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Cost: $1 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.97 a month, $59.97 for 90 days Rating: 70

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Twinks Pounded is a website that claims to be the home of the best and horniest twinks getting fucked hard by studs! If you like to see naughty little twinks stuffed with cock and getting facials, this sounds like it could be the site for you to join tonight. Let's log in to Twinks Pounded and find out if the tour pages really are equal to the goods in the members area.

Well, if you wanna see twinks get slammed, I can definitely say that Twinks Pounded will give you that. Guys like Junior, Claudio, Pernambuco, and Andre are so eager to get another cock in the bed with them, sucking it down and 69'ing like there's no tomorrow. Looks like they feature eleven different hot guys on this site, all in multiple videos each. Nice. Let's get in there and find out some more details on Twinks Pounded!

There are 30 updates on the site right now, all arranged on two pages when you first enter the members area. The only problem is that they all seem to have been added on 11/09/2008, a problem that I've encountered on almost every site on the network. Either they put everything up in a period of a few days and left it untouched, or this is some type of a glitch. I wouldn't count on updates since there's nothing to indicate that they do, but I'd say these 30 updates should be at least enough to get you through 30 days, a standard membership. The layout is also super easy to navigate, with a dropdown box at the top giving you access to tons of bonus sites, or you can browse them at the bottom by thumbnail. You can also see the hottest network updates on the right side. We'll talk more about the bonus sites a little closer to the end of this review.

Let's get a look at the movies. A full movie will be between 115MB and 225MB depending on what format you choose. You can stream in Flash, or download the full WMV or MPEG files. If you prefer clips, you can get them also streaming in Flash, or download WMVs in low or high quality. The highest quality movies are 720x480, but they're quite blurry and pixelated leading me to think that they've probably been upscaled from an original smaller resolution. They're not too bad though. The content itself is so hot, I think it's worth putting up with a little blur. Use your own judgment on that.

The hi-res pics are great to look at. They're near 1000px, very large, sharp, clear, and well lit. You can get zip sets of these too. They give you a very cool slideshow option too. They also give you video caps that are the exact same quality as the videos themselves. I'd stick with the hi-res pics (why not?) but if you're a screencap kinda guy, it's nice to have the choice.

The All Elite Pass membership really adds a lot of value to your time with Twinks Pounded, but only if you also enjoy straight hardcore porn. There are a few other things thrown in, like shemales, fetish stuff, lesbians, but no more actual gay content. If your taste is widely varied, you'll enjoy many of their sites. If not, you'll be stuck with just the one site.

To join Twinks Pounded it'll be $29.97 for 30 days or $59.97 for 90 days. You'll be able to use your credit card or check. The quality here is pretty decent and the quantity isn't bad either. I'd say Twinks Pounded deserves a good 30 days of your time, and if you happen to also enjoy the straight hardcore content on the All Elite Pass network, then you'll want to spring for that 90 day pass. The other sites aren't the greatest quality in the world, but the quantity definitely adds up! Twinks Pounded earns a score of 70/100, and it's recommended!

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