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Meat Holes - www.MeatHoles.comAlthough Meat Holes is a part of the Meat Members network, I have to say right off the bat that it doesn't have the same clean layout and easy-to-navigate appeal that most of their other sites do. It needs a major overhaul—but that doesn't mean the content isn't pure excellence, right? Let's check it out and see if it is.

The smallest WMV files which are definitely suitable for dialup users will only be around 4MB—segmented of course, these are not full movies. That is great news for those on slow connections. But how is the quality? Yikes... We're talking THUMBNAIL sized. Blurry as hell too. I don't know anybody that would enjoy videos this small. Let's jump over to the largest MPEG clips and see if they are much better...

OK, even the largest MPEG segments are only 40MB. However, they're large—nearly full screen on my 1024 x 768 flatscreen—and they are extremely sharp, clear, and well lit. I'm actually pretty impressed here. This is great qualitiy. On some of the newer updates, they also feature WMV files which are slightly smaller than the MPEGS, but do feature decent quality.

What's interesting is that I don't see any dates on these updates... just week numbers. That doesn't tell me much. However I managed to locate an old main page that listed the date of last update - July 6th, 2005 (which was about week #90 - right now, we're on week #105).

It looks like there are about 105 updates total. That's pretty good! I see a lot of sites with 40 updates getting completely abandoned as if they're "complete." Maybe you can find some value in this site as a relic of the past. Probably not though. The saving grace is that you do get total access to the entire Meat Members network, over 40 sites of quality material. This is one of their old hangers on, evidently. At least everything else is new and fresh. Mostly, anyway.

About the pictures... they appear to be just blurry screencaps. I wouldn't waste much time on these. They're large enough at 720 x 480 pixels, but they're very low quality. This is a huge difference from the rest of the Meat Members network—on nearly all of the other sites, the screencaps are practically perfect. I wish I could say the same for Meat Holes, but I can't gloss over it—they're simply not worth it.

That's basically all there is to this site. It's bare bones for sure—which is semi-OK because it has the entire Meat Members network behind it. I mean you do get 40+ sites regardless of which site you sign up under. Nonetheless I've got to give this site a 70/100, probably the lowest rating I've given for one of the Meat Members sites... It's just got too many negatives to rate it any higher than that.

I'd recommend signing up for the Meat Members network any day—but this particular corner of their network is like the abandoned lot on the corner. The grass has grown knee-high, the windows are boarded up, and nobody really wants to go near it... There are some good videos if you download the largest MPEGs, but the navigation is such a hassle it's not really worth it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they revitalize this site with consistent updates and a brand new layout, and if they do, I will be happy to return and give them a fresh review! For now, steer clear—join the whole network or any other site in it and you'll be just fine.

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  • Meat Holes by 8/19/2009 (80/100):
    Sometimes a woman wants to be treated like a lady. Other times, a gal can fully embrace the idea of having no trace of innocent grace. These are the stars of Meat Holes. They suck and ride rigid poles like it's their reason for being. The rougher the sex, the more they seem to like it. The used becomes the user as these women seem to love the hardcore intensity. There are 68 episodes with average to good-quality videos and decent photos. You also get 53 bonus sites.

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pato 100:
The best meathole for me is Nicole Brazzle, she eats ass. and is not the first time she does, I want to put my stinky asshole on her
October 24, 2012 at 8:36 AM

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