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Her First DP Taryn
Taryn loves the thought of getting fucked by two guys with big dicks. Her pussy is dripping with excitement, and can't wait to have these guys shoot their loads all over her face and mouth!

Her First DP Arianna
Arianna loves getting fucked all the time, and these two studs are gonna fuck her like she hasn't seen before. While they fill both her holes, she's screaming in pain and pleasure!

Her First DP Dana
Dana is ready for some big white dick and these two hot studs are going to give it to her. They fill both her holes and she's lovin it, and when they're done with her, Dana is gonna eat their loads like it's candy!

Her First DP Jamie
Jamie is cute and interested in taking two big dicks for the first time. She's always thought about it, and now she's screaming with these fucking studs filling her up, deep inside, and begging for more!

Her First DP Lexi
Lexi isn't interested in black guys, but she's about to take 4 huge black dicks for the first time. This will be her first DP ever, and she's moaning in pain and pleasure all at the same time.

Her First DP Eve
Eve has always thought about taking two dicks, and now she finally gets her chance. These two studs fill her black pussy and ass up with these rock hard dicks, and she's loving every minute of it!

Her First DP Romi
Romi is sweet and innocent, but ready to take on two huge dicks on film for the first time! She's shy but willing to please these guys who are gonna bury her deep like never before! Romi is screaming in pain but loving it!

Her First DP Shasta
Shasta loves big black dick and can't get enough! She's about to take on four hot cocks of men that are dying to shoot their load all over her face, and they're gonna make sure she eats every drop!

Her First DP Trenedy
Trenedy is an adventurous sexual creature who is always willing to explore new areas, and now that this is her first experience with two guys, she's ready to take both dicks up her pussy and in her ass. Guess what, she's lovin' it!

Her First DP Kaylynn
Poor Kaylynn just broke up with her boyfriend! It didn't take long for our crew to navigate into her britches. And she quickly found that we were after more booty than she'd bargained for! We jammed one in the pink and one in the stink for a cringe-inducing sexperience! All aboard!

Her First DP Natalia
This little hoochie knew exactly what she wanted: four guys with big dongs, and all to herself! She took our advice and offered up every hole for immediate service. One minute she was begging for dick, next thing she knew she was gettin' double penetrated for the first time!

Her First DP Roxy
The mall! Where else do hot bitches hang out? Roxy looked bored clutching her expensive purse, so we ditched the materialism trip and got back to basics-- primal fucking! One dick wasn't gonna cut it, so we beat our way through the fleshy jungle and doubled the pounding!

Her First DP Ginny
This little housewife wanted some afternoon fun. How could we refuse? But this wasn't gonna be your average, boring casual affair-- we wanted to plug both holes! Poor Ginny had no idea what she'd signed up for. But damned if she didn't like it! I wonder if her husband will know...

Her First DP Heather
We caught Heather on the way to traffic schoool. She skipped the citation and headed to our couch to practice on our manual transmissions! We jacked up her grille and rooted around her trunk, making this "compact car" into a spacious two-seater! From double parking...to double penetration!

Her First DP Melinda
Melinda had done some pretty wild stuff before, but even a nympho like her didn't expect to fit two beefsteaks into that tight little loin. We had to make room! After a few minutes of good 'ol anal warm-up, we upped the ante with a butt-busting dually. Open wide!

Her First DP Bailey
We took bland, vanilla Bailey and made ourselves a double-dipped chocolate sundae. Not only did we spice up her sex life, we penetrated front and rear! Our creamy cones slide deep into her dishes and give her not one but two scoops of cock for the price of one!

Her First DP Alicia
We set out looking for "adventurous" women willing to test the limits of hot, nasty, deep-search penetration! Alicia had never taken two cocks at once, so our skilled explorers spelunked straight up her front and rear chasms. Tally ho!

Her First DP Amber
We found Amber at the liquor store, and she was ready to party! Our team of football studs drove it deep into her pink and brown zones for the two-hole conversion! The post-game celebration continues 'til there's too many cocks on the field-- and Amber's the goal!

Her First DP Anjelica
Anjelica dropped by to see what we were filming. She claimed she'd try anything--and she'd never done double! A few minutes later she'd sucked and fucked so much that there was only one way to satisfy her craving: a huge schlong in every opening!

Her First DP Michelle
How do you mend a broken heart? By filling holes! Michelle broke up with her boyfriend just days before we met her. We knew just what she needed: a cock in her pussy, a cock in her ass... then both at the same time! She'll never be the same after this much meat!

Her First DP Angel
Angel, on her lunch break, agreed to come back to the party between our legs. This saucy latina was ready for action and wanted the two for one deal. We gave her the dp special of the day! We stuffed her brown round and pink taco a la carte style!

