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Cost: $4.99 Trial, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year Rating: 82

Service Whores - www.ServiceWhores.comService Whores. This is the place to be if you like to watch sluts getting fucked and disciplined in every possible way. Spreading these bitches mouths wide open to take some huge cock, calling them names, slapping their faces, and showing them who's boss! And the best part is... these Service Whores fucking love every moment of it!

Deliciously misogynistic, Service Whores really lays down the law for these bitches. Tons of beauty but no self esteem, they are willing to do whatever it takes to please a man. They'll start off with the basics, stripping down and playing with their own tits and ass to get you off, but then finally they get down to hardcore business! They'll lick your ass, suck your balls, take your entire cock down their throats... No problem. And of course they love to take a hot load in the face. Let's get inside the Service Whores members area and get all the tech specs for ya.

The layout is so simple and uncluttered that you'll be able to get right to the content. I love sites like this. So many times I am forced to sift through tons of network content, but not here. Unfortunately some of the bonus sites do feature more confusing layouts, but here on Service Whores you don't have that problem. The updates are all there on the main page, going down in reverse chronological order (newest on top). All you've got to do to access the content is click on one of the updates, or if you prefer to separate it into video and photo content, you can do that by clicking on the links on the toolbar. There are only 19 updates on the site right now and I can't tell if they currently update, but you'll have hundreds of bonus sites to fall back on, so keep that in mind when you're deciding to join. 19 updates should get you through 30 days easily unless you're a real speed demon, and even if you are, there's still all the bonus sites.

Let's go ahead and look at the photos first for a change. They're all sized around 500x800, and though that's not really very huge, it's big enough for most standard displays. The quality is excellent--really sharp, really clear, really flawless. The photos really capture every moment of the action, from the first time these service sluts open their mouths to suck a cock, to the last moment when she's covered in thick cum. They've got this great slideshow feature so you can just sit back and enjoy the show, and that'll easily take you through the 100 to 200 photos that come in each set.

I know you're waiting for the video info so let's get right into it. These are nicely sized--I'm eyeballing them at 640x480, and they expand really well to full screen if you want the full cinematic experience. You might lose just a tiny bit of clarity when you do that, but for the most part they're almost perfect. Streaming works flawlessly with a fast internet connection, or you can download your flicks in your choice of three formats: Standard WMV for viewing on your computer screen, hi-def DivX to burn to DVDs or watch on a widescreen monitor or TV, and portable MP4s to put on your iPod. You can download any one of those, or all three if you damn well please. They all look flawless and the download time is about the same for all of them, between 400 and 450MB apiece. Tech specs aside, the content is fucking hot--these babes are so nasty you won't be able to get enough.

There are literally hundreds of hardcore sites that are offered as bonus sites with your membership--it's like getting a huge mega membership for the price of one site. The ones that really jump off the page for you are XXX At Work, Supreme Hardcore, Live XXX Access, Just Hardcore Sex, and Live Hardcore Shows, but there are so many more. That's only the beginning, but they're a great place to start.

If you're wanting to join Service Whores--and why the hell wouldn't you?--it'll cost you $24.95 for a month of access, or you can grab the better deal of $89.99 for an entire year. Doesn't matter which one you choose, you'll still get access to all the hot content on that site plus all the excellent bonus sites. While the number of updates here is a little low, I'd say you'll get by because of all the network content. Service Whores gets a rating of 82/100 and clearly gets my recommendation. Definitely worth at least 30 days of your time.

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Service Whores Picture

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  • Service Whores by 8/9/2010 6:16:00 AM (69/100):
    Service Whores expect to be used and abused when they take on the job, but these chicks receive the hardcore pounding, cock gagging, pussy stretching, ass gapping and double penetrating action of their lives. Unfortunately, there are only 19 videos and 10 sets of pictures on the website and it is no longer updating. To compensate for that, they gives you tons of additional vids and pics. There are also lots of full-length DVDs and diverse bonus sites for you to enjoy.

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