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Cost: $9.95 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $54.95 for Three Months RexMag.com Rating: 90

HQ Flix - www.HQFlix.comFrom the get-go on HQ Flix, they make it clear that a porno membership isn't worth it if the videos aren't HQ. I'm in complete agreement with that. I get really frustrated when I log in to a new site and find out that the content is small enough to be from five years ago, or that what I thought was a real hi-def site turns out to be more or less junk. This one comes along with a great reputation, so I feel good about it already—but let's log in to HQ Flix and find out for sure!

The movies on HQ Flix mostly feature solo masturbation scenes, lots of sex toy action! There are some hardcore sex scenes too, but it seems like it's probably easier for them to do the solo stuff and put that out there more often than to make you wait for just weekly updates of the hardcore stuff. They update a couple of times per week at least, so you're not going to get bored waiting for new content like you do on some sites. The best thing though, if you ask me, is the fact that you're getting real amateur babes in very hot scenes. No ugly chicks from what I could see—all hot ones, many young, and all fuckable. Sweet. HQ Flix is on my good side so far.

The navigation here is pretty basic and easy to get around—your main menu will take you to home, updates, movies, support, and contact. The movies addition is one that I haven't seen on other sites on this network yet—I've been stuck seeing all the updates mixed together where it's hard to tell what's a photo set and what's a movie. You won't have that problem here so that's great news. Below that on the main page you'll see the most recent updates, and you'll want to focus on that once you've been a member for a little while. At first though, go ahead and just browse your way through all the content. That's the best way to approach it.

The photo sets here have about 130 or so photographs in them, and they are sized 1600x1000, so you're looking at true high resolution photography just like you'd expect on a site that boasts about their HQ content. I like the fact that you can see all the thumbnails for a set on one page—it's a pet peeve of mine to have to click from page to page. None of that here. There are downloadable zip sets too, so that's more great news! The photo sets get my highest stamp of approval—no complaints here. Very very nice. It's hard to count all of them since I can't really separate them, but I'll give it a good guess—I'd estimate about 350 photo sets. Pretty good!

Finally let's get to those movies (after all, it is called HQ Flix!). Looks like there are 180 movies on the site at the time of this review. You just click on the thumbnail for the movie and that takes you to the page for it. Honestly they could skip the separate pages though—all there is is a text link that says download the full movie. Below that they do show links to other movies and photos, but I could do without that. A quick direct download from the thumbnails would be just right. The movies are about 500MB and the resolution is high just as you'd expect—about 3000k and 720x480 resolution. They look GREAT. The content is absolutely burning up in terms of heat. They do a great job here. Enough said.

OK now it's time to talk bonus sites. I'm under the impression that you get a total of 19 sites, but for some reason they are not listed on the join page so maybe you actually don't get them all with this one. These are the ones that I can confirm: Hungarian Honeys, Honey School, The Honey Index, Hot Flirting Honeys, Pink Honey Flix, Pornstar Honeys, Video On Demand, Pornstar Legends, Watch You Jerk, Top Pornstars, and Busty Milly. Good stuff!

A membership to HQ Flix is only going to cost $24.95 for a month, $39.95 for two months, or $54.95 for three months. There's a great deal of content here, so I see no reason not to grab a full three months. If you're a little low on that porno budget this month, the two month membership is adequate too. I liked HQ Flix a lot. I do wish there was more hardcore content, but if you're really dying to see some beautiful women in very steamy solo masturbation scenes, you'll get a ton of that here at absolutely excellent quality. My final rating for HQ Flix? I'd give it a 90/100. I'm impressed, I'm satisfied, and I'm recommending it to you now!

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Bonus Websites

When you join HQ Flix, you also get access to the following websites: Busty Milly, Giving a Hand Job, Hall of Fame Stars, Honey School, Hungarian Honeys, Pornstar Honeys, Pornstar Legends, and Watch You Jerk.

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HQ Flix Video

HQ Flix Video
HQ Flix Video

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HQ Flix Picture
HQ Flix Picture

Other Reviews of HQ Flix

  • HQ Flix by RabbitsReviews.com 7/12/2009 (75/100):
    HQ Flix lives up to its name. Well, at least the HQ part. The quality of the content available really is excellent, but there are less vids than pics. At any rate, there are 635 videos to download in good to high-def quality formats. You can download the 2,857 photo sets in Zip files and they have some high-res or even super high-res images. Updates are every two to three days. Be warned: About half of the eight bonus sites repeat the same content.

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