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Frank Wank - www.FrankWank.comFrank Wank, if you haven't heard of him, is apparently an infamous super agent from Los Angeles who "combs the streets of Los Angeles and the classifieds in search of jizzmop whores to pimp out." These nasty babes will do just about anything for this guy in exchange for cold hard cash. There are actually 141 archived updates on the site as I write this, and it's currently updated too, every couple of weeks. So far it's looking pretty good. Let's check it out.

It seems that most of the girls on this site are exotic—whether they're Asian, Latina, black, or some other dark and lovely variety. Their hair is usually brunette regardless of race—though there are definitely a few hot blondes as well. It makes me wonder if Frank picks the girls himself—if he does, he's got great taste. These babes are GORGEOUS. Not just hot but really beautiful. You get a pretty wild variety of eye candy here for your money—gotta love it.

Let's take a peek at the screencaps first. These are quite nice—very large and clear. They're a good standard size of 720 x 480 pixels. They're a really great preview for the movies themselves—quick to load, quick to save—even quicker because you're able to save a zip file of the whole set of screencaps. There are usually about 400 screencaps for each movie—very generous and yet still a quick download in one convenient zip file.

The hi-res pics seem to be available about fifty percent of the time. Sometimes you'll be served up with a thumbnail saying that there aren't any—seems kind of pointless to have active links to nothing. But the rest of the time you'll actually be shown several pages of nice photos. They're not what I would usually consider high resolution—these are about 800 x 600 pixels. A bit small to be called high resolution—but they are pretty clear and nice to look at. You can also download zip files of these—again, quick and easy, great value for your money.

And now on to the main event... The movies. While you're given a ton of options for downloads—low or high quality, Windows Media format (WMV) or Quicktime format (MPEG)—you aren't given any full movie downloads. They're segmented, with usually around 8 segments per video. It's not bad if you like to download one while you're watching another—but most people who are on a fast broadband connection prefer to download the whole thing and enjoy it forever. This is probably the main drawback on this site, and it does extend to the entire Meat Members network unfortunately, which is pretty great in every other way.

Speaking of the Meat Members network, with your membership to Frank Wank, you'll receive full access to the rest of the sites (over 40 in all!) in the Meat Members network. This is a really nice bonus—in fact it's more than a bonus, it's a complete network membership. It's a great mix of sites in different niches, some with constant updates and hundreds of archives, some pretty much neglected with just 20 or so archives to enjoy. It's a nice mix though, very enjoyable, and it's fun to skip around to all the different sites via a drop down menu at the top of each page. There are a few sites that don't employ the same layout, and I'm thinking they may be the last to be converted to the new look—and on those you'll be diverted away from the convenient menu. But that's not a major problem—in fact the sites with the old layout are the ones you'll probably spend the least time on.

A membership for 30 days will cost you $29.95 or you can get a whole month free by buying 90 days for $59.95. Overall I'd give this site a 92/100. I think it's pretty damn near perfect, and Frank Wank keeps it entertaining and funny. If you like a little humor with your sex, dig in!

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  • Frank Wank by 8/3/2009 (77/100):
    Frank looks pimped out, but he's really a fake porn agent and is looking for some sexy ladies who want to be in dirty pictures! There is never a lack of wannabe pornstars and, as Frank knows, he can pretty much get them to do anything. So, he does! After all, he needs to at least try them out to see if they have what it takes and he has done so with 169 chicks so far. You can check them out in 169 good-quality videos and 148 photo sets, before visiting the 53 bonus sites.

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