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All Interracial - www.AllInterracial.comAll Interracial. Two words we love to hear. White chicks that just can't get enough of that black cock. Not surprisingly, one of the first things you'll read on this site is "once you go black, you never go back." And with these naughty babes, that's definitely true. On All Interracial, these hot young girls aren't happy unless they've got a big black lollypop shoved rudely between those pearly whites.

The girls on All Interracial have heard that African men are hung like horses, and they want to find out if the rumors are true. These babes have never fucked a brotha before, and they want to know what it's like to get down and dirty with these chocolate gods of sex. Most of the girls here are blonde of course! And when they see these well hung black guys pull their huge poles out of their pants, they start salivating and can't wait until they're pumped full of cum straight out of those big black dicks. It all looks good from the outside, but let's get inside and find out the details on All Interracial.

First thing you're gonna take notice of when you log in is how simple the navigation is. I really hate having to stumble around a site trying to get to the good stuff. Soon as you enter your username and password, you're taken to the main member page with all the updates going down the page in reverse chronological order. Wanna separate it into video and photo content? Just click the relevant links on the toolbar. Works for me. Easy to get around. You could do this drunk, and I'll bet you will. How many updates? 17 at the time of this review. No way to tell if they update anymore, and I'm assuming not--but the network is packed with literally hundreds of sites that will get you off and keep you cumming for a long time to come. We'll talk about that in a couple minutes. Hang in there, and let's check out the videos and photos first.

The videos are damn near perfect. These white hoes look amazing on camera, especially with a thick black pole sliding down their throats! The videos come in WMV format to start, or you can get an MP4 file for your iPod, or a hi-def Divx file for the absolute best quality. The file sizes are all relatively the same, believe it or not--around 400MB to 450MB regardless of the format choice. And the resolution is really good at 640x480. Expands nicely to full screen too. Really crisp and clear video here... great audio... no problems whatsoever. Content-wise they really cover it all, from the beginning to the final cumshot. Oh, and before I forget--the streaming features are excellent here, so if you're not a download-and-keep kinda guy, you can just stream them really fast (as long as you have a nice strong internet connection anyway) and watch on the fly. Nice.

What about the photos? Well, these are a little smaller in resolution than the videos, but they are as crisp and clear as can be. I'm eyeballing them at about 500x800. Great professional shots, every moment of the action captured in 100 to 200 photos per set. They've got slideshow features too so you can actually watch the whole set without ever having to lift a finger--and it's got variable speed settings too, so you can customize to your heart's content. Good shit. No complaints.

I mentioned the bonus sites before--well these are the ones out of the hundred or so sites that I think you will DEFINITELY not want to miss: Brother Undercover, I Like Em White, Wife Wants Black Cock, Rap Video Auditions, We Like it Black, Interracial Retreat, Pure Interracial, and Awesome Interracial. That's just the beginning though--if your tastes are more broad ranging than just interracial, you will be swimming in tons of ridiculously hot porn of all genres.

So do I recommend All Interracial? It's a definite yes. There is a lower amount of content here than I like to see, yes. Generally I like to see 30 updates for 30 days. But I'd say all those amazing interracial bonus sites (and all the other genres too!) will more than make up for it. This site on its own would get a lower rating than it will due to the help it receives from the network, but really you're getting a network membership for the price of one site, so we've gotta count it all. It's $24.95 per month or $89.99 for a year. Final rating? All Interracial gets a nice round fat 80/100. Recommended!

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  • All Interracial by 8/9/2010 6:16:02 AM (70/100):
    Yes, all the scenes on All Interracial are interracial, but as of this point, there aren't very many of them. There are just 17 scenes to check out so far, but there is lots of good news also. First off, the quality of the videos is excellent and the pics look good. They look to be updating weekly and there are loads of bonuses in the form of thousands of videos and 79 network sites (some of which are also interracial-focused).

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