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Blacks in Becky - www.BlacksInBecky.comBlacks in Becky is a part of the Porn Pros Network, and I've heard quite a bit about this site over the years so I'm ready to get in there and see just what this Becky babe is really about! The site is apparently run by Andy and his wife Becky, and basically the two of them call up their black buddies every weekend and let them come over and pound Becky! Becky's a hot MILF—definitely late 30s or early 40s—with that hot mature look that gets you off every time. Let's get the details on Blacks in Becky right now…

Most of the videos on Blacks in Becky are one on one between Becky and a random black guy with a big cock. There are a few with more than one girl though, and also quite a few with a bunch of black guys banging Becky. Can't go wrong there. One way or another Becky's always got her hands wrapped around a cock, or there's one stuffed in her mouth, or in that tight white pussy! There are 40 video updates on the site right now, and no dates so I can't tell if they update anymore—but with 40 of those updates, that's definitely a lot of Blacks in Becky if you know what I mean!

The layout of the site is extremely simple. It kind of reminds me of a blog actually. The upcoming cam show is listed but the date is over a year ago, which makes me think this site probably is not updated anymore. So we'll take it as it is and see if it's enough for us. The latest updates are going down the main page with thumbnails, and then below that you can choose from pictures, videos, forum, webcam, friends, and email. Let's check out that Blacks in Becky content!

Photos first? You got it. There are 40 photo sets, and they all seem to match up with the videos. The quality of these photos is phenomenal—they're sized 2272x1704 pixels. Unless you've got a truly monster sized monitor, you'll either have to zoom out or do a lot of scrolling to see the full pics, but damn, what great quality! There are only about 30 to 50 photos per set, and I can't blame them for being a little stingy on the numbers when they are giving you such amazing high quality. They get my stamp of approval here. Great job.

And now those videos. As I said before there are 40 of these, and unfortunately they're all busted up into clips—no full movie downloads. You can get them in either WMV or MPEG format, and they are 640x480 and approximately 420x360 resolution respectively. Each clip is roughly 50MB, so you're looking at about 250MB for a full movie download. The quality is great on the WMVs but I think I'd probably skip the MPEGs since they're so much smaller. They're probably great for an iPod though.

What else is there? A forum where you can chat with Becky, a webcam for those live shows if they ever resume them (don't count on it), previews of some “friends” sites, and an email address where you can reach Becky. No clue if that works or not, I'm kind of doubtful since the site isn't updated anymore, but it's worth a shot if you like that extra personal kind of contact with your fave amateur pornstars like Becky.

As I said at the beginning, Blacks in Becky is a part of the Porn Pros Network so you get all these sites as a bonus: 40 oz Bounce, 18 Years Old, Euro Humpers, Real Ex-Girlfriends, Freaks of Cock, and Deep Throat Love. You can access them all conveniently from a menu on the left side of Becky's main page. Nice.

If you want to join Blacks in Becky, you'll be able to get 30 days for $24.94 or 90 days for $59.37. If you count all those bonus sites, you might want to get in on the 90 day deal, but for Becky alone I'd say 30 days is enough. There just aren't enough updates for you to stay much longer than that. I'm blown away by the quality here, and I love the premise of Andy letting these black guys fuck the shit out of his wife all the time! If you're as turned on as I am, you'll want to join Blacks in Becky right now! Final score? 90/100. Go get it!

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