Men DVD Peak Rating: 90

Men DVD Peak - www.MenDVDPeak.comMen DVD Peak is basically the gay male version of the original DVD Peak site. Instead of your typical hardcore straight porn, this is a fully stocked downloadable DVD site packed with the hottest gay porn you've ever seen. At the present time there are 781 DVDs featured on the site, which is equal to 3,103 scenes or 1,033 hours of content. HOT. Let's log in and find out all the details on Men DVD Peak.

So what's the main attraction at Men DVD Peak? The MEN of course! These boys are ripped. Cut. Oh so fine. You won't believe the six packs that are featured here. You'll be wishing for those bulging muscles and man meat to be rubbed all over your own. But don't worry, you can get your twinks too. There are also categories like interracial, voyeur, solo, threesome, outdoor, fetish, and more! There is so much content here, and so many different niches—there's no way you'll get bored on Men DVD Peak.

Men DVD Peak does in fact offer unlimited access to all of its downloadable DVDs. They're not going to ration it out to you in small bites—you can have it all. They're known for DAILY updates, and you can stream or download in HD. There's a nice countdown on the main member page that lets you know how many hours you've got until the next update (never more than 24 since they update daily!), and these are some of the most recent updates: Peachy Boys Drink Cum, The Fluffer, Battle of the Big Dicks, My Mate Cums First (In My Mouth!), When Harry Met Hairy, Lateenos Loco for Spunk, Orgies 2, The Sweet Smell of Suckcess, All Rise: Hung Jury 2, Jump On It, Backdoor Advances, and Hot Guys. Excellent.

So let's get a look at the downloads. If you click on a DVD, it'll take you to the page that's dedicated to that DVD and all its scenes. You can view the front and back DVD covers, the star's names, the member rating, a synopsis, the studio that released it, its duration in minutes, the number of scenes, and all the niches that it falls under. You'll also have an opportunity to add it to your favorites on the site so that you can access it again and again whenever you want.

Below that are the download options, and there are plenty of them. You can get clips or full movies in dialup, DSL, broadband, T1, or HD quality. I'd skip the lowest quality—the full scenes are only about 20MB in dialup speed, and that could be great—but the resolution is as low as 160x120, and there's just no reason to put up with that. Even on dialup you can go for the larger ones. The HD ones are about 400MB for a full scene but they aren't quite HD either—they're just 800x600. Good enough by most standards, but they shouldn't advertise HD if they can't deliver it. Still excellent, still recommended.

You won't find any accompanying photo sets or screencaps on Men DVD Peak, but they do include lots of thumbnails with each scene so you can see what you are about to download. There is one thing that may be bonus content though, but I can't confirm this for sure. At the bottom of the member's section, you'll see that there is a link to DVD Peak. That's the regular DVD Peak site with straight porn. You may or may not be interested in that—and it may or may not be included. I can log in with the same username and password but that might just be for review purposes. Your mileage may vary—if you really want that as a bonus site, you might want to check with the webmaster before you join.

So what's the final verdict on Men DVD Peak? I would highly recommend it! There are an unbelievable amount of gay sex downloadable DVDs on this site, even if they're not exactly HD as advertised. They are fast downloads, or you can stream them too—and everything works flawlessly and without complication. I'd give Men DVD Peak a rating of 90/100. In a world without enough good gay sex sites, this one steps in to fill the void with some huge gay cocks! Go get 'em!

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    Men DVD Peak is the type of site that just screams DVD site when you first look at it, and your first impression would be correct as you start looking at it. While the content count sounds impressive, other gay DVD sites have surpassed Men DVD Peak.

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