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Cost: $1.85 for a 3 Day Trial, $29.99 a Month Rating: 75

Super Twink - www.SuperTwink.comSuper Twink is by far one of the most interesting sites I've ever seen, straight or gay, in all my years of writing reviews. Basically Super Twink is a superhero, the “masked crusader of cock.” He's the world's only gay superhero, and he likes to go around saving the day in the queer way! In the latest update on the site he teams up with another gay superhero, The Rimmer, to dish out some justice to a criminal who needs to learn his lesson! From deep throat action to a messy cumshot scene, Super Twink really knows how to get the job done!

Looking at the content on Super Twink, it really does stick to that script. He goes to the toy repair man when he damaged his dildo in his last battle versus The Rimmer… He arrives just in time to save a guy from his attempt to use a vacuum cleaner to pleasure himself… He even saves a straight guy whose girlfriend is tired of having sex with him! (And you know what THAT means!) Super Twink really does live up to those crazy scenarios that you see on the tour pages!

The way it looks inside the site is just the same as on the outside, all that cheesy pink and blue, all the gaytasticness that you would expect from Super Twink! But immediately something stinks in gayville… It's the fact that there are only seven updates on the whole site! Nothing is dated either, so most likely that's all there will ever be. (Sites that actually post updates tend to date them for your convenience.) Now honestly, due to the extremely unique nature of the content on Super Twink, I just might recommend this site anyway because of that. But YOU know that there are only seven updates now, so the choice is in your hands. Let's see how the quality is.

Unfortunately you're looking at 320x240 resolution across the board. Whether you pick WMV or MOV, whether you stream or download, it's all the same. There are no HD or hi-res options, nothing better than those tiny little videos that I just told you about. It's 115MB per download either way. Now, is it still worth it to have those seven kitschy sex videos on your hard drive forever? If you've got a sense of humor and want something different with your porn tonight, then yes.

I wasn't really expecting photo galleries on this site, but there actually are ten photo sets. These are very nice. Each photo is sized 592x902 pixels. Maybe not quite as large as you're used to, but they seem even bigger than that. They've got some good photographers obviously, and with about 225 photos per set, I think you will really enjoy these. They're—wait for it—twink-tastic. See, Super Twink isn't the only one who can be over the top.

Super Twink is a part of the Silver Sinema Reality network, so you're also going to be able to enter these sites at no additional charge: Her 1st Anal, Gay Hitchhiker, Man Hunter, Pimp 4 a Day, Suck Me Bitch, Sugar Mamas, Tranny Trouble, and Video Seekers. Then you get these solo girl sites: Want Wendy, All About Ashley, Hot Haley, Jenny Heart, Naughty Nati, Sara Sexton, and Solo Sydney. And finally these bonus sites: Tittie Fuckers, Squirting Chicks, Latina Sex, Shocking Cocks, Pregnant Bang, Asian Tease, and Super Bush. I don't know how much of that you'll actually be into—if you're only into gay content there's not a whole lot there for you obviously. But if you do like a variety of stuff, you've got it right there for free.

$29.99 for a month on Super Twink seems reasonable if only there were more than seven updates! Still, this is a once in a lifetime thing—you're never going to see funny shit like you see on Super Twink! Just grab yourself that 30 day membership and then cancel before the next month begins, or let it go if you're enjoying the bonus sites that much. I give Super Twink a rating of 75/100 with a slightly higher score for originality, to offset the lower number of videos (and low quality too). A site that's disappointing in terms of quality can still be really unique in terms of content. Super Twink is one of them. Recommended as long as you know what you're getting yourself into!

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Other Reviews of Super Twink

  • Super Twink by 8/9/2010 6:15:37 AM (59/100):
    No, he has no true super powers. He is, however, someone who can offer a lot more than X-ray vision. At Super Twink, a blonde, glammed-out horny teen takes it upon himself to bring sexual release to horny guys. There are only six mediocre videos. There are 10 galleries of still pics. Main content hasn't been updated in ages. There are three full-access bonus sites and four streaming-only mega-sites. However, the bonuses can't even save this site from itself.
  • Super Twink review by 8/21/2009 (2/10):
    Super Twink starts out strong, with a hilarious concept and pretty cute looking twinks. However there is a very small amount of content, and no updates in sight. While the bonus sites look to be pretty good, none of them have the personality that Super Twink offers.

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