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Cost: $1.85 Trial, $29.99 Monthly Rating: 66

Latina Sex - www.LatinaSex.comWhen I hear the words Latina Sex, I know that I am in for some spicy lovin'. This site blows their own horn by calling themselves the most unique Latina site on the net, and the reason for that is that they feature women from all over the world, from Central and South America to the Caribbean and Europe. They also promise new and exclusive weekly porno movies. So is it all true? There's only one way to find out—by logging in to Latina Sex!

Knowing before I even log in that Latina Sex is one of the Silver Sinema bonus sites (not one of their main offerings), I don't necessarily have high hopes. Logging in I am seeing signs that this is just a feed site (no downloadable content). That's what they show me as soon as I log in—and they're not even all Latina feeds. There is a “site videos” section though, and it says it includes only exclusive videos. The bad news is that there are only 14 videos here. That's really disappointing. I'd hate to actually pay for this site and then log in and find just 14 videos. I'm not going to recommend a site with that few videos on it, so you can start browsing for another one right here if you like. But for me, the Latina Sex review goes on.

Beyond the quantity issue, what's the quality like here? Well, at first you're going to see them pop up in a streaming window—and it's your choice between WMV and MOV prior to that. Once that streaming window pops up, you'll then have the opportunity to download that video. They're about 45MB each and the resolution is just 320x240. Again I'd be seriously pissed if I paid for a site and then logged in to find just 320x240 movies! I can get those for free, you know?

So despite those quality and quantity drawbacks, what are the movies like on Latina Sex? Well, as with all Latina videos, you're going to see some truly insatiable cock sucking and fucking action! The Latinas are beautiful, really striking features, and they are in fact from every corner of the globe as the tour pages said (the one promise they decided to keep I guess). If I could get this Latina Sex content in HD or even somewhere near hi-res, I'd jump at the chance.

One thing I would recommend checking out if you do decide to join is the photo gallery! It's a small one, but the photos are very nice at 507x750 pixels. That's not big, but the quality is very good, and after looking at those tiny blurry videos, these look pretty damn perfect. It's almost a bonus at this point. I'd mention the feeds too, but it's just one feed from Latina Shack. Might as well go join that one, know what I mean?

Bonus site time. As a member of Latina Sex, you'll also be able to get into these sites from Silver Sinema: Tittie Fuckers, Squirting Chicks, Shocking Cocks, Pregnant Bang, Asian Tease, Super Bush, Want Wendy, All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Naughty Nati, Sara Sexton, and Solo Sydney. None of those got very high ratings from me, so they don't save Latina Sex—but they do at least give you a little extra content.

The crazy thing is this—they actually try to charge you $29.99 per month for Latina Sex. If it was like fifteen bucks a month I might say go for it for just the 30 days, but I can't possibly recommend a site with 14 movies and the rest being feeds, no updates from what I can tell, and low quality updates at that. For thirty bucks a month? No way. This one earns just a 66/100 from me, and I'm being a bit generous even there.  Unless you like the bonus sites (many of which are mentioned above), this  iot recommended at the present time.

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  • Latina Sex by 5/26/2009 (62/100):
    If you visit the Latina Sex website you'll be able to see sexy Latina babes posing, stripping, sucking dick and fucking. The action currently takes place in 14 videos and 19 sets of pictures and those numbers aren't likely to change because the site is no longer updating. The vids can be streamed or downloaded, but they all offer mediocre-quality playback. As for the pics, they vary in quality, but many of them are high-res. In addition to the main stuff, members get access to tons of bonus sites.

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