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Real Orgasms Melanie
Melanie is always thinking about something devious and mischievous. This time was no different. She waltzed right into the rooom and proceeded to act out every little dirty thought her filthy mind could muster. She jabbed her fingers into her gash until they glistened with pleasure and then she reached for this glass dildo ...

Real Orgasms Abbey
Abbey came to show us just how good of a cowgirl she can be. This big boobed hottie first warmed up shoving her fingers in her pussy. Once she really got going she decided to take it to medium speed and use a golden studded vibrator. For the grand finale she straddled the sybian and pushed it to the limit by turning the ...

Real Orgasms Tiffany
Tiffany just went with the flow and got caught up in the heat of the moment. She was already horny but didnt anticipate riding the sybian. She got all hot anf bothered and rode that shit so hard it almost short circuited.

Real Orgasms Gia
Gia came in and just wanted to get right down to it. She had mentioned to me before how much she loves horseback riding so I knew she would be the perfect candidate for the sybian. She was a bit afraid of it at first but once she got going she didnt even want to stop. She creamed all over it and almost slipped off since ...

Real Orgasms Marlee
Marlee made me believe in santa again. She said i was going to recieve three gifts and by the end of the shoot thats what i got. She unwrapped herself slowly first revealing her lushes boobs then she turned around and unveiled her firm ass and third she gave me a peak of her sweet snatch. She played with one of her favorite ...

Real Orgasms Dee
Dee came in and right away I knew I was in for a treat. This gorgeous asian showed me her fortune cookie and had my mouth watering. Her juices gushed all over the vibrator. This girl gave me a hard on as soon as she hiked up her short skirt for a peek. I was dying to give her long hard fucking after seeing her get herself ...

Real Orgasms Nicky
Nicky was feeling a bit naughty so she came dressed in a cute little school girl uniform. Either she is psychic or she is just a great guesser and coincidentally turned me on using my greatest fetish. She poked her pretty pink love box with an ice cold gl

Real Orgasms Jana
Jana was a real adventurous chick. I gave her a dildo I was sure she was going to turn down due to its humongous size but she not only accepted it she also took it like a champ. I mean her tight wet pussy struggled but she was no quitter. She kept shoving

Real Orgasms Celest
Celest came in and got right to it. She actually worried about the noisy vibrator but I was more worried she confused all the moaning I was doing for the noise coming from the vibrator. I mean she screamed and creamed something fierce.

Real Orgasms Vivian
Vivian dropped her panties and got right to it. She confessed she was a bit of an exhibitionist. She didnt mind at all I was there to watch and document the whole sexy ass event. On the contrary she was actually a bit upset I even mentioned whether or not she wanted privacy. Her pussy is the stuff of legends. So tight. ...

Real Orgasms Aubrey
Aubrey was just mesmerizing to watch. As soon as she walked in with those brazilian cut jeans hugging up on those hips my dick got rock hard quick. She came all over the place and let me lick the cream off her fingers. I actually lost count of how many times she came. Your guess is as good as mine. Its going to be fun ...

Real Orgasms Andy
Andy is what you would call a do it yourself type girl. She is the type that goes to workshops and seminars just to learn how to make her own scrapbook or what have you. When it comes to sex she is no different. If she is single at any given moment she doesnt rely on any friend with benefits or late night booty call. She ...

Real Orgasms Nikki
I usually like to have my air conditioner set pretty cold. Thats just the way I feel comfortable but when Nikki came by and decided to spend quality time with herself things really started heating up. She finger banged her pussy into oblivion and split her clit and two when she came. She even used some anal beads to really ...

Real Orgasms Taylor
Taylor finally admitted to me how much she loved to play with herself. All it took was an impromptu game of Truth or Dare and basically not giving up any real secrets while making her sing like a canary. The truth was known and as soon as I had her right where I wanted I got her to accept a dare. It was obvious what my ...

Real Orgasms Lexxi
I heard that. The finger banging was so loud I thought I was trapped in the middle of a drive by. Lexxi creamed all over this glass dildo she was eyeballing just the night before. She said she came to pay a visit to it instead of me. I know my life sucks but hey I at least got to see her fuck herself.

