Bookworm Bitches - Naughty Bookworms Fucking at School

Cost: $1.95 / 3 Day, $4.95 / 1 Week, $24.95 / 1 Month Rating: 87

Bookworm Bitches - www.BookwormBitches.comI was out then looking for a possible site where I could have my first ever membership when I happened to encounter a review site featuring Aside from its quite attractive domain, what struck me more, are the varying comments about the site from its former and current members. Some praised and commended the site while others cursed and spit venom on it. After witnessing both the positive and the negative comments laid down by those individual, I decided, to instantly applied for a membership and was hoping that later I will also be able to say my piece on that review site.

And now it is my time to give my personal review, I promised myself to just express what I actually experienced on Bookworm Bitches.

I never expected that a fresh looking college girl with books on her arms and thick eyeglasses laid on her eyes can actually suck dick and get screwed just for the sake of a passing grades. This site simply made this quite wild reality an absolute entertainment to anyone viewing.

Bookwormbitches features school girls who look very intelligent, with glasses, properly dressed and of course, absolutely hot. These nerdy girls are absolutely bad girls. They let their grades fail, they are the bullies in the class, and they seem to have all the lucks in the world to make them stay on their school. But wait, they actually don't really need luck here; all they have to do is to ask a little favor from their ever understanding teacher, and there you go—all are in his logbook. How did they do that--with a little pampering of course.

Basically, I love the site's idea. As a video site, it has a very strong theme that is successfully portrayed; I just love the back up story as part of the foreplay before the actual banging. On the other hand, the actual “sex" portion involved various kinds of activity. Though quite orchestrated, the spice and the excitement were never lost.

The sites videos when rated would be on the average. The videos are segmented into various clips, and can be downloaded (though some of the earlier sets are not offered as full videos). These segmented chunks are manageable as they are not split up into so many segments; each girl gets 7-11 and WMVs and MPGs are the available formats. There are a few clips here where MPEGs are not effective. The camerawork worked well, and the videos last a good 20-30 minutes on average. There is a good selection to choose from, and the videos are full screenable at highest quality without much clarity loss.

With regard to the pictures, the images are taken straight from the videos, so do not expect unique erotic poses or great camerawork. No real haziness and the pictures look clear enough. The thumbnails are displayed in an organized manner with the perfect number of pictures per page. There are no useless redundant pictures shown. Some of these pictures are directly connected to video clippings. The overall design was meticulously prepared, well laid out, and well executed.

The site also offers access to a few webcam chat services. But aside from that, you will also get access to five similar websites done by the same group like My Friends Hot Mom, My Naughty Latina Maid, My Sister's Hot Friend, SoCal Coeds, and My First Sex Teacher. Each site has its own theme that is pretty evident in their names. I visited some of these sites, and they all seem to have comparable qualities to this site.

With respect to the price, it is quite lower compared to the other sites offering similar features. I just want to say I am very glad I have been a part of the academy of   these gorgeous and horny bookworm bitches.  

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Bookworm Bitches Video

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Bookworm Bitches Picture

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User Comments About

arsene 100:
how can i be a student?
December 13, 2011 at 3:48 AM

chris 0:
this is how you make your kids get good grades and that teaches nothing to the kids all it teaches the kid is that when you need a good grad you have to spread your legs and that i do not approve of that and matter of fact this sit should be closed down fore ever and i mean ever
March 5, 2010 at 3:00 AM

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