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Cost: $1 for 1 Day Trial, $24.94 a Month, $59.37 for 3 Months Rating: 88

Real Ex-Girlfriends - www.RealExGirlfriends.comReal Ex-Girlfriends is one of those sites that supposedly shows videos uploaded by real guys who have been jilted by their exes! That's right, real sex tapes! The premise sounds fucking fantastic, but is it real? If not, do they play it up right so it doesn't matter? No way to find out unless we log in to Real Ex-Girlfriends right now. Let's go.

Well, I'm happy to tell you that the movies on Real Ex-Girlfriends do seem real, seem being the keyword. I highly doubt that they are because shit man, there would be too many lawsuits involved! But they really do make each video look different, like it was shot with a different cam, in different lighting, in a different place… it's believable. The girls seem real. The action is hot. I really can't complain here. Real Ex-Girlfriends is looking pretty damn good so far.

I especially like the layout. It shares that familiar boxy layout with all the other Porn Pros sites, with tons of updates going down the page plus most popular videos going down the side. They really do update the site every single week, and there are 68 videos on the site right now. Not bad, not bad at all. Should be enough to get you through a three month membership here, easy.

Now looking at the photos, my first thought is, professional photos? This is where they give it all away. They wouldn't have these excellent photos if they were real sex tapes. I've been to this site in the past and I swear they didn't used to have photos, but it looks like every set on the site does now have photos. I might be mixing it up with a different one. Either way the photos are great, nearly full screen, totally crisp, totally clear, and totally sharp. 100 percent hi-res quality. Excellent. Oh and you get about 150 per set, plus zip sets and screencaps. Awesome.

The videos are all 512x288 resolution, which is another clue that they're not all coming from real guys. They'd be all different resolutions if they were. Either way, these look good, and you can make them full screen if you want without really giving up too much clarity. You'll be able to stream these in Flash/FLV format or download them as WMVs and MPEGs, in either clips or full movies. Everything downloaded and played just as smoothly as I'd want it too—no problems here. My stamp of approval is already on it.

Porn Pros is the network that's behind Real Ex-Girlfriends, so with your membership you'll also gain complete access to theses other sites: 18 Years Old, Freaks of Cock, Deep Throat Love, 40 oz Bounce, Euro Humpers, Cock Competition, Sleep Creep, and Flexible Positions. I'm very pleased with what I've seen so far. Some sites have just enough content for 30 days, others have hundreds of updates—but all of them are updated weekly. And that's what I like to see.

Decided to join Real Ex-Girlfriends already? I'm pretty sold on it too. You will be able to get 30 days for $24.94 or 90 days for $59.37. I know I'd go for the 90 days myself so I'll have lots of time to go through the updates here and on the bonus sites, but you can use your own judgment here on how much time it'll take you to get through it all. If you manage to get through it in 30 days, email me and I'll get you a medal. Seriously. It's a lot of content to cram into a month! I'd give Real Ex-Girlfriends a rating of 88/100. So enough reading—go sign up!

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Real Ex-Girlfriends Video
Real Ex-Girlfriends Video

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Real Ex-Girlfriends Picture

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  • Real Ex Girlfriends by 8/11/2015 (81/100):
  • Real Ex Girlfriends review by 12/17/2008 (6/10):
    Real Ex Girlfriends is a reality site based on the well known premise of guys sharing footage of their ex girlfriends. Although some effort has gone into the filming, it quickly becomes obvious that the movies are staged. So far 85 updates, but video quality is average at best. Part of Porn Pros Network.

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