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Cost: $1 for 1 Day Trial, $24.94 a Month, $59.37 for 3 Months Rating: 81

Gay Creeps - www.GayCreeps.comIf you can't get enough of gay guys converting their straight roommates into cock lovers, then Gay Creeps is for you. Of course these scenes deliver lots of anal fucking, blowjobs, and ass action! Horny men getting down and dirty with each other in the bedroom or outside in the pool... if you are a lover of gay sex, this will definitely do the trick for you. Let's look a little further into Gay Creeps.

The content here at Gay Creeps will satisfy any lover of gay fucking, but there's one thing I feel I should mention. My only complaint about this site is that these guys are obviously not straight. I mean one dude's laying there in a thong, one's in a pink shirt with a pretty boy face... If you're looking for twinks wooing muscled tough guys, that ain't happening here. If you are just looking for some hot gay sex, they do deliver that! My complaint isn't really a complaint--more of a heads up so you know what you're getting.

The fresh weekly updates will keep you well stocked in hot gay boys! There are already 38 updates on the site right now, which would be enough for them to get my seal of approval. Since they keep on adding to it, they just get even more points. Good stuff.

The navigation is also top notch, designed to get you from point A to point B without having to overthink it. The updates are right there on the main page. The content is just a click away. It's as intuitive as it could possibly be, and the best part is that they really showcase these hot gay guys in every thumbnail. They get all your attention with no distractions.

There are lots of video options here, from WMV to MPEG, from PSP to iPod and XBOX formats. The highest quality videos will clock in at 1250p, and I'd say the quality is pretty good. They claim it's HD, but I'd call it hi-res. It's a little bit blurry to me, which makes me wonder if they upscaled it from a lower resolution. Still, it looks pretty good. The camera rolls from the beginning of the action to the final cumshots.

There are hundreds and hundreds of photos and screencaps, both sized perfectly at 850px. You can access these separately, and when you click on one it will take you to the page with all the thumbnails. Of course you can click through them one at a time if you like, or you can just hit that zip set link and get 'em all in one shot so you can keep them forever. It's up to you.

The only downside here is that there aren't any bonus sites as far as I can tell. Your mileage may vary... when you log in with your own username and password (which will be a real members login rather than just one for review purposes), you may find that there are bonus sites available. If there are, they won't be gay sites though. Just a lot of great reality hardcore sites. Lots of good stuff there if you're into it.

You'll pay $24.94 per month or $59.37 every three months to be a member of Gay Creeps and catch these bad boys seducing their horny roommates! Is it worth it to join? The answer is a resounding "Hell yes!" They are putting updates on the site fast and furious, and they're already got way more than a month's worth of hot gay men for you. Gay Creeps earns a nice high score of 81/100. Highly recommended!

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Gay Creeps Video

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