Her First DP Brooke
Brooke missed the bus so we gave her a ride back to our pad! After we found out she enjoyed riding double we took the chance, how much cock would this slut take? After some good hard fucking she let us explore both of her tight holes... oh how they scream!

Her First DP Haley
Underneath that school girl outfit was a sex machine. Haley's big tits and round ass had us speechless. Her fantasy? Taking on two guys! Once we dipped into that sweet clam and starfish we knew what she needed... both of them stretched to the point of no return!

Her First DP Maryjane
Starting this year off right with one of the hottest bitches to come along in a while, Mary Jane. Looking like a Southern Belle, this little cock tease had it coming. We made sure to plow both of her holes until this soft spoken whore was screamin dixie!

Her First DP Karina
Karina, a self proclaimed nympho, had never had two guys. We hooked her up but on our conditions. She would let us plug both of her holes, no not your twat then your ass but both at the same time! We gouged both of her holes and finished with nut on her face!

Her First DP Beth
Beth has been too busy with school to be worried about dick but her swollen clit couldn't hide how horny she really was. She went right to work on our cocks. We had to repay her by shoving both of our cocks in at the same time! Watch as she tries her best not to wake the neighbors with her screams!

Her First DP Katie
Don't let a pretty face fool you. Katie didn't waste anytime getting on her knees and licking some rod! She was happy to take on all the boys but wasn't happy about taking a dp! She tried to act like she didn't like it but down deep inside we know her holes loved it!

Her First DP Rachel
Rachel was a quite girl that was looking for a wild night out with the boys. She let us read her palm and we told her she was going to have double the fun tonight! Stop! What are you doing? Awe come on baby it's the ultimate. Nothing like a dick in your butt and one in your pussy!

Her First DP Jessica
Jessica had a greed for money. We flashed the cash and she flashed that fine ass. She managed to choke down our poles before we explained what she had to do for the money... dp! She already came this far so she bit her lip and offered up both of her holes to be violated!

Her First DP Vicki
Vicki had a holiday wish... sex with two guys! Santa is cuming a little early this year. This dirty little bitch had no problem offering all of her holes for our penetration needs... but we had a special gift for her... a nasty, hole filling DP! Nothing says joy to the world like two gaping holes!

Her First DP Felicia
We spent the day partying with Felicia. Her big 'o titties were just calling our names! She came back for an after hours party were we took full advantage of her assets. We plunged into both of her tight love tunnels and made sure this party ended with gaping holes!

Her First DP Sara
Sara with her tight top and short jean skirt came back to party with the boys! One thing led to another and she was playin the skin flute before long! We all took turns fucking her but we just couldn't resist trying to plug both of her holes at the same time! Double the pleasure, double the fun!

Her First DP Nikki
Nikki was a sweet blonde girl. We took her back and introduced her to the crew. It wasn't long before the bra was off and legs were spread! Then we let her in on the thrill of a lifetime, her first DP! With her ass and pussy stretched..."That's is the weirdest shit I have ever felt!"

Her First DP Jada
Jada was in need of an attitude adjustment! This hellcat was talking smack all the way back to the pad. We were more than happy to give her a fine tuning by ramming our cocks into her tight holes! Her bitching and moaning soon turned screams and she deserved every inch of it!

Her First DP Hunter
Hunter wasn't a shy girl but even party girls have a line they won't cross! Happily she sucked and fucked but it took vino to get her loose enough to take her first DP! We all took turns double teaming this VD depository and wiped our dicks off on her face when we were done!

Her First DP Jessica 2
Jessica was into all kinds of kinky things. We managed to get her to suck our cocks and and let us fuck her holes but the real test was to fuck both of her holes! She begged us to be easy but as soon as we were both in... it was a fucking she wouldn't soon forget!

Her First DP Genesis
Genesis wasn't much for talking, she was ready to get fucked up and fuck her brains out! Little did she know that we party double! As soon as we had the chance we slipped one in the pink and one in the stink! After reaming her holes we finished with some facial glaze!

Her First DP Lindsey
Lindsey, a nice Jewish girl had been kosher all of her life but as soon as she got in a room full of gristle missles she went hog wild! We defiled both of her holes at the same time with our Oscar Meyers and blew our cock-fat all over her pretty little face!

Her First DP Keani
Panama hottie Keani had never heard of a DP, she thought we were talking about a drink! We sweet talked her into coming back with us and then we took advantage of her. We started slow but it wasn't long before we had her filled! Like candy from a baby!

Her First DP Jenna
Jenna's big tits and round ass made our crotch cartilage turn into steel. We went straight to work on this slut. Then the real fun. We filled her spunk-pot and stench-trench at the same time! The more she screamed the harder we fucked this hot bitch!

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