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Midnight Prowl - www.MidnightProwl.comAh, now here's a site I can sink my teeth into. Midnight Prowl is based on the concept of taking real pornstars into Los Angeles sex shops to suck and get fucked, all on camera. It's like reality TV... in fact the top rated video right now is one featuring two guys and one big fat lucky motherfucker screwing Veronica Rayne. You're not gonna see a big fat ass like that plowing his dick into a pornstar anywhere else... And that's just for kicks. There's some seriously hot content on this site, not just the funny stuff—so you can but a gut or bust a nut, take your pick.

OK, let's hit the screencaps first since they're the most often ignored part of a porno site. These are good. Even if you're not usually into them, take a quick click and check it out. They're 720 x 480, nearly filling up the whole IE7 window on my 1024 x 768 flatscreen. If you've got a monster monitor they're just gonna fit even better. They're sharp, clear, and hot. Plentiful too—about 400 per update.

Hi-res pics... This is a problem on most Meat Members sites that I've reviewed so far. Usually there aren't very many sets available at all, though every single update leads you to a page with one blank thumbnail—nothing but disappointment. Let's see if that's true here too—OK, good news. Every update I clicked on had hi-res pics with it. Maybe I just had a series of lucky clicks, but they seem pretty consistent to me. They are 900 x 600 pixels in size, which is pretty nice! These are of course even sharper and clearer than the screencaps. Very nice quality here, and evidently quantity is not an issue.

The movies are nice quality regardless of the size you choose to download. You've got low and high quality Windows Media format files (WMV) as well as both low and high quality Quicktime format files (MPEG). The MPEGs will always be higher quality and longer downloads than the WMVs will be, and that's true on any site. However I found that they were all pretty great quality, no complaints in this department other than the fact that they don't offer full movie downloads—they are segmented instead.

I actually ran into a bit of a slowdown on this site, which surprised me because I didn't have problems on any of the other Meat Members sites that I have visited in the last few days. I had about a 30 second wait before anything would load on any of the pages. I don't think it was on my end—I'm pretty sure it was a server slowdown on their part. Again, please note that this was a rare occurrence on a day filled with nothing but Meat Members sites—so it's not necessarily a bad sign, but I thought I should mention it just in case.

Lastly I want to touch upon the layout a bit. It's familiar and easy to use, since it shares a format with most of the other Meat Members sites. This one is all tan and white, soft on the eyes in contrast to its hardcore content. Updates are on the top of the main page, top rated movies to the right, and the archives are all below that—all on one page. This is the simplest and easiest layout I have ever encountered, and I have reviewed a LOT of sites. That's probably Meat Members strongest asset—their excellently designed layout. Thumbs up!

So overall I'd give this site an 87/100. It's pretty fucking excellent in my opinion, everything just looks and feels great. It's $29.95 for a month or $59.95 for three months, effectively giving you a whole month for zero dollars. Nice. Midnight Prowl comes highly recommended!

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  • Midnight Prowl by RabbitsReviews.com 8/6/2009 (82/100):
    Ever imagined some chick pulling up in a car and telling you she wants to get it on with you? Well, this is exactly what the sexy and horny pornstars do on this site! It's night and a chick spots some guy wandering the streets. She pulls over and offers him a wild ride! You can download 260 videos with mostly average quality, but also many with high-def playback. There are 76 photo sets too. Updates are two weeks apart and there are 53 bonus sites.

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