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Big Sausage Pizza Michelle
Matt had a piping hot sausage to serve and he was just looking for the right lady to bite. Michelle put in an order off our free sausage add and when we took a look at her we knew she was going to tip our driver well! Michelle tried the sausage in a few very creative ways. We love pleasing messy eaters!

Big Sausage Pizza Davia
This big tittied cutie had company coming, so we delivered the big sausage to her in record time. Davia was starving for the sausage and some of our driver's special sauce so she invited us in so she could 'pay' us for the pizza. We served up one big sausage and satisfied our happy customer. Wonder what her guests thought ...

Big Sausage Pizza Jenaveve
Jenaveve was hungry for Big Sausage and couldn't care less about the pizza! This was a hottie who knew what she wanted, and it was a big, hot load of special sauce on her face! Our driver made sure he left Jenaveve a happy customer. He didn't even make her pay for the pizza. He just fucked her and went on his way. Check ...

Big Sausage Pizza Stephanie
Stephanie doubted that we were filming a training video. Do you blame her? She really wanted the sausage so she ignored it and dug right in to her 'meal'! She took the whole sausage in more ways than one. She sucked the sausage, fucked the sausage and ate the special sause our driver gave her at the end!

Big Sausage Pizza Brandi
Brandi said she was too shy to have our Big Sausage delivered but one look ar her and we knew she was lying! This red-headed hottie really knew how to get some sausage! It seemed like we left her a satisfied customer, but what do we care really, we got what we wanted out of this delivery!

Big Sausage Pizza Cali
Well, we delivered two big sausages and two loads of special sauce to Cali and she tried every bit! She must have been a hungry girl, but you'd never know she could put away the sausage like that by the looks of her hot, tight body. Cali showes she was one satified customer! See why our drivers love the job!

Big Sausage Pizza Riley
Riley lost her wallet and couldn't pay for the pizza. We told her it was fine because the sausage that came with it is still free! She worked for the pizza by sucking and fucking for our 'training video' and even took the drivers special sause like a champ! Watch Riley enjoy her meal!

Big Sausage Pizza Roxy
Big Sausage Pizza Roxy - Brunette takes a big sausage in all holes

Big Sausage Pizza Bailey
Bailey was a little shocked at just how big her free sausage was, so she decided to try it out. First she had a little nibble, then she was all over that sausage and finally she tried our big sausage pizza special sauce, also free with every order! Bailey got our sauce all over her face. Yet another happy customer!

Big Sausage Pizza Cassie
Big Sausage Pizza Cassie - Cassie sucks on two big sausages!

Big Sausage Pizza Lana
Our driver was stoked when he got a Big Sausage Pizza call. Lana didn't know what kind of sausage we had in store for her. When she saw it, she wanted it, though. Lana sampled our sausage and started begging our driver to give her some special sauce! Watch this very special delivery.

Big Sausage Pizza Kelli
Our drivers were all about delivering the Big Sausage for this one. When they got to Kelli's house they did their check to see if she was alone and stuff. When she came to the door they knew they'd score. Kelli was shocked by our Big Sausages but it was a pleasant surprise. This slut was all about a double serving, and ...

Big Sausage Pizza Tory
Tory had just moved in and ordered a huge pizza for herself so she'd have leftovers. When she opened the pizza box she seemed really pissed. Was our sausage too small for her? No, turns out she'd wanted two big sausages. We gave her just what she wanted, including a lot of sauce. Another messy eater!

Big Sausage Pizza Baylee
Big Sausage Pizza Baylee - Huge tits! Big Sausage!

Big Sausage Pizza Carson
Carson had the biggest tits we've seen in a while and we were hoping to get to titty fuck her. When she couldn't find her wallet we knew we'd scored! She wanted the pizza anyway, so we gave her a peek at the sausage. We got a titty fuck and so much more out of this horny slut! We gave her a special side of our Big Sausage ...

Big Sausage Pizza Jasmine
Jasmine knew what she wanted when she ordered Big Sausage Pizza. She asked us to come as a back door delivery. And back door action was what this sausage slut wanted! Our driver, Reno, did his best to make the customer happy! In the end, she was screaming for our driver to give her special sauce!

Big Sausage Pizza Melissa
Melissa said she didn't order a pizza but asked what kind of pizza it was. When we told her it was a Big Sausage Pizza, she was intrigued. Slut claimed she'd never done anything like this before, yeah right. Anyway, this hottie was a great fuck who loves the Big Sausage and we loved giving her the special sauce!

Big Sausage Pizza Mandy
Mandy's friend called us up and ordered a Big Sausage Pizza for Mandy on her birthday so we delivered! We saw her and knew our Big Sausage would fit between her titties. We made sure all of Mandy's birthday wishes came true. Including the one where she gets fucked hard!

