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Her First DP Claudia Downs
Claudia was on her way to a bachelor party when the car died. Perfect time for John and Brad to lend a hand, but how to pay for the parts? hmm... seems that Claudia has the perfect solution to make everyone happy. Cum watch as she blows, and rides these two massive cocks giving deep throat action and double penetration ...

Her First DP Chyanne Jacobs
Brunette sexpot Chyanne Jacobs gets fucked hard in her wet pussy and airtight butthole until the boys shoot their wads all over her big, gorgeous ass!

Her First DP Alicia Alighatti
Vicki had a holiday wish... sex with two guys! Santa is cumming a little early this year. This dirty little bitch had no problem offering all of her holes for our penetration needs... but we had a special gift for her... a nasty, hole filling DP! Nothing says joy to the world like two gaping holes!

Her First DP Lindsay Layne
Lindsey, a nice Jewish chick had been kosher all of her life but as soon as she got in a room full of gristle missles she went hog wild! We defiled both of her holes at the same time with our Oscar Meyers and blew our cock-fat all over her pretty little face!

Her First DP Cecilia Vega
Cecilia's explanation for the way she's dressed when she shows up is: "I'm French, and I'm a slut." She's also hot as hell and filthy as they come -- watch her prove that in this scorching three-way fuckfest!

Her First DP Tara Lynn Fox
Porn whore extraordinaire Tara Lynn Foxx struts her slutty stuff, taking cocks deep in all her holes while screeching like a banshee. The reward for her energetic performance? Two thick loads of cum in her mouth and on her face!

Her First DP Andi Anderson
Andi is not shy about what she wants: A big cock in every hole, an occasional taste of her own juices dripping off one of those cocks, and three hot, sticky loads in her mouth and on her face!

Her First DP Genesis Skye
Genesis wasn't much for talking, she was ready to get fucked up and fuck her brains out! Little did she know that we party double! As soon as we had the chance we slipped one in the pink and one in the stink! We reamed her holes and glazed her face!

Her First DP Harley Raine
Harley was a MILF! She had been around the block and thought she had done everything. We had something this dust bag hadn't done yet. Her First DP! We dusted off the cob webs and got rid of the moth balls! Then we pounded both her holes until she begged for mercy!

Her First DP Kelly Rose
Sara with her tight top and short jean skirt came back to party with the guys! One thing led to another and she was playin the skin flute before long! We all took turns fucking her but we just couldn't resist trying to plug both of her holes at the same time!

Her First DP Sasha Knox
Sasha told us she's open minded and willing to try anything, but she didn't have a clue what we had in mind. Before she knew it, Sasha found herself trapped in a painful sausage sandwich courtesy of Joe and Valentino! Maybe next time she'll think before jumping in the frying pan.

Her First DP Hunter
Hunter wasn't a shy babe but even party honeys have a line they won't cross! Happily she sucked and fucked but it took vino to get her loose enough to take her first DP! We all took turns double teaming this jizz depository and wiped our dicks off on her face when we were done!

Her First DP Keeani Lei
Panama hottie Keani had never heard of a DP, she thought we were talking about a drink! We sweet talked her into coming back with us and then we took advantage of her. We started slow but it wasn't long before we had her filled! Like candy from a baby!

Her First DP Summer
Blondes have more fun... well that may not be entirely true but one thing is for sure Pamela had more than her share of cock! We took her back and took turns giving her pork enemas, then let her have it when we pounded both of her holes until she squealed for us to stop!

Her First DP Marie Luv
This fine ass black bitch was a real cock monster. Keisha got down on her knees and blew both of our one eyed friction whistles. We flipped her over and sank one home in tuna town and then sent her over the edge with one up the fudge pipe! Sweet, sweet DP!

Her First DP Sammy Wins a DP
Sammie wants to win our radio contest. She's ready to take any dare we throw at her, even a hole-stretching double stuffin' most certainly deemed obscene by the FCC! Our throbbing beacons of thrust will get her screams heard for miles around!

Her First DP Claire Robbins
Claire, an 18 year old sexual deviant, was ecstatic to get naked in front of the camera. She didn't realize that she was going to be our new pin cushion! After we loosened each of her holes one by one, we filled them both up and had her yelping like the bitch she was!

Her First DP Luscious Fucking DP
Jessica had a greed for money. We flashed the cash and she flashed that fine ass. She managed to choke down our poles before we explained what she had to do for the money... dp! She already came this far so she bit her lip and offered up both of her holes to be violated!

Her First DP Trinity Post
We found this fiery redhead Liz, playing games at the mall. We took her back to our personal arcade where we played a new game with her, one her mamma never told her about- DP Invaders! We had this little slut's tight Milky Way and Red Dwarf filled with both of our joysticks!

Her First DP Mia Bangg
When Mia saw the camera, she was kinda suspicious that we were shooting porn movies, but she decided to come with us anyway. We didn't lie, this isn't gonna be any ordinary porn, this is gonna be a hardcore pounding caught on tape! Watch her reactions as we show her the difference with some DP and ATM action!

