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Cute Latina Me And Mistress Mina
The last time I saw Mina was right before Christmas when we did our little elf shoot:-) For all of you who wrote asking me to see some more of her, I have a treat for you today, more Mistress Mina. Okay Mina's not a mistress but she is a sexy little vixen who's really into the fetish stuff. She's going be launching her ...

Cute Latina Merry Ho Ho
Merry Christmas everyone! I have a really tasty gift for you, her name is Mina but just for today you can call her the Naughty Mrs. Claus. I was a naughty little elf and was sent by Santa to spend some time with Ms. Claus to teach me what Christmas was all about. This was the best Christmas ever:-)

Cute Latina Dark Days
I don't really know how to describe this shoot with Seska and Saphia. It's much different from my usual stuff, but I like trying new things, especially when I get to be dominant:-)

Cute Latina Toy Box
Every time I think Seska and I have had sex in just about every place and on top of all our pieces of furniture we find a different place to play! After 6 years the sex with Seska just keeps getting better and better, take a look…

Cute Latina Hallway Hotties
When you've had sex in just about every room in the house and you're looking for a new nook for some nookie, try the hallway! We found some fun and interesting positions, take a look…

Cute Latina Cotton Cuties
It's not often I get to play with Seska when we don't have our webcam shows. We planned a girls night together just to pay around, off camera, but sure enough as soon as we started playing around James comes out with his camera. We let him snap some shots before kicking him out for the evening, take a look…

Cute Latina Lets Get Physical
After having a baby women have to bust their butts to get back into shape. I found a great way to motivate myself, have Seska there to push me and show me the ropes. My attention span isn't the best, and I quickly turned our work out session into a session of oral fun, hey they both burn calories:-)

Cute Latina Pvc Princess
I got to play around with mistress Saphia once again. She's got great boobs which is good because that hair kinda freaks me out to be honest:-) I like the way some latex and pvc fits me but I found this outfit kinda looked like a I was wearing a garbage bag lol, so I didn't keep it on long…

Cute Latina Latex Ladies
Three chicks in pvc and latex, how kinky! After all Kink is Saphia's middle name (Saphia is the girl that isn't me or Seska:-) It's been a while since I got to have two hot girls to lick and suck at once and be able to play me in the middle, I missed it! My favourite picture from this shoot is one of Saphia's ass and meaty ...

Cute Latina In Bed With
If you have to be in bed with someone, I can't think of a woman I'd rather then Seska. We are very orally into each other if you couldn't tell by now, licking and sucking each other all over. From head to toe we make sure that the other one is pleased, as I like to do with all my partners:-)

Cute Latina Getting Leid
One day hopefully Seska and I will be able to take a trip to Hawaii and get to dance and have sex in a grass skirt, until that day we'll play make believe here in Montreal. I hope you enjoy these pictures…

Cute Latina Bathroom Sex
I was taking a quick shower before my cam show last week and as I was getting out of the shower Julie was there holding my towel to dry me off, but all she did was get me wet again:-) We had a bit of time before the cam show and were already naked so we got an early start to warm up!

Cute Latina Webcam With Carol Cox
I got together with the one and only Carol Cox for this webcam at her place, and we had a great time! Even though she has one of the biggest amateur sites on the net she's very down to earth, funny and of course very sexy!

Cute Latina Valentine'S Day Dream
Carol had a busy day and went to sleep early because she was really tiered. She must have been a little horny because she had a nice wet dream of her being pleasures by all her good friends! The dream felt so real she woke up soaked, maybe it wasn't a dream…

Cute Latina Tiffany And Me
You probably know Tiffany by now, she doesn't have her own site yet but I hope she'll put one up.

Cute Latina Dinner Time
I invited Angie and Alyka over for dinner (OK I ordered pizza but not because I'm a bad cook as Angie and Alyka might have said but because I was feeling lazy)!!! Once dinner was over I told them I didn't make dessert so they had to get some themselves, they each took a slice of my pie:-)

Cute Latina Me And Malezia
Well I can say I had sex with a porn star, Malezia recently got signed as one of the new Vivid girls! We had been e-mailing back and forth for quite some time and once she found out she got a contact for Vivid we were going to go out to celebrate! After a few drinks (I hardly drink so it didn't take me much:-) we went ...

Cute Latina Metting Julie
I met this really cool girl this week! She's an amateur like me, her name is Julie, and she's just getting started. So I invited her over so we could meet and talk... and maybe have some fun (which we did!).

Cute Latina A Small Getaway With Johnny
I was really in the mood for some sex last night but Stacy (my girlfriend) had her family over!!! So I decided to go to a hotel with Johnny for a little fun:-) We started out in the hot-tub but that didn't last long because I put way too much bubble bath stuff in and it was all foam! Besides I kept pushing Johnnys head ...

Cute Latina Bathroom Fun
My goodness I can't even get through a shower without Johnny jumping in to get some action. We had lots of fun having sex all over the bathroom until he came all over my back! I also realized sex on a sink is a lot of fun!

Cute Latina Fun With Shelley
Shelly came to town so I went to visit her at her hotel because we haven't seen each other since July. We had some time to kill before dinner so we decided work up our appetites:-)

Cute Latina Coming Home With Seska
After a fun night of partying Seska came over to continue the party for a little while longer. You might notice she's not wearing any underwear, that's because she gave them to some guy at the bar we were at. We were also very kissy kissy with each other and couldn't keep our lips off each other:-)

Cute Latina Waking Ali
Many of you have asked me to do shoots with "exotic" looking girls, well you don't get more exotic then Ali! One morning I decided I gave her a personal wake up call, if only all hotels has service like this:-) After a spectacular orgasm we both went back to sleep together. Enjoy the pics…

Cute Latina Pleasured By Johnny And Angie
As most of you know already my (now ex) girlfriend Stacy and I broke up a few weeks ago. I've been staying at Angie's for a little while till I move into my new place at the end of this month. Anyways I was feeling a bit horny and was in the mood for a good sex session so Angie gave me the phone and told me to call Johnny ...

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