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Cost: $4.99 for 3 Days, $24.95 a Month, $89.99 a Year Rating: 81

Real DP Dolls - www.RealDPDolls.comReal DP Dolls is a website unlike any other site you have ever seen. Have you ever seen those real dolls? Sex dolls that are made to feel like real human flesh. The thing about these dolls is that you can do anything to them, fuck them as hard as you want, use them and abuse them, and they'll never complain. Now, on Real DP Dolls, they've found babes that you can use and abuse just like a real doll!

On Real DP Dolls, you'll see gorgeous babes with perfect bodies that seem almost unreal! These girls suck cock, get Deep Throated, gagged, and fucked hard in all of their holes. They rarely go even a single moment without their holes being filled by a hard cock! Real DP Dolls finds beautiful babes who want to be treated like fuck toys, and gives them exactly the treatment they crave.

When I logged in to the member's only area of the web site, the first thing I noticed was the sheer amount of content on the site. There's a ton of stuff on here, and it was easy to get turned around, confused, and end up losing my way. The member's only area is more like a springboard for all of the network content, so many of the categories and updates really have little of anything to do with this website. So I just bypassed all of that stuff and went right to the 'featured series' link, which is where all the updates for this particular website are kept. You'll be directed to another page, and on that page all of the updates for this site will be listed, starting with the most recent update first. Currently, there are 29 different episodes uploaded to this website. Unfortunately, it seems that this website isn't really maintained any longer, as the last update was in June of 2007. They have given no indication that they are going to be adding any more fresh content any time soon.

If you want still photography, click on the gallery link located at the top of the page. Most of the photos, it seems, are around 700 x 450 or so, the same screen resolution as the videos, because these are screen captures that have been lifted direct from the video content. There looks to be anywhere from 125-150 of these photographs taken for every gallery. Now, they might be screen caps, but they aren't really that bad of quality. The shots themselves are pretty decent, with very few of them being blurry or anything, and all of them being well chosen. They do a relatively good job of making sure that they don't miss any of the hot threesome and double penetration action that goes on in the scenes.

If it's video content you want, you can either download the video content to your computer or you can watch it streaming direct from the website. Unless you've got a pretty fast connection, something DSL or higher, I would really recommend just going ahead and downloading the content to your hard drive, otherwise you're just gonna deal with buffering. The videos themselves are 700 x 450 or so, and they are of pretty good quality, not necessarily the best stuff I've seen out there but nowhere near the worst, either. They all have perfect sound, they're lit well, the camera isn't shaky or anything, and they are relatively clear. If you want to download, you can download in mp4, WMV, or Divx. The mp4 files are formatted for an iPod, and those are normally around 120MB or so. The WMV files are typically closer to 200MB, and the Divx are the highest quality files, and they come in at about 390MB or so a piece.

A membership to this site grants you access to the whole of the All Adult Pass network, which includes sites such as Round Juicy Butts, Swallow For Cash, and Ass Arsenal. You'll really enjoy the amazing array of niches that they hit, even if most of the sites (like this one) do not offer fresh updates.

If you want to get a membership to Real DP Dolls, then it will cost you $24.95 for a month. If you want to go the year long option, that'll cost $89.99. With good quality content and bonus materials, I'll rate this one 81/100. I'd like to see fresh content but what they have here is good, and the theme is unique enough that it's totally worth it to join even without new updates. Definitely one of my personal favorites--Real DP Dolls is recommended!

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  • Real DP Dolls by 8/9/2010 6:15:59 AM (66/100):
    The videos on Real DP Dolls are hardly prolific, but they're deeply satisfying. What better way to stoke your fire than with closeup visuals of two-on-one and two-in-one action? There are 29 videos that you can save as stellar-quality Windows Media files and there are 20 photo galleries that you can download in Zip files. The website hasn't added anything new in quite a while, so it's great that many extras and bonus sites are included with a membership.

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