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Latina Caliente Alexis Breeze Hustles!
Maybe Alexis Breeze is a scam artist and maybe she isn't. Bottom line is, she won and she wants her booty. The bartender doesn't want to pay up, and he also wants "her booty." After seeing the way Alexis sucks and fucks, I think they both "cum" out on top!

Latina Caliente Tia Cyrus
Out of Order and Out of Control with Tia Cyrus!

Latina Caliente Melanie Rios
Melanie Rios esta Muy Caliente!

Latina Caliente Katie Cummings
The Curvaceous Katie Cummings!

Latina Caliente Lopez
Luscious Lopez Loves Dick!

Latina Caliente Veronica
Veronica - Photo Gallery

Latina Caliente Jeny Snow
Naughty Latina Teen Jeny Snow Will Do Anything For Marriage

Latina Caliente Cherry
Cherry - Photo Gallery

Latina Caliente Emma
Emma - Photos

Latina Caliente Monica Raiders
Monica was waiting outside for her friend to finish her nails when we show up! We couldn't let her go once we saw how hot her sizzling latina young body! So my buddy spit out some game to get her to hang out with us...and he was looking for a quick fuck anyways! Monica reluctantly agreed and we made a quick detour to the ...

Latina Caliente Latina
Me and my camera buddy were out on the prowl looking for a hot Spanish Mammacita today, and we were dressed to impress. We saw a fine thing standing by herself in front of the mall and we had to stop to talk to her. We asked her where a good Spanish restaurant was and we all went for a bite to eat. I convinced her to show ...

Latina Caliente Vanessa
We rolled up on Vanessa standing out in front of a carniceria on a very hot day. This little Latina looked like she could use a cool drive. We told her we were filming a final school project to explain away the camera. We just didn't tell her that the project was for sex ed, and that the classroom's the internet! It'll ...

Latina Caliente Lucci
My buddy struck out and we were about to give up when we saw Lucci. Lucci was dancing to her own music when we strolled up on her with the camera and when she saw us, she went all out to put on a show. She didn't know we were only interested in a horizontal mambo with her little Latina hot body, but she danced for us just ...

Latina Caliente Amy
We were driving around when we saw Amy and she was muy caliente. She was also super mad because she'd come out of the bathroom and her man was talking to some other chica! Payback is a bitch and so was Amy! She wanted to show her man what it felt like, so she got in the car with us and went all out loco to prove her point. ...

Latina Caliente Nina Rockwell
We told this chica, Nina that we were filming a documentary for school. After we asked to see het titties she guessed it was a documentary on Sex ed! Nina was a hottie Latina and she was good to go, though! This girl wanted to do a little horizontal mambo anyway, and we tapped that round, juicy Latina ass and got it on ...

Latina Caliente Enid
It's not every day that you can pick up a sizzling hot Latina woman and get her so riled up and horny that she'll fuck you in the back of a moving car. It's not every day for you, but it IS every day for us! With fine practice, we know how to work our magic and work our way past their defenses and into the panties of every ...

Latina Caliente Roxy
Roxy was washing her clothes at a litle laundromat in our hispanic Miami neighborhood and we rolled up and offered her a ride... on some cock! This little hottie with some big, bouncing titties took us up on our offer, too! Roxy was up for a fuck and showed off her chi chis to us and more. She was a sizzling hot Latina ...

Latina Caliente Jaycee
JayCee Was one hot lay! She just wasn't satisfied with one cock. This Latina hottie needed two! My buddy and I got to double team this little Latina lovely after we picked her up and took her back to his pad. My bro has a little spa in his house and we got this hot chica even hotter in the sauna and then jaccuzi. JayCee ...

Latina Caliente Angela
We picked up this hot Mami on the sidewalk working, but not in the way that you'd think! Angela was cleaning up a storefront. She was so good at cleaning up we were hoping she'd clean up some dick with her mouth. Lickin' it clean and all. She heard the challenge that hot Latinas are supposed to be good in bed and our chica ...

Latina Caliente Lucia
Lucia got separated from her tour group on the streets of Miami and needed some kind, American hospitality to help her out! Instead she got us! Lucia was a bangin' Latina hottie and we couldn't let her go with out a once over of her sizzling Latina body. My buddy was out on the prowl for a Quick fuck anyway, so our chica ...

Latina Caliente Lana
The only thing that we thought could be better then watching these two hot chicas go at it was joining in and that's exactly what we did. Nothing like having two willing hotties take turns sucking and fucking our man Carlos, good job man you made us proud

Latina Caliente Tamara
Mi boyo was hanging out at the pool with his lady and she looked like she was ready to go. Tamara did a little dance to shake out her sweet ass and then she showed the camera her sucking skills, not realizing that by doing so, she'd be showing the world. This littla latina put on a great show and fucked our boy hard.

Latina Caliente Anne
Another day of picking up hot latina chicas to fuck at the pool. Anne was sunbathing, but we knew she really wanted to be bathed in other things. Our bro put on the moves and fucked her good all for our camera. Check out this hottie doing her thing.

Latina Caliente Samara
We couldn't have asked for a much better sport then Samara. As soon as she got to our pad she knew what we wanted and just dove right in. Our boy gave her his cock like it was the last pussy he was ever going to get, which it was...FOR THAT DAY!

Latina Caliente Viviane
This stacked hottie gave it up quick! on right there in the living room, on the spot. She wanted our boy to be her Papi and show her how its done. Our man did a fine job with this little latina. She's learned it well! Watch her do her thing!

Latina Caliente Angela 2
Angel kicked it off with a booty call. She had nothing better to do than set us up. She likes to be watched and that's where my bros and I fit in. Not that we're complaining. This hot chica can put on quite a show. Watch it all.

Latina Caliente Rosa
We got to sample every little bit of Rosa because this chica had no boundaries. She started off sucking a mean cock then took it in all holes like a true champ and finished off toweling off our mess.

Latina Caliente Pricilla
Whats hotter than a blonde latina ready to mix it up! Pricila proves that the answer is 'not much!' This chica es muy caliente! Watch her turn the fire on right there in the living room, on the spot.

Latina Caliente Elaine
Elaine is too much for most men. So if you want to fuck her you'd better call in some friends!

Latina Caliente Melissa
The only thing Melissa wants more than her pussy being licked is being fucked hard by a large penis!

Latina Caliente Juliane
Fucking and sucking don't impress Juliane. You want to shock her stick it in her asshole fucker!

Latina Caliente Marchella
If Marchela had her way she'd always have at least 2 firm pricks stuffed in her mouth at all times!

Latina Caliente Adriana
One dick just wasn't enough for Adrianna! Only with two dicks in hand could she show us what she's really made of!

Latina Caliente Vanessa 2
Vanessa wants what all girls want, 2 guys to take her at the same time. This whore can't seem to get enough fuck love!

Latina Caliente Jane
Sucking a dick is good. But chugging a HUGE dick is better according to Jane! She sucks cock with the best of them!

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