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See My GF is a brand new site that features naked girlfriends, YouTube porn, girlfriend pictures, Facebook nudes, stolen MySpace pictures, and so much more. So much of the good shit that gets uploaded to these sites gets taken down before the rest of us get to see it. See My GF grabs it before it's gone and uploads it to their members only site so you can enjoy it any time you want. These are real YouTube and Facebook exhibitionists, 100 percent real, getting naked, masturbating, fucking hardcore, and even showing off those pretty faces covered in cum. Now that's what I'm talkin' bout... Let's get into the members area and find out if See My GF is all it's cracked up to be.

First thing I gotta say is if you like 'em young, you will get plenty of hot young teens here on See My GF. Some of these girls look like they couldn't be a day over 16. Legally I know these babes gotta be at least 18, but you'd never know it by the looks of them. And it's not just naughty nude pics--it's also plenty of blowjob and hardcore shots, including anal sex. Some of this stuff is uploaded by the girls themselves on Facebook and other sites, and some of it is uploaded by the boyfriends of these babes without them even knowing. If that ain't hot then I don't know what is. Let's get the info on the quality and quantity on See My GF, 'cause I know you're dying to get in there with your all access pass...

The members area is very cool. I see a lot of bland looking sites in the time I spend writing reviews, and this is not one of them. It's colorful without being too girly for us to deal with (you know how PINK some of those sites can be), and the blocky colors really help to keep the content organized at a glance. Down the middle in orange are the newest girlfriends videos, and down the right in green are the newest girlfriends photos. They add a new video almost every single day, and new pics multiple times per day. There is in fact a new layout on the way according to their news update at the top of the page--hopefully the new layout is as good as this one or better, because they've already done a damn good job if you ask me.

The quantity is remarkable here too-there are around 2500 photo sets and almost 500 videos on the site. Now you might expect these pics to be crappy quality, but remember that we're in the age of the BlackBerry and iPhone, so these babes are snapping damn good high quality pics on the go without even thinking twice. The ones I'm looking at right now are 1024x768 and super clear. Some are smaller at 800x600 but that's still more than adequate if you ask me. Really can't complain at all. Hot shots, good amount of 'em, and blazing hot content.

As far as video quality goes, this is a step down from the photos. Remember that the iPhone and BlackBerry take sweet pics, but not so great videos. So most if not all of these will clock in at 320x240. Every one that I clicked on was that resolution. They're decent quality though, some better than others, and they're definitely what you would expect from real amateur videos stolen from Facebook, MySpace, and all those sites. There are some live feeds on the site but they really don't have anything to do with the theme of the site and seem to be an external type of thing, so I left those alone. Might be a decent bonus for you though.

Ready to join See My GF? Well I've got another piece of great news for you--these prices are awesome. It's just $19.95 for 30 days recurring at the same price, or $55.00 even for 95 days non-recurring. They have a trial option too, but I always say if you've already read the review then there's no reason to waste cash on a trial. If you pay with a credit card it'll just show up as CCBill on your credit card statement. There are options to pay by check or Direct Pay EU as well, so you've got plenty of options there. Is See My GF recommended? HELL YEAH. Final score is a very nice 81/100. Definitely worth joining!

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    At See My GF, dudes film and photograph their chicks with or without them in the shot as well and send it into the site for everyone to enjoy. There are over 1,035 videos and more than 3,135 photo sets. The quality of the content is hit or miss, but that is expected with made-at-home action. Still, all the vids seem to only be poor quality but at least some of the pics are high-res. There are no bonus sites, but it does what it does pretty well and brings more of it every day.

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Benbey 0:
I would rather fuck a baby in the ass. Come to think of it thats not a bad idea, deepthroat and anal at the same time, smoooth!
November 20, 2010 at 7:59 PM

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