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Dirty Latina Maids - www.DirtyLatinaMaids.comDirty Latina Maids is a Latina porn site whose content is pretty unique and impressive. I never thought being a Latina maid can be this demanding; after mopping the floor, cleaning up some mess and preparing a delicious meal, she still needs to stay longer for a sizzling afternoon with her boss. Yes, these sexy Spanish sluts are so hot! They will do everything just to make sure that they give you the supreme pampering that you expect in exchange for that small amount of money. Most of these dirty latina maids could hardly speak English but they all seem to understand the language of green bucks and are soon on their knees or backs.

Well, let us talk about the videos; all the videos are of high quality. This site offers various formats in accessing these videos; there are segmented WMVs and MPGs as well as full movie downloads in two qualities WMV and MPG. The videos can be viewed in full screen without affecting the quality of image.

Every movie has an average playing time of about half an hour, containing only an average of about five or six segments per scene. Nevertheless, the segments were absolutely mouthwatering. The early part of the video was simply talking and some tickling foreplay stuff. If you are in for an instant head banging session, then you might get irritated with this.   Several scenes are simply cut and dried hardcore, nothing too kinky or unordinary, but still sizzling hot scenes.

Just like the videos, the pictures are also done well. It is quite surprising that the quality and quantity of these pictures was never compromised considering that the site's main focus is videos.  They are thumbnail size pictures, and the quantity is simply remarkable that it even surpassed the number of pictures offered on some non-video oriented adult sites. Dirtylatinamaids.com offers an efficient navigation-- you can actually move from one page to another by simply clicking all those visible tabs and thumbnail images displayed on the screen.

Just like in any other sites, it is updated regularly.

Dirty Latina Maids can be enjoyed at a competitive price of $24.95 a month, with a 7 day trial deal costing just about $7.95.

One of the features you can find on this site that the other sites don't have is its functional message board, The Porn Country Club. The board is a phpBB, known as a popular and very good board system. There, you can share all your comments and remarks regarding the site's affectivity and standard or participate in some lively discussions.

If you're still looking for some stuff that this site doesn't have, your membership to Dirty Latina Maids also offers you a direct access to the following sites:   Latin Adultery, Naughty Office, Fast Times at NAU, Naughty Bookworms, SoCal Coeds, My Friends Hot Mom, My Naughty Latina Maid, My First Sex Teacher, American Day Dreams, Bookworm Bitches, and My Sister's Hot Friend. All these are original content websites.

So, far I can't give any negative comments on this site. Both quality and quantity wise, this site is on the above average rank.

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Dirty Latina Maids Videos

Dirty Latina Maids Video
Dirty Latina Maids Video

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Dirty Latina Maids Picture
Dirty Latina Maids Picture

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bert 100:
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July 3, 2011 at 2:54 AM

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