8th Street Latinas Ashlynn Taylor, Charles Dera Picture

8th Street Latinas Ashlynn Taylor, Charles Dera

Beautiful Latina Ashlynn Taylor was generous enough to lend money to her friends, but she is now tired of waiting for them to repay their debts. When she shows up to one of her girlfriends' place to collect the $200 she is owed, her friend insists she doesn't have money to pay her back. Things escalate just as Charles Dera is coming out of the shower. Shocked to find Ashlynn intimidating his girlfriend, Charles offers to pay the $200, but Ashlynn doesn't want his money. Instead, she wants her money's worth of Charles' big hard cock! First, the sexy Latina gets a mouthful as she sucks him off in front of his girlfriend! When Charles' girlfriend leaves the room, Ashlynn gets Charles to lick her tight pussy! Then, Charles is happy to put his cock to good use by letting Ashlynn ride it until she considers the debt to be repaid! Will their relationship ever be the same again, or will the amazing Ashlynn cum back for more?

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8th Street Latinas Ashlynn Taylor
8th Street Latinas Ashlynn Taylor
  Friday, June 08, 2012

JMac and Tony were out and about looking for chicks and food. Whichever came first and lucky for us we know which one we wanted. The boys came across Ashlynn. A Venezuelan-Dominican petite hottie just chilling out. She had just got out of work and sitting ...

Big Tits In Sports Daisy Cruz, April O'Neil, Charles Dera

Daisy and April really don't like each other, and considering they are teammates, that's not a good thing. The tension reaches a boiling point when April shoots the ball on Daisy s boobs. Luckily, coach Charles is there to diffuse the situation. How ...

Big Tits At School Amber Ashlee, Charles Dera
Big Tits At School Amber Ashlee, Charles Dera
  Tuesday, February 01, 2011

All school ID photos have the character - the guy that acts like an ass, the girl that thinks acting like a slut but not having sex actually makes sense. 2011 is different, Amber only wears panties because she thinks it's hot to see guys take them off, ...

Velvet Mag Sophia Lynn and Charles Dera
Velvet Mag Sophia Lynn and Charles Dera
  Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sophia Lynn ahs been aching all day to fuck ehr buddy Charles. He's playing it cool and having this busty blonde sexpot crawl to him and beg for his thick dick. Sophia is more thn happy to play along! As long as her pretty little snatch is filled up ...

Big Tits In Sports Faye Reagan, Charles Dera

Faye's attention is not where it's supposed to be. Instead of focusing on her coach's teachings she chooses to focus on the coach instead. As she strokes her clit in the locker room, she dreams about sucking his cock, only to be pleasantly surprised ...

8th Street Latinas Anelys and Charles Dera

When you dont live near Vegas. Sometimes you find yourself in a bodega playing fake slots. Thats where we met Anelys. This hot latina needed her visa, but was having a hard time saving up the money. Charles offered her some cash, and we brought her back ...

Big Tits At School Charles Dera
Big Tits At School Charles Dera
  Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Charles Dera and his buddy are in detention again. As punishment Mrs.Ryder makes them both write a 2000 word essay. Obviously, these two guys have no respect for authority and instead they find amusement in doodling the teacher get banged. Mrs. Ryder ...

Doctor Adventures Charles Dera
Doctor Adventures Charles Dera
  Thursday, April 17, 2008

Charles Dera is convinced he's been fucked by a "Terminator". Dr. Foxxx doesn't believe Mr. Dera's story at all, but she still wants him to fuck her the same way the "Terminator" fucked him. So she can have a better idea of what he's ...

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