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Cost: $5.95 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.95 a Month, $99.95 for 6 Months Rating: 93

Gent Online - www.GentOnline.comGent Online specializes in busty babes, and they've been doing their thing in that arena for the last 20 plus years. That tells me that you probably can't go wrong here—but you are smarter than to take those promises at face value, you're here to find out for sure! So I'm going to log in for you and find out all those exquisite little details... Let's do it—let's log in to Gent Online right now.

All right, I'm in. I really like the layout on Gent Online. You've got the standard top navigation with home, videos, photos, DVD feeds, bonus content, celeb corner, store, and support. Below that on the left is a column with previews and links to the bonus sites. Down the middle are all the latest updates, each with one thumbnail, the girl's name, the date added, and the number of clips per movie (there are full movies too though so don't let that put you off). They update weekly too so you're steadily supplied with new content. Let's get into the actual Gent Online content now...

I'd say the best way to browse though the content here (once you've gotten through all the latest stuff) is to go to the videos section itself. There are 261 video updates on the site right now—pretty impressive, huh? The resolution on the movies is 640x480 which I think is pretty good. You can easily stretch them out to full screen on most monitors without noticing much of a degradation in quality. Do I wish they were true HD? You bet. But they're good enough, no question about it.

So we talked about how the videos look in terms of quality, but I know you want to know about the content itself on Gent Online! These videos are all exquisite hardcore. There are also some girl-on-girl videos, but you aren't going to see any boring solo videos with girls stripping their clothes off—this is the real deal here on Gent Online, hot sex, whether it's a guy and a girl, a girl and a girl, or a twosome or a threesome!

So now that the videos are covered, let's get a look at the photos section. There are an incredible 790 photo sets on the site. Damn that's a lot of awesome content. I would highly recommend that you check out the all-girl sexfest featuring Camille, Dorothy Black, and Eve Angel. Keep your eyes open for that one. Every photo set is HOT, featuring just as much hardcore action as the movies that we were just talking about. The resolution is 1280x857 and they're true hi-res, so you will definitely be completely satisfied. Gent Online knows how to do it.

In terms of extras on the site, you've got Celeb Corner which really just seems to link to a bunch of celebrity sex tapes. Not sure what's free and what's not, so you'll have to dig your way around in there and find out what you really get with a paid membership. The bonus content section links to a bunch of other sites as well—not ones that are listed as bonus sites though so I think these are probably just a bunch of feed sites. The real meat of the bonus content comes in the bonus sites themselves—D Cup, Velvet Mag, Swank Mag, Just 18, Leg Action, and Genesis Magazine.

If you do decide to join Gent Online, it's going to cost you $24.95 for a month, $49.95 for 90 days, or $94.95 for a full 180 days. There's no doubt in my mind that it's worth the price regardless of the length of time you choose, though I think you'd need at the very least 90 days to get through all of this. It's an excellent site with weekly updates and a ton of content, so it's one that I would definitely recommend. Gent Online has earned itself a score of 93/100 from me—now get out of here and go join while it's hot!

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Bonus Websites

When you join Gent Online, you also get access to the following websites: D Cup, Genesis Magazine, Just 18, Leg Action, Swank Mag, and Velvet Mag.

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  • Gent Online by 8/9/2010 6:16:46 AM (85/100):
    Gent Online contains thousands of photos from Gent Magazine and even some additional pics you won't find there. Better yet, something you won't find in the print version of any mag, are 327 videos with average to great-quality playback. The aforementioned photos fill 863 sets that you can download in handy Zip files. You can also see them in a hands-free slideshow. Many of the photo galleries have a high-res viewing option. The site updates twice a week and there are 10 bonus sites and 50 video feeds.

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