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Gay College Sex Parties - www.GayCollegeSexParties.comGay College Sex Parties is a website that brings you to some of the hottest college parties in the country. What happens when you bring queer men to a party, and add alcohol? Lots of hot gay sex, that's what! See candid shots taken from drunken frat parties and underground dance parties on a wide array of different college campuses. If you like school boys, you might like Gay College Sex Parties.

The guys on Gay College Sex Parties are obviously totally shameless, and that's the best part! These boys rip their clothes of and start fucking and sucking each other right in the middle of huge college parties! Hell, sometimes other guys even join in with them. There are all kinds of hot young men on here, from jocks to shy bookworm types. Most of the guys, I must say, tend to fall into the frat-boy look – relatively athletic, not too twinky but not too butch. There's also plenty of Black and Latino guys on here. Gay College Sex Parties brings the party home to your house.

When you log in, you'll see the most recent update to the website, along with a scroller bar with some more of the website's updates. It's really easier to just click on the link below the most recent update, it will direct you to all of the episodes that have been uploaded to the site in another window. It seems the last update to this website was in December of 2008. Prior to that, it seemed that this website updated once every two weeks. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to assume that this website no longer updates. Not a problem since there are well over 100 updates here. Good stuff. To access the content, click on any of the thumbnails. That thumbnail will direct you to a page that has all of the content for that set.

If you want videos, you've got a couple of options. The video content can be downloaded in either clipped segments or full-length scenes. The only format for download is WMV, but there are a couple of different resolutions to choose from. HD comes in at 1068 x 600, while most of them come in more like 640 x 480. Not all of the sets come in HD, but almost all of them do. If you'd rather watch the videos streaming from the website, you can do that as well. The streaming videos have the same resolution as the downloaded videos, but they come in both WMV format and MOV format. The streamed vids can also be downloaded either in segments or as a full scene. It's best to set your internet connection for the streaming videos, otherwise you might freeze up your computer. There's a text drop box, just click on it and choose from Dial-up, Broadband, T1, or DSL (you can also choose HD if it's available). Any way you view the videos, they are all of good quality, with good visual and audio clarity. Full-length vids are normally either 150MB or 330MB, while the clips are around 30MB or 70MB.

If you want photographs, just scroll down on that page beneath the write-up and the video content. The photographs themselves seem to come mostly in either 536px × 800px or 800px × 536px. Those picture sizes alternate not just scene to scene, but within a single set, depending on the angle of the photograph and what's going on. They are all of good quality, well taken, and keep up with the action going on in the videos!

With your membership, you get access to a ton of other websites, including His First Gay Sex, His First Huge Cock, Hot Muscle Dudes, Gay Blind Date Sex, Twinks for Cash, His First Facial, Rookie Guys, and way way more. Lots of excellent gay content to match up with what you're buying right there on Gay College Sex Parties—‘cause there's nothing worse than buying a membership to a gay site and then finding out that all your bonus sites are straight sites. Great news for you there.

A membership to Gay College Sex Parties will cost you $29.95 for thirty days of recurring access, or you can get non-recurring access to the site for $69.95 for ninety days. You can pay by credit card or by check. Gay College Sex Parties gets that big stamp of approval from me, and a final rating of 86/100. What are you still doing here? Go get those fine boys now!

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When you join Gay College Sex Parties, you also get access to the following websites: Gay Blind Date Sex, His First Facial, His First Gay Sex, His First Huge Cock, Hot Muscle Dudes, Male Spectrum Pass, Rookie Guys, Swift Maverick, and Twinks for Cash.

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  • Gay College Sex Parties review by 4/1/2011 (7/10):
  • Gay College Sex Parties by 8/9/2010 6:15:32 AM (74/100):
    Gay College Sex Parties offers hardcore action filmed in front of fellow revelers. In 130 videos, you'll see hardcore sex from across a crowded room full of men. The action is clearer to see in the 130 photo galleries. For the first two months of membership, you can download limited numbers of superior-looking videos, but by the third month all episodes are supposed to be available for download. The bonus sites employ a similar content downloading system, but in spite of that issue this is still a fun party to crash with another one scheduled every two weeks or so.

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I go to college but no gay-sex for damn sure.
October 6, 2012 at 4:57 AM

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