Latinas Picture
Lil Latinas Picture

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  • Lil Latinas by 8/9/2010 6:16:03 AM (78/100):
    There is no better treat than a feast of Latina pussy waiting to be ravished by a hard-hammering schlong. These 186 videos and 186 photo sets give you a whole lot of raw hardcore action. These horny babes with their swiveling Latin hips and their full pouting lips will bury your libido in lust. Searingly sexy, they get right to the point and that's always the head of a rock-hard rod ready to explode. Videos are good to great in quality and pics look very nice. Sadly, updates have been discontinued.

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