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Black Bros White Hoes Mekella
It's my birthday and we as usual gotta find a white hoe today. We found some hoes at the bar. Nice fucking white hoe "Mekella" with her friend were just chillin right inside. We told them that we were throwing a party for my birthday. Yeah right! haha! It's all bullshit.

Black Bros White Hoes Mira
Here we go again on another white mission. Our mission was to find a white hoe at the gym parking lot. Offering the finest private lessons. That's where we found "Mira". She's from Europe or something. Anyway, she said yes and off we go to the "private gym". First we had to test for body fat.

Black Bros White Hoes Charlie
Had to do some laundry so we took the camera. Found a chick named "Charlie". Cute as hell. She wanted to kick it so we took her back to the pad. After some drinks and a some hits from the joint, she was horny and drunk. You know how we do!

Black Bros White Hoes Ashley
The best place to find some white hoes is at Coffee Bean. yeah, buddy, that's where we found "Ashley". Very pretty and has a nice ass. We convinced her to suck the big black cock and then shoved it right in her pussy. She was lovin it.

Black Bros White Hoes Candice
18 years old and lost. We just had to jump on this girl "Candice". She's nice and plump. Big tits and a big ass. With the usual shots we give out, she was feelin horny within minutes. Wait until you see what she does with the big black cock. Watch her get fucked really hard inside.

Black Bros White Hoes Crystal
We met "Crystal" at Starbucks. Very talkative and really comfortable with us. She came to the house with us and waited for her friends. A little trivia got her excited and a bit scared of the black cock. She took the whole cock and fuckin loved it!

Black Bros White Hoes Delilah
You're gonna love this update. Posing as the famous rapper Camron, "Delilah" falls for it. And believes it's him. We told her she can star in the next video. Like a dumb white hoes she believes again. Let me tell you... she's a real fuckin hottie. See her for yourself, dayum what a body.

Black Bros White Hoes Elizabeth
Man these hoes are stupid. I had my boy act like he was Chris Webber. "Elizabeth" fell for it real quick. We told her she won a night on the town with C-Webb, took her back to the crib. I'm telling you... these hoes will do anything for a professional basketball player these days.

Black Bros White Hoes Lisa
Our boy just got out of jail we wanted to celebrate. Leave it up to his boys to forget the chicks. So we convinced this hot chick "Lisa" to hang out and party. Funny enough her man busted in on the fun while we were busting one in the ass, pussy, and mouth!

Black Bros White Hoes Cytheria
This little dancing vixen was auditioning for a "dancing" position and ended up cracked over in doggy style taking a 12" cock! She really wanted the part and she proved it by her black cock mastery. Check out this scene, nothing like a little pussy taking a huge cock! Enjoy!

Black Bros White Hoes Stacy
My homie's girlfriend wants a puppy. When we got to the owners place, the guy was her ex-boyfriend. So my friends says he's not hatin and wants to share her for the day, but it's up to her. Haha, she's been wanting this. This white hoe "Stacy" gets more than 1 bone to take in the ass.

Black Bros White Hoes Sophia
My boy Wesley works for a satelite company & allowed me to video tape him to see if we can tape some hot shit. His last call he made his way in with "Sophia" who wanted to add some excitment to this video. Instead of getting satelite, she got cable... big black cable right in her ass.

Black Bros White Hoes Daisy
We did the affirmative action method of tricking this white hoe "Daisy" into goin to our dorm room. She fell for it really fast. This girl had some big ass tits and nice piece of ass. She never been with a black cock before and now she loves it. She forgot about what we were doing in the first place.

Black Bros White Hoes Britney
A white hoe "Britney" and her lost dog. It's a good thing we were outside when she just popped by. This girl looks just like Christina Aguilera. Very hot and horny... just how we like them. She took the black cock and loved. Loved it so much that we threw in another black cock for her.

Black Bros White Hoes Capri
This lonely little sun bather was just kickin' by the pool when her "nieghbor", decided to introduce himself. Lets just say he did a lot more then just that. He tore this white hoe in half with his black oak. Watch her take it all, in all the right places.

Black Bros White Hoes Alex
We love us some white hoes. Especially this one. My homie Terral is an A&R for a well known record company. Especially for desperate white hoes looking to get a record deal. "Alex" is cute college student who thinks she is comming for demo, but ends up getting fucked by Terral...

Black Bros White Hoes Dezaray
Well the story goes like this, this chick "Dezaray" got in a huge fight with her boyfriend and he threw her ass out the car in a parkinglot they came up started talking she got in the car and went with them to their house were she had a drink and a big black cock....

Black Bros White Hoes Misty
Dayum this white hoe is fine"Misty" is a 20 year old piece of ass. Wow, just check out the tits and ass on this bitch. She's real slutty and loves black cock. Watch her slurp on big black dick and get fucked hard. At first she could barely take it. But that's pretty much how every white hoe is.

Black Bros White Hoes Sarah
"Sarah" knew there was some "Nigga Shit" going on from the first moment she met these fine young gentlemen. Who wanted to tap that white ass fo' sho'. She gets cramed hard with some good ol' "Nigga Dong".

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