Bait Bus Sunshine For Anthony Picture

Bait Bus Sunshine For Anthony
Sunshine and Tyler are driving around looking for something to do. So they stop at the gas station to buy some cigarettes.Sunshine gets out of the bus, and comes back with a really cute guy in a black tank top named Anthony.After being acquainted with everyone, Anthony and Sunshine start flirting and touching each other. And moments later Sunshine takes off her shirt to show her tits.Then,She blind folds Anthony with a black snow cap.Anthony is having the time of his life because he is getting a nice blowjob.However, Anthony does not know that it is Tyler's friend Steven who is giving him head.And when the blind fold comes off, Anthony gets pist and pushes Steven away,but Tyler promises to fuck Anthony only if he fucks Steven first.Anthony agrees for a hefty fee,and he starts fucking Steven doggy style.Steven is loving it! Then Steven positions himself on the back set with his legs spread open, so Anthony could look at his dick and balls while he fucks his asshole. The action gets hotter and hotter until Steven and Anthony jack off and cum on each other.

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