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Dirty Latina Maids Ramona
My regular maid was sick so they sent over sexy little chica Ramona. Everything started out normal but when I offered her 10 bucks to wear a skimpier shirt, I knew it was gonna be a fun clean. By the time I was through she had 50 bucks and a face full of man jam!

Dirty Latina Maids Sasha
Talk about a ball breaker! This sexy lil latin cutie was sweeping the bathroom and hit me in the balls with the broom! Afraid of getting fired she did what any respectable maid would do. Kissed it amde it all better!

Dirty Latina Maids July
HUY CARAMBA! What is it a bout these poor latin girls slaving away in the roach motels of america? Whatever it is, I'm glad they need the cash cuz I need their spicy 3rd world pussies! July thought she could get an extra peso or two but got a load of jizz instead!

Dirty Latina Maids Abigail
This spicy latin honey came in to make my bed and I'll be damned if my dick didn't get hard as soon as she walked in! A couple pesos later and she's rolling around on the bed and I'm plowing into her big hairy bush! When I came she wanted it all over her face, but I couldn't resist shooting all over her firm titties!

Dirty Latina Maids Caro
Sometimes I don't know how I find these sexy CHICAS! Sitting in the hotel bar I spot this one with armfulls of towels heading upstairs. What a spicy spanish hottie! I just had to call down to get my own special guest services. When she came in the room, all I had to do was flash 10 pesos and the bitch was on her knees ...

Dirty Latina Maids Belen
Being on a long road trip can make any man go a little LOCO IN DE CABASA. What better way to get back in the right frame of mind than to get your nuts off on some skank hotel piece of ass... Hell she would have done it for free, but I felt bad so I gave her 20 bucks!

Dirty Latina Maids Abril
Staying at a roach motel in the middle of nowhere usually sucks, but when this hot lil chica walked in with my towels, I knew it was gonna be a good time. All I had to do was whip out a couple pesos and this spicy latin snatch was all mine! I bent her over the chair and drove it all the way home.

Dirty Latina Maids Ariela
Jesus Christ Ariela had some HUGE FUCKING TITS! It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load when I got her shirt off! When she wrapped that spicy latino pussy around my cock I couldn't hold back any longer!

Dirty Latina Maids Brisa
Man I just love these third world whores! Brisa brings me towels and water, with a little coaxing and a couple bucks she's on her knees licking my balls! You can't get service this good from american whores for that price that's for damn sure!

Dirty Latina Maids Ballentine
Another Hotel, another latin maid, nailed. :) This girl wouldn't give it up so easy, I had to break into my stash of vaction money, but I got some! Not bad either, she learned some english too! :)

Dirty Latina Maids Agostina
While on vacation, I had a maid who tried to rip us off... but she didn't know that there was a hidden camera. So I got her to play with her latin pussy for me. For a few more Pasos, she gave up her Taco!

Dirty Latina Maids Simon
Simone came by to clean up my pad, but I took a look at her and I had other plans. For a few bucks, I got her to spit-shine my pole and then take a messy facial. Don't forget to clean up before you leave!

Dirty Latina Maids Domino
WOW! Long ass hair, eyes to die for nd a great ass! This is one hot cleaning bitch! She did such a great job polishing my "silver", I think I'll have her back…

Dirty Latina Maids Soma
She walked in and I nearly dropped my load. She was thin, nice small tits, a round ass and she was willing to polish more than my silverware!

Dirty Latina Maids Dalia
Dalia came by and couldn't speak a word of spanish. What ever... I convinced her to drop her clothes and give my stick a go. For a few bucks, she knobbed my dick. I even snuck a finger in her ass!

Dirty Latina Maids Bella
Bella... she made more of a mess than anything else. She squirted all over me and my camera, then I squirted all over her pussy! She was hot with a BIG set of tits. I ended up cleaning, but who cares!

Dirty Latina Maids Jasmine
I didn't feel like doing dishes this week so I figured I get another update. This bitch washed my dishes, cleaned my pad and licked my nads. Another clean house and another update for you!

Dirty Latina Maids Mary Anne
The only thing I could think of was grabbing the bitch by the hair and face fucking her... well, I did. I didn't care how she cleaned the damn house... I wanted to see her work MY broom!

Dirty Latina Maids Josie
The first girl I screened was Josie. She barely spoke english and was all about the money. A few bucks later, This dirty Little Cleaning Bitch was spit shining my knob.

Dirty Latina Maids Sonja
What do you get when you cross a poor little latina maid and a horny guy with a wad of cash in his pocket? Sonja on her knees with my cock up her ass that's what!

Dirty Latina Maids Juanita
Everyday Juanita talked about how her mamacita needed money for an operation, finally I offered her an easy way to get the extra money, all she had to do was swallow my fat cock!

Dirty Latina Maids Sophia
Sophia was a cute lil thing that had never worked in america before, I had to show her how they do it here in Cali, I bent her over, fedd her my cock and blew a load on her chin! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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