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Tug Jobs - www.TugJobs.comTug Jobs features tons of hot, sexy women giving slow, mindblowing cock massages! See these girls strip down to their underwear (and sometimes less!) and slowly, sensually, and sometimes downright nastily, give the handjob of their lives. These girls get themselves, as well as the dudes, worked up into a frenzy with their slow, teasing hands. Tug Jobs is really the king of hand jobs, for sure.

Tug Jobs has a ton of girls on here, girls of every kind, girls of every look – teen girls, mature women, blondes, brunettes, redheads, white, black, asian, latina. If you can name it, Tug Jobs has it, each of these girls slowing teasing orgasms with their soft, manicured hands, often times getting so worked up they just can't help rubbing those hard cocks all over their wet cunts, sliding their firm tits all over the shaft, and running rigid lubed up cocks so close to their asses! It's the best kind of torture, all ending in a fantastic shot of cum wherever they please! Often times, though, these girls break the rules – there's more blowjobs, titty, pussy, and ass fucking than Tug Jobs would lead you to believe. Not that anyone's complaining!

On the member's page of Tug Jobs, you're immediately greeted with the latest updates. There's a ton of pictures, each of them linking to the set from which the photo is pulled from And my, there are a LOT of sets. 271 of them. Wow. On top of all of the sets shown, this website is updated every single week. What? Yep. Every Monday, there is a brand new episode of Tug Jobs for your viewing pleasure. New content, with hot new girls, every week. If you want to stay on Tug Jobs, avoid the links on the page that aren't photo links – those links, particularly the top tool bar, will lead you away from the Tug Jobs webpage and on toward the rest of the Bang Bros website. There's a TON of great content in the Bang Bros Network, but that's not what we're focused on here.

There's a ton of ways to watch videos on Tug Jobs. You can start with the trailer to get a sample of whichever scene you choose to pick. From there, you can choose to stream a the full movie to your computer direct from the website, or you can stream some of the clips. You can also choose to download the movie direct to your computer and watch it anytime. The movies are of high quality, and are 640 x 480. The full download is only in WMV format, and is around 200MB. The clips are both in WMV and MPEG format, and a WMV is around 50MB, while and MPEG is around 30MB.

For photos, there are around 800 high quality 533px × 800px photographs, and around 850-900 640px × 480px slightly lower quality screen caps taken from each video. Although obviously the photos are better, I think both are great, so whichever you're into, you can take your pick. Both capture all the action. No question.

Membership to Tug Jobs also grants you access to all of the content in the Bang Bros Network. Now that is a lot of content! Not only do you get Tug Jobs, you also get access to Bang Bus, Magical Feet, Mr. Camel Toe, Big Mouthfuls, Bang Bros Worldwide, and many more websites!

Membership to Tug Jobs is $29.95 a month if you're paying by check, but it's only $23.95 a month if you pay by credit card! Considering that Tug Jobs has tons of great content, is updated regularly, and grants you access to the Bang Bros Network, I'll rate this site on its own a big fat 94/100.

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Tug Jobs Videos

Tug Jobs Video
Tug Jobs Video

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Tug Jobs Picture
Tug Jobs Picture

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    If you need a hand, then there are plenty of cute babes on Tug Jobs who want to offer you theirs. Gorgeous gals lick the tip of a cock as their hand slides up and down its shaft. They use their sexy, taut asses to rub against the length of the stiff rod and squeeze their boobs around the thrust of a hard-on. There are 338 episodes, each with a video and a phtoo set. Plus, in between weekly updates you can explore 28 bonus sites from the BangBros network.

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