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Brother Undercover is a site where black dudes trick prissy uptight white girls who'd never think of sleeping with a black man into fucking them! Watch as these dudes convince these babes that they have a skin condition, and really aren't black, and see what happens when the girls realize they've been tricked! Brother Undercover brings you only the hottest babes getting fucked by black dudes!

If you're in to interracial, Brother Undercover just might be your site. With plenty of hot white girls, from busty to petite, curvy to Amazonian, blonde to redheaded to brunette, you'll see all manner of hot white girls on this site, each of them sucking cock and getting fucked by thick black dick! Every single scene on Brother Undercover features hot interracial action! And it's a cut above the rest with their not-really-a-black-guy schtick too. In a predictable niche like this one, it's nice to give it a twist. Let's check out the quality of everything.

Once I logged in to the member's only section of the website, I was struck by how easy it was to navigate the page. There isn't a lot of clutter, links, or advertisements, it just gets straight to the point — once you log in, you'll see the most recent update to the website first, along with all of the other updates going back in sequential order. There's a bar on the left side of the screen that allows you to easily work your way around the rest of the site, including browsing the content specifically by photo or video (instead of episode by episode), and also it's an easy way for you to access the network content you get along with the site. This site currently has 15 different episodes uploaded, each of those episodes containing both video and photographic content. The website is no longer being updated as far as I know, but this website is part of one of the largest networks for porn I've seen on the net, and with as many sites as you get being part of the network, there's never any worry about needing new material to check out. I'd say it's worth it to put up with the small amount of updates because this content is so different and worth watching. No question about that.

To access any of the episodes, just click on any of the titles, and you'll be directed to another page that has all of the content for that particular episode. If it's still photography you want, you're in luck. Every single set you'll find on this site comes with a high quality image gallery to accompany the video content. The photographs themselves are of very good quality, perfectly crystal clear and well shot — these aren't grab and go video captures, that's for sure. It seems that most of the sets have somewhere around 350 — 400 photographs or so a piece, with some a bit more and a few with a bit less. The photographs, from what I can tell, normally seem to be around 530px × 800px or so, and they do a really good job of making sure that every single step of the cock sucking, bimbo tricking, pussy fucking action gets documented on film, so you don't miss a second! You can set any of the galleries as a slide show, in speeds of very slow, slow, medium, fast, or very fast.

If you'd rather view video content, you've got a variety of different options to choose from. You can start off with the streaming full length video, but unless you've got a really good internet connection (I'm thinking Cable, or at the very least a really solid DSL connection), the streaming video might not be your best bet — most likely, it will freeze up, take forever to buffer, and end up being glitchy. But if you've got a slower connection, or just like to have stuff saved to your computer to check out at your convenience, there's also a multitude of download options to choose from! There are iPod ready mp4 files that tend to be around 260MB or so a pop, high definition Divx files that are normally 400MB or so a piece, or WMV format files that come in somewhere around 400MB or so a piece. The videos themselves are of good quality, with functioning sound and high video clarity.

Membership to this website also grants you membership to every single site in the network, including She Has A Negro Problem and way more! If you want more interracial you can find it there, but the network itself is packed with a variety of content from MILF to teens to whatever you could possibly want. Really good stuff.

If you're interested in a membership to Brother Undercover, you can get a year long membership for only $89.99 a month! If you'd rather just go month by month, you can get a monthly membership deal for $24.95. You can pay for your membership using a credit card or an online check. With good material and a ton of bonus sites, this site gets a rating of 81/100. Brother Undercover gets my vote.

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  • Brother Undercover by 8/9/2010 6:16:02 AM (73/100):
    Racism is still a problem in society today and it even occasionally rears its ugly head in porn. Such is the case on the Brother Undercover website where white chicks need to be tricked into hooking up with black guys. They're deceived pretty easily and in outlandish ways at that and that's part of the fun of the site. The other part comes from the hardcore fucking that follows the deception. There are 21 episodes on the site and new ones seem to be coming weekly.

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