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Mr Happy's Glory Hole is a website for those of you out there who love gloryhole sex! See hot, horny sluts get themselves off in rooms when they know you're watching, just waiting for a cock to pounce on. These girls just wanna get fucked, they don't care by who, they're willing to fuck anyone, they don't even need to see their face! If you're into dirty babes who like to get freaky, you might be into Mr Happy's Glory Hole.

On Mr Happy's Glory Hole, super hot babes who are into getting nasty put themselves in a room. Sometimes they think it's a video viewing room, others they're already amped up for the gloryhole action. Once they see those cocks come out of that wall, they aren't shy, and there's all kinds of sucking and fucking going on from multiple cocks! Mr Happy's Glory Hole is a great big fuck fest, with some of the sexiest women on the internet!

As far as I can tell, this website has an incredibly erratic update schedule. It looks like, recently, they've been updating around once every two weeks or so, but there's no real indication that they will continue updating in that fashion. When you log into the web page you'll see the most recent update uploaded to the page. You can click on a link below that to see all of the episodes that have been uploaded to the website. So far, it seems that they have only uploaded 16 episodes. But, as far as I can tell, this website is rather new – it looks like it was just started in the middle of December of 2008, so for only being active for a couple of months, it's not so bad. Hopefully they don't stop there.

To view the content, click on any of the thumbnail photos. It will take you to a page that contains all of the content for that scene. I couldn't figure out a way to download any of the video content on this site, it appears the only way to view it is to watch the clips are to watch them streaming from the website. For the clips, click on the button that says 'video clips'. There are typically two pages of them per set, and there are low, medium, and high quality clips. The low clips are 240 x 180, the medium are 320 x 240, and the high clips are 480 x 360. They aren't of the best quality, but they really aren't bad at all. They are a bit small, and it's kind of disappointing that you can't download any of these clips. You can watch the video in full length using flash (which comes in at around 320 x 240). WMV high, WMV med, or WMV low, which have the same resolution as the clipped segments.

If it's still photography you want, there are both digital stills and a regular photo gallery. For the digital stills, most sets have around 570-600 video captures taken from the video. Each of those digital still is around 900px × 602px, and for being video caps, they are of really good quality. Very few of them are in any way gritty or blurry. And they really follow step by step through all the action of the scene. For the regular photographs, click on the 'photo gallery' button. Most of the regular photo sets have around 300 photographs or so. Most of these photographs come in around 640px × 480px. Strangely enough, the digital stills seem to be of better quality than these photos, though these aren't bad by any means, they just aren't great. Both sets of photos follow all of the action in the scenes step by step, making sure you don't miss any of the action.

Members of this site also get membership to Ice Cream Gang Bang, Bruthas Who Love Mothas, Pimp My Black Teen, Round Mound of Ass, See Her Squirt, and more! Lots of good stuff that'll get you going and keep you cumming.

Membership to Mr Happy's Glory Hole will cost you $29.98 for one month of access, and it will recur every month until canceled. You can pay by credit card or by online check. With the amount of episodes this site has, taken into consideration with the issues with the videos, I'll give it a rating of 71/100. Still recommended if you don't mind the drawbacks. Mr Happy's Glory Hole has hot content but it's not quite up to my quality standards when it comes to size and downloading. Use your own judgment here!

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Mr Happy's Glory Hole Video
Mr Happy's Glory Hole Video

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Mr Happy's Glory Hole Picture

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  • Mr Happys Glory Hole by 8/9/2010 6:15:44 AM (72/100):
    Mr Happys Glory Hole is a website that brings you 30 of the hottest chicks in porn and showcases them in some glorious glory hole scenes in which they suck dick and often get fucked too. Each of the chicks appears in a mediocre to average-quality video and a set of decent-looking pictures and new episodes are being added monthly. You get 30 bonus sites, but that fact hardly makes up for this website's shortcomings. The whole network is just so average in quality and there's a daily download limit of six flicks.

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