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Big Sausage Pizza Kaycee Brooks
Kaycee Brooks wants holiday cock.

Big Sausage Pizza Lexi Diamond 2
Lexi sucks and fucks big sausage dick.

Big Sausage Pizza Kourtney Kane Gets Cummed on in the Kitchen!
Kourtney Kane has no interest in eating a pizza. She just likes to lick off the toppings and sit on that sausage! The sauce tastes better on her ass than on the pizza anyway!

Big Sausage Pizza Shawna Lenee Learns about the Big Sausage
When Shawna Lenee told her boyfriend to get a job, she wasn't thinking "pizza delivery guy", but Big Sausage Pizza isn't your typical pizza joint. There are high standards for employment at Big Sausage and Shawna quickly learns that her boyfriend has what it takes. She finally shows her boyfriend some real appreciation ...

Big Sausage Pizza Eva Ellington
Eva Ellington thinks she's gotten away with getting a free pizza. She soon realizes that the one she stole isn't the one she wants. What she really needs is the big sausage that the delivery guy brings to her!

Big Sausage Pizza Mya Nichole 3
Mya Nicole is in the middle of a B and E when she gets an unexpected surprise. She threatens the intruder, but is overcome by the tastiness of his big sausage pizza. Looks like Big Sausage saves the day again!

Big Sausage Pizza Vicki Chase
Vicki Chase is bored with the same old pizza toppings. She decides to change it up and gets an xtra large German Sausage on her pie!

Big Sausage Pizza Angela Valentine
Busy Angelina Valentine doesn't have time for a lunch break. When she finally has a second to grab something to eat, she finds out that one of the pizzas has her favorite topping!

Big Sausage Pizza Mya Nichole
Mya Nicole is in the middle of a B and E when she gets an unexpected surprise. She threatens the intruder, but is overcome by the tastiness of his big sausage pizza. Looks like Big Sausage saves the day again!

Big Sausage Pizza Briana Blair
Briana Blair knows exactly what she will get when she asks for extra sausage. She can barely stand to wait until for delivery guy to get there and stuff that sausage down her throat!

Big Sausage Pizza Lexi Diamond
Little Lexi Diamond is upset that there isn't more meat on her pizza, but the delivery guy came prepared for just a thing. He's got the extra topping that Lexi is craving to suck on!

Big Sausage Pizza Vanessa Lee
Vanessa Lee is disappointed that her regular delivery guy quit, but the new guy quickly makes her change her mind. One sausage lovers pizza cumming right up!

Big Sausage Pizza Kayla Page
Kayla Page didn't quite realize how hungry she was until the delivery guy popped in. She takes one look at the pizza and can't get the goodness down her throat fast enough!

Big Sausage Pizza Madison Ivy
Madison Ivy doesn't know who ordered the pizza, but since she can't resist sausage she decides to eat it up! This kind of meat definitely won't spoil her diet!

Big Sausage Pizza Mya Nichole 2
Mya Nichole gets pissed when she gets interrupted by some delivery guy. When he shows her what's under the pizza lid, she shows him what's under her shirt, and some serious fucking is the result!

Big Sausage Pizza Angelina Valentine
Busy Angelina Valentine doesn't have time for a lunch break. When she finally has a second to grab something to eat, she finds out that one of the pizzas has her favorite topping!

Big Sausage Pizza McKenzee Miles
Mckenzee Miles has some serious dangerous moves...dangerous enough to knock out the pizza guy! After a hard work out, she gets revived with a high protein diet courtesy of Big Sausage Pizza!

Big Sausage Pizza Kagney Linn Karter
Lusty blonde Kagney Linn Karter loves our pizza. Kagney was surprised by the huge sausage we delivered but dove right in. Kagney loved our big sausage so much, we know she'll be a repeat customer.

Big Sausage Pizza Kitty Bella
Busty legal teen Kitty Bella wasn't expecting so much sausage with her pizza. Luckily she's horny enough to tame the largest of meat steaks. Watch her take this big dick deep and beg for more. She'll definitely be ordering from Big Sausage Pizza again!

Big Sausage Pizza Rhylee Richards
Rhylee was so excited when we arrived with her Big Sausage Pizza! She had heard all about our special hand tossed pizzas, creamy sauce, and big whole sausage and she couldn't wait to taste it for herself! Once the box was open, she took the whole thing in her mouth and went right to work eating as much as her mouth could ...

Big Sausage Pizza Crista Moore
Crista was practicing her pole dancing moves when I showed up to deliver her Big Sausage Pizza. This hottie isn't a stripper but she knows how to work the pole and make a guy want her to work his meat pole! She said that she didn't order a pizza, but was more than willing to give it a taste once she saw the big meat stick ...

Big Sausage Pizza Kacey Jordan
Kacey Jordan was driving along the desert highway one day when she got really hungry. She drove past the Big Sausage Pizza sign and just had to stop and get some. Little did she know that our local pizza chef had his special sausage creation ready and waiting just for her! She couldn't resist the big meaty sausage she ...

Big Sausage Pizza Persia Pele
Persia Pele ordered a special Big Sausage Pizza and she wanted it fast! When we got to her place, Persia was so hungry for sausage that she immediately opened the box and put the whole thing in her mouth! This slutty sausage lover wanted the special chorizo in her pie, so we gave Persia exactly what she asked for! As much ...

