White Meat on Black Street

RexMag.com Rating: 79

White Meat on Black Street - www.WhiteMeatonBlackStreet.comWhite Meat on Black Street. It's these lucky black motherfuckers dream come true when these porcelain white dolls come strolling down that avenue. They can't wait to fill these pristine beauties with thick, hard, 14 inch black cock. And you don't have to imagine the look on these girls faces when they see those giant schlongs for the first time, all you've got to do is join and log in! But let's get into White Meat on Black Street and make sure that it's worth your hard earned cash.

How dirty do you like your white girls? Do you like the kind who just can't resist a black cock, even if it's 14 intimidating inches that want to explore her throat, pussy, and ass? Yeah, that's the kind of bitches you're gonna see on White Meat on Black Street. These girls are nasty, sexy, filthy Caucasian babes, just the way you like them. That's unquestionable, so now that we've checked out the goods, let's take it a step further and check out the quantity and quality of everything inside White Meat on Black Street.

The site hasn't been updated in a few months, and since they were so consistent prior to that, I tend to think they are done updating. There are 62 updates on the site though, so that'll get you through either the 30 day or 90 day membership depending on how much of a speed demon you are! The layout is easy to navigate with the updates front and center on the main page, plus an additional page of updates after that. You can access the bonus sites either at the top or bottom of the page, and the network info is to the right.

The photos section isn't very impressive because you're only offered screencaps, no professional pics, and these vidcaps are large at over 600px, but the quality really suffers. Very blurry and the lighting sucks in some of them. I'd skip these and just enjoy the movies if I were you.

Speaking of movies, unfortunately the resolution is only 512x384 on the highest quality WMVs. That's not an awful size, in fact if you're on 800x600 resolution or even 1024x768 these will probably seem pretty large to you. However if you're used to HD videos, these are a step back from that. These white girls are so nasty in the videos, taking as much black cock as these guys can possibly stuff them with. It's always my favorite to see that look on their face when they see just how much cock they're going to have to handle, and I'm glad to say that White Meat on Black Street does it right. You can get WMVs and MPEGs in smaller clips too, in both low and high quality. You can stream the clips in either format, or click the Play Flash link to view it even faster without downloading.

You get more over 50 great sites with your membership, covering every hardcore niche you can imagine. Here are the other interracial sites: Black Attack Gangbang, Real Milf Gangbang, Black Addiction, and Pimp Juice XXX. If you happen to like black girls as well, you have these options: Holla Black Girls, Pimp Element, Black Jungle Booty, and Sugar Pie Honeys. And if you like anal and asses you've got these: Anal Lick Fest, Black Crack Addicts, Altered Assholes, Ass 2 Mouth Sluts, and Anal Cum Junkies.

White Meat on Black Street will cost you $29.95 for 30 days of access, or $59.95 for 90 days of access. The question of whether or not it's worth it is a little tough, basically hinging on one question that only you can answer: How high of resolution do you really need? If you are cool with 512x384 res, then you'll be happy here. The content is slammin and the babes are hot! If you need true HD quality though, keep browsing. There are plenty of other interracial sites that can fill that need. Final score for White Meat on Black Street? 79/100.

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White Meat on Black Street Picture

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  • White Meat On Black Street by RabbitsReviews.com 8/3/2009 (68/100):
    White Meat On Black Street showcases interracial loving couples and threesomes. You get 52 episodes each complete with a good to great-quality video and 26 with a set of pics. You can see them in a slideshow, but they only have medium-res images. It has been more than six weeks since the last update. You can check out 53 bonus sites and some of them have interracial or black-on-black action. This site definitely is more worthwhile thanks to its extensive network of bonuses.

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