Her First DP Quiet Girl Gets Double Dosed
Rachel was a quite chick that was looking for a wild night out with the guys. She let us read her palm and we told her she was going to have double the fun tonight! Stop! What are you doing? Awe come on baby it's the ultimate. Nothing like a dick in your butt and one in your pussy!

Her First DP Paige's American adventure
Paige Ashley swings by to have some fun with a string of anal beads before turning her attention to a pair of cocks. This will come as a shock: those cocks find their way into her tight little asshole, too. Imagine that!

Her First DP Bad Girl Gets it in Both Holes
Nikki was a sweet blonde chick. We took her back and introduced her to the crew. It wasn't long before the bra was off and legs were spread! Then we let her in on the thrill of a lifetime, her first DP! With her ass and pussy stretched..."That is the weirdest shit I have ever felt!"

Her First DP Booby Bouncing DP
Jenna's big tits and round ass made our crotch cartilage turn into steel. We went straight to work on this slut. Then the real fun. We filled her spunk-pot and stench-trench at the same time! The more she screamed the harder we fucked this hot bitch!

Her First DP Holly Wellin
In this scene, superslut Holly Wellin does what she does best; enjoy some good, rough sex! Even while being face-fucked until she's gagging and covered in her own drool, Holly is loving every minute of it. Then her real joy in life begins: the deep, thrusting double-penetration and ass-to-mouth action!

Her First DP Georgia Peach
When we met Georgia, she seemed like she was on to our game. But alas, with a flash of her perky smile she came with us anyway - dumb slut! Soon sweet Georgia's south had the blues as we double-dipped her with our fuck sticks! This southern slut just got her first DP, baby!

Her First DP Tiffany Holiday
Slutty little Tiffany was up for talking about sex but we were down for seeing if she would put our cocks where her mouth is! After a little coaxing we got her naked and stuffed our cocks in both ends! Watch us shiskabob poor little Tiff and give her very first DP!

Her First DP Crissy Cums
Women like to act like they don't like sex. Chrissy was no different. She had a bite like an alligator but as soon as we started talking her language -taking two cocks- she let down her guard. We had her screaming like an alley cat by the time we got done with her!

Her First DP Carson Carmichael
Yesterday this dumb, blonde bitch couldn't spell double penetration, today she is getting her first! Carson was busy taking cocks from all of us but we knew that she wouldn't be satisfied. She needed to feel the ass gaping, pussy spreading action of her first DP!

Her First DP Isabella
Isabella wasn't shy to show off for the camera, but she was hesitant when we wanted up in both her tight holes! Soon we turned her moans of pain into screams of pleasure. We celebrated the conquest of another DP virgin by splattering our goo across her face!

Her First DP Mya Nichole
Mya Nichole has an ass that just won't quit -- no matter how much cock you stuff up it! After fucking the living hell out of her pussy and asshole, the boys give Mya a simultaneous double creampie that leaves her leaking like a BP oil well!

Her First DP Heidi Besk
This little slut turned out to be as kinky as she is cute. She had never been DP'ed before, but once she started fucking us, she let us put them in all her holes at once. Now that's what I call a full house!

Her First DP AlienLauro GiottoFrank GunNick Lang
Her name is "Alien"... and I hereby have become a believer in UFOs. With her gorgeous face, perfect body and sweet pink pussy, this is one 'close encounter' that just about any guy would love to have!

Her First DP Dulce
Dulce was sweet as sugar, and we couldn't resist wanting to get her naked and in our laps. We got her to undress for a song, but it took additional coaxing to get her to let us probe both her holes at the same time. But she finally agreed and loved it like a dirty slut should!

Her First DP Jennifer Dark
Jennifer Dark says she's ready to fuck some gypsies and "torture their dicks." Well hell, if fucking her tight little ass is torture, then sign me up for a torture session as soon as possible!

Her First DP Ali Kat
Cowgirl Ali was new in town and ready for a rodeo. We told her we knew where she could find some bulls. We took out our cocks and she said giddy up! This girl knew how ride but could she ride double? We pounded both holes until she was screaming yippy-kyay!

Her First DP Sunshine
We interviewed Sunny for our "movie" and found out that she is a singer and hoping to make her big break. We had her show us her stuff, and soon this slut was singing a different tune as we gave her an ass and pussy ramming at the same time! What a whore!

Her First DP Tina Fine
We told this blonde slut that were were from a radio station looking for talent. Little did she know, the only broadcast she would be doing was when we show her first DP to the internet!

Her First DP Trixie Cas
Jay and Val use the pretext of a sexual experiences survey to introduce Trixie not only to the not-so-subtle art of double penetration, but her first ever dual facial cumshot, too!

Her First DP Alanna
This slutty blonde was so hot that all we could think about was fucking her!! So we took her back to our pad for some three-hole activities! Once she had both of our cocks pounding her front and rear she was screaming for more! See Alana get her first DP!!!

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