Big Sausage Pizza Diamond Foxxx
We went to deliver our next Big Sausage special and when Diamond Foxxx answered the door, we knew we had the best route! Her massive tits were practically falling out of her dress! This slutty customer had no idea what she was ordering, but as soon as Diamond saw the Big Sausage Special, she told me to hurry up and get ...

Big Sausage Pizza Sara Stone
Sara called to order a large pizza, but since she's a vegetarian she wanted to make sure there was no meat in or near her pizza. This hot college cheerleader couldn't resist the big sausage and was willing to make an exception for the delivery man's meat stick! She eagerly fucked the big sausage and we had another satisfied ...

Big Sausage Pizza Sienna West
Sienna openned the door to discover a large Big Sausgae Pizza waiting for her at the door and she hadn't even ordered it! The driver looked thirsty, so she invited him in and went to go get a bottle of water while he sat down. When she came with the water, he showed her the pizza with it's complimentary sausage all on ...

Big Sausage Pizza Jenna Presley
Jenna Presley is hands down, one of our best customers! She called up and ordered the Big Sausage with authority. We delivered exactly what she asked for, the whore espcial! Hot horny sluts like Jenna are the reason we keep doing business. She was primed and ready to go by the pool in a smokin bikini that made those enormous ...

Big Sausage Pizza Monroe Valentino
Monroe was one hot MILF that answered the door with practically nothing on! She ordered four pizzas, but made sure one of them was a Big Sausage Pizza, so we knew exactly what to do. Seems like she did too, cause she gave us the lamest surprise I've ever heard, thats ok since she went straight for that big throbbing meat ...

Big Sausage Pizza Megan Jones
We got a little lost on our way to our next delivery and we showed up an hour and a half late. The customer, Megan Jones was not happy, but she was willing to take the pizza for a discount. Megan couldn't find any cash but we really wanted to deliver her pizza! When she discovered the massive Italian sausage that was waiting ...

Big Sausage Pizza Whitney Stevens
Whitney is one fucking smoking hot chick! We showed up on her doorstep to deliver her Big Sausage Pizza and unfortunately she couldn't find her wallet. She wanted to see the pizza but she freaked out at the sight of the huge meat stick in her pizza box. But she still had to pay for her pizza...and she gave us a good tip, ...

Big Sausage Pizza Richelle Ryan
When we showed up at Richelle's she was really hungry but she couldn't find her money. We had to work something out so she could get her pizza of course. When she opened the box, she was expecting a vegetarian pizza and found our Big Sausage Special instead! It didn't take much to get this horny slut to try out the big ...

Big Sausage Pizza Daphne Rosen
Our next delivery brought us to Daphne's house. When she opened the door, she was so excited about her pizza delivery that she kept jumping up and down and it was hard not to notice her giant titties bouncing around. This skank was hella hungry but couldn't find her wallet so of course we were willing to work out a deal ...

Big Sausage Pizza Jessica Lynn
We had a new customer who hadn't had the Big Sausage experience yet. Well she was in for a treat because we always cum prepared to deliver the best service possible! This hot blonde couldn't find her wallet and invited us in. When she opened the pizza box, she was shocked at the big sausage she found inside! She was a ...

Big Sausage Pizza Starla Sterling
When we showed up at Starla's place she wanted to know why we had the camera. We told her it was to make a training video. She invited us in but only had two bucks for a tip! We made sure that bitch had to work to earn her pizza. She was shocked at the big sausage she found in the box, but it didn't take long before she ...

Big Sausage Pizza Carly Parker
New home owner? No good food in the frig yet? Husband out of town? She said yes, yes, yes... Now its big sausage time! She can't find the cash and we can't find any dishes, now what? This bleach blonde big titty bimbo said WTF when we popped the lid off the box and a good hard FUCK was what she got! Don't worry miss we ...

Big Sausage Pizza Cody Lane
Cody didn't mess around. She wanted the cock from the moment she ordered her pizza. This sexy brunette had a nice set of perky boobies and a sweet round ass. When she saw the big sausage offered with her pizza, she got right down on her knees and started slurping on it. She must have been really hungry because she ate ...

Big Sausage Pizza Hunter Bryce
Today we have a special order of extra big sausage. She likes the big sausage as our guys soon find out. Hunter will be calling for extra sausage every time she wants pizza from now on. She deep throats all the way to the nuts, showing off her huge tits and is ready for the pizza boy to fuck her! Hey pizza boy, stick your ...

Big Sausage Pizza Leah Wilde
Today's pizza delivery was a convenient one...the girl's name was Leah. She asked for the Sausage! That's right, so we were in a speedy route to get to her ASAP! When she opened the door she asked about the camera, and I told her it was for quality control. She wanted to make sure that we were going to give her the quality ...

Big Sausage Pizza Amber 2
Today we had a call from the same lady, Amber, and she wanted an extra large Sausage Pizza. Last time I was there I just got a peek at her big tits. I mean BIG! This time I was hoping to get in between them fuckin things. We got to her spot, she invited us in, and I planted my dick in the middle of the pizza. I took a ...

Big Sausage Pizza Fayth Deluca
A new day, another hot pepperoni pizza for a new FREAK! Fayth was her name, and deep dish...DEEP THROAT was her game. So I started my day in a nice neighborhood delivering pizzas to old hags and no luck until I knocked on her door. She opened the double door with a hot little mini skirt showing off her ass...WOW! Invited ...

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