Big Sausage Pizza Sava
Sava was upset that her Big Sausage was late! Our driver, Reno had to work extra hard to make it up to her.She wanted the sausage here, she wanted it there, picky picky. She wasn't picky about Reno's special sause, though. She took it however he served it! Watch her enjoy!

Big Sausage Pizza Daisy
Daisy ordered Big Sausage Pizza to her hotel room and we thought that was too perfect to pass up! Jack delivered it to her, big sausage and all. He drove that free sausage home making sure she'd be a repeat big sausage customer, forget about the pizza!

Big Sausage Pizza Alexia
Chris was hoping Alexia would be as hot as she sounded over the phone ordering her big sausage. She did not disappoint! The cock in a box was a surprise to Alexia, but she ended up taking it like a champ. The best part is how she finishes off the special sauce. You gotta watch!

Big Sausage Pizza Alicia
Alicia ordered a cheeze pizza so we were afraid she might be a vegetarian. We knew we were wrong when we saw how much she wanted the big sausage! Alicia loved our special sauce even more than our big sausage, though. When it came to our sauce, She sure was a MESSY eater!

Big Sausage Pizza Sandy
Another delivery for Bis Sausage Pizza! Sandy was craving a Big Sausage and she knew just who to call. Sandy sure likes to play with her food! She put the big sausage in her mouth, between her titties... well you can see where this is going. Members, watch our driver, Chris give Sandy the special sauce she ordered!

Big Sausage Pizza Sara
At first Sara really wasn't sure she wanted our free sausage. She even said it ruined her pizza. Boy was she quickly eating her words - and licking our sausage! We fucked this horny housewife so good that we're sure she'll be a repeat customer! Sara even tipped us!

Big Sausage Pizza Hope
At first Hope acted camera shy and pretended she didn't want the Big Sausage Jeff brought her, but the act quickly fell, and so did her skirt! She forgot all about her pizza and our camera and got to fucking! Members, check out this high-quality piece of ass!

Big Sausage Pizza Jazmin
Our driver, Phil, got lucky in more ways than one when he saw Jazmin's husband wasn't home to pay for the pizza. Since the dick never tips him for delivering, he 'delivered' the 'tip' of his dick into the guy's wife, Jazmin, as payback. Watch Phil give Jazmin his special sauce, free of charge!

Big Sausage Pizza Shy
This hottie was anything but shy. She let us right in her house not knowing that our special way to deliver is with a cock on top. Ahy ordered our hawaiian pizza which offered a ring of pinapple at the base of the sausage. Shy forgot about the pizza and enjoyed every bit of the dick!

Big Sausage Pizza Gianna Michaels
Reno was up for his 30 day evaluation so when he pulled up on Giannas house he knew that this customers satisfaction was a must. When Gianna got a look at his big sausage we knew this wouldn't be a problem. She ditched the pizza in record time and started gobbling on his big meat pole. 100% satisfaction was acheived!

Big Sausage Pizza Angelina 2
When we delivered the big sausage pizza to Angelina she was already lounging on the side of her house. It seemed like she wanted to fuck before we even got there. This girl was all about our sausage and had no problem with letting us videotape it!

Big Sausage Pizza Olga
Meet Olga! We showed up at her house to deliver and we went above and beyond. We issued the big sausage with a little Reno sauce desert. Olga loved every bit of it!

Big Sausage Pizza Trina
This was great! The bitch was hot as hell and even better, she was hungry and without her wallet. Once Chris showed her the big sausage, Trina had no problem giving it up for payment. Oh yeah, and we gave her the original tape; yeah right.. dumb slut fell for that one!

Big Sausage Pizza Carson 2
Carson is a vegetarian and wasn't happy about her pizza coming with sausage until she realized it was a different kind of sausage. I've never seen a vegetarian go after meat so fast. This slut took it like a champ and loved every bit.

Big Sausage Pizza Savannah
Big Sausage Pizza Savannah

Big Sausage Pizza Nicki
Nicki never expected her sausage pizza to have a cock going through the middle, or did she. We love how the word spreads about our big sausage pizza ready to fill every pussy hole thats put in front of us.

Big Sausage Pizza Erin
Big Sausage Pizza Erin

Big Sausage Pizza Brandy
Jim stepped up to train all of us how to deliver pizza the Big Sausage way! I grabbed the camera and filmed him making a delivery to a brand new customer, Brandy. I swore her huge bongo titties opened the door by themselves. Jim surprised her with our version of the sausage pizza with his cock-in-the-box. After a little ...

Big Sausage Pizza Luccia
Big Sausage Pizza Luccia

Big Sausage Pizza Penny
Penny thought she was going to hangout with her friends at the club until the pizza guy showed up. Never did she imagine her hunger would lead to getting fucked hard so quickly. The pizza guy scores once again with his big sausage offerings.

Big Sausage Pizza Sophie
Big Sausage Pizza Sophie

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