Real Orgasms April
April got real horny at home and gave me a call. Her boyfriend was away on a business trip and she just wanted me to see her finger bang herself. It was torture but we aim to please here at real orgasms. I of course obliged and she even said the camera turned her on even more. Her boyfriend is one lucky man. I cant wait ...

Real Orgasms Kina
It is not too often that we come across a bad ass asian honey that wants to strip down for the camera. Kina came in and was dying to show us some gushing climax action. Her fingers went to work my friends. And when the dildo came out, it was a wrap. Enjoy this one fellas.

Real Orgasms Audry
Audry has the sort of face you can not wait to see while your dick is pounding her sweet young pussy. Huge boobs and nice ass to match. She takes us on a great ride as we watch her play with her tight pussy with her fingers and then her favorite toy. Good stuff here fellas.

Real Orgasms Shyla
I mean seriously, what ELSE do you need to come in and check this one out. Shyla is fuckin great. Her huge round boobs and juicy ass make her a great showcase for some finger fuck action. After she cums all over her hands, she whips out the huge dildo and goes to town. One word fellas. WOW.

Real Orgasms Britney
WOW. Britney is the type of chick you fantasize about when you see her out in public. Beautiful blonde with great natural boobs and a tight round ass. Not to mention that she loves to pleasure herself. The way she gets off is hot as fuck. And that was before the pink dildo came into play. Enjoy this one. Tons of orgasms ...

Real Orgasms Aj
AJ came by and showed us how it is really done. This barely legal chick had a great time masturbating for us. I love blondes, and AJ sure did not dissapoint. Maybe it was her perky natural tits that got me. That or her round bubble butt. Either way, it was great watching her make herself come multiple times. Wow. She was ...

Real Orgasms Katie
There really is nothing to say about this one fellas. Katie and her young pussy say it all. She gets down to business and shows us how to make that pussy purr with pleasure. First the fingers get to work, and when that gets boring, she pulls out one of her magic wands. A chick with great tits and tight pussy playing with ...

Real Orgasms Tanya
Tanya came in and just wanted to get right down to it. We had a quick conversation just to get a little acquainted but she was really just interested in making herself cum. And that she did. About a million times.

Real Orgasms Jessica
As soon as I saw Jessica, I knew we were going to be in for a good time. So she stripped down to her birthday suit and got it on with a huge clear dildo. Talk about putting on a clinic. This chick went to town for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Real Orgasms Nani
Nani was drawn to the pool table so I decided to have her take care of her own needs if you know what I mean right there and then. She was so cute I actually forgot where I was and just started fantasizing about her while she was right in front of me. My god. She has that girl next door look but she has that mean streak ...

Real Orgasms Madison
Madison is as sexy as they cum. This wild hottie has a bubble butt and nice firm tits that are simply amazing. Once i got a peek at her pussy galore i knew it was going to be the best day of my life. I can still hear her moaning everytime cum oozed out her sweet snatch.

Real Orgasms Giana
WOW! Giana is definitely a hottie! she called us over so she could put on a little masturbation show just for Real Orgasms! watch giana as we film her playing with her pussy and her luscious breasts

Real Orgasms Ashley
Ashley has a body that will blow your mind!!!! she is a sexy girl with a dirty mind. watch her make her pussy cum while she talks about all the kinky dirty things she likes to do when she is alone

Real Orgasms Vanessa
Vanessa is a hot fox with a toy that will get your member moving out of your pants. She gets off for you to get your keyboard and mouse all sticky. You will come back for this time and time again.

Real Orgasms Mikayla
You can tell from the picture how hot this piece was! She went to town on herself with a whole assortment of toys. Its so sexy watching these honeys get nasty with themselves. Mikayla just loves acting for the cam but there was no faking when it came to Orgasm time!

Real Orgasms Gina
OHH YA! We got some hot latin pussy to rub herself down for us. This sex crazed lil mama knew exactly what buttons to push on herself. We watched her come about 10 times! Its so hot seeing Real Girls bust Real Orgasms!

Real Orgasms Lauren
Lauren had lonnng sexxxy legs. It was hard to make her fit in the whole frame. She could wrap those legs around me anytime...while I work my tongue magic on that sweetbox. Lauren took the time to explain how to make her reach the often coveted climax.

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