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Cost: $34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days RexMag.com Rating: 93

Teen Foot Club - www.TeenFootClub.comOne of the specialties on the Pancho Pass network seems to be the rare combination of teens and feet! If you have a foot fetish combined with a love for the young babes, Teen Foot Club is a site that wants to cater to you. (I keep reading that as Ten Foot Club, and I'm like don't you mean Mile High Club? Bad joke, never mind.) Seriously, it's a girls only club where girls who love to play with their feet get to do the things that get you off. Lick 'em, suck 'em, smell 'em... They do it all. Let's log in to Teen Foot Club right now.

The bad thing (sometimes I like to hit you with it first, because why read a whole review and THEN find out what's wrong with it?) is that the tour page promises two photo updates per week and two to four videos per month, but according to the dates in the members section, the site hasn't been updated since 2007 (it's May 2008 as I'm writing this). That length of time tells me that they are probably finished with this site and planning on leaving it as it is.

So how many updates are there? That's what will determine whether or not that lack of updates even matters... Let's see... I'm estimating that there are at least 200 photo sets on the site (it's hard to get an exact count because they are arranged by girl on separate pages). Same goes for the movies, so I'm thinking maybe 35 or 40 movies tops. Not too good but not too bad. If the content is hot enough, it just might be worth it. Let's check it out.

Teen Foot Club doesn't really feature that many different girls—just 21 of them, and in the movies there are just 18 different girls. But some of them have multiple updates, and the great part is that each girl has a very different look. They've all got long hair, whether they're a sexy brunette, a fiery redhead, or a beautiful blonde. They all have that cute teen look, and there's no doubt about it, they are really just 18 years old. All of the thumbnails show off those sexy feet, whether they're in shoes or out of them (they're always out of them eventually!), and they really try to give you an intimate glimpse of what these girls like to do when they're alone. Licking toes, sucking toes, rubbing their feet, grabbing things with their feet... Whatever it may be, it's always toe-licking good! Teen Foot Club knows how to do the foot fetish right.

You already know the quantities on the videos (see the third paragraph, above) so let's check out the technical specs on them. Unfortunately they are only available as clips, no full movies. There are usually four clips or so per movie (just depending on the length of the scene), and you can get them in WMV for about 20MB or AVI for about 30MB. Same quality and resolution on both (640x480), so you can just take your pick. On the quality, I think they're pretty good. A little less clear than I'd like to see, but overall not too bad.

Now what about the photos? There are usually 60 per set, and these are extremely high quality. The resolution is 1024x768, nothing too huge really, but the crispness has to be seen to be believed. They are really excellent. You can see every little detail from the wrinkles on the bottom of the girl's feet to her perfect little toenails. And what about those perky tits? These teens look so good in these photos! If you want, you can just click on each thumbnail, or you can also flip from full size image to full size image, or ultimately just download the zip sets to keep forever. They'll be about 15MB each, so it's super fast to download even if you're dealing with a slow dialup connection. Nice.

I don't want to forget to mention all the bonus sites you get with your membership, all from the Pancho Pass network: Ariel Rebel, Wild Tarts, Paris Tale, Tranny Sex Nation, Exclusive T Girls, Panty Fruit, Red City Nudes, Scarlet Peaches, Crimson Teens, Andi Pink, Felicity Fey, 18 Magazine, Nastya Girl, Kristina Fey, Katie Fey, Ivy Summer, Harmony Finn, Dasha Markova, Porn Wipes, Stormy Friday, Ana Fey, Kylie Teen, Teen Travels, BFT Girls, Cute Girl Feet, Tabatha Fey, Lez B Teens, Piper Fawn, and True Tere. Unfortunately a lot of those are no longer updated, and some have issues with either quantity or quality, but overall it's kind of a fun assortment of sites to dig through looking for buried treasure. I had fun reviewing them, and you'll probably have fun too if you just think of them as a bonus and not as part of the whole package.

Are you thinking about joining Teen Foot Club? The price is $34.95 for 30 days or $69.95 for 90 days, and those options work for credit card or online check. If you choose to join by phone you can only access the 30 day option. Is it worth it? I'd say yes, as long as you understand that you're working with a limited number of updates—limited by the fact that it's no longer updated, but there are still decent amounts of content to view here. The videos are good enough quality and the photos are flawless. I'll give this one a rating of 93/100, and that high rating is especially deserved if you are a connoisseur of teen feet! In that case there's no doubt that you'll be right at home here. Go ahead and click the link to check it out.

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  • Teen Foot Club by RabbitsReviews.com 8/9/2010 6:16:43 AM (69/100):
    Do you like teen girls? Do you like feet? Welcome to Teen Foot Club, where teen girls show off their sexy feet. Moreover, most of the time you get a peek at the rest of their hot, young bodies. There are about 38 downloadable videos and over 97 sets of pictures, some of which can also be downloaded in Zip files. Content quality is great and your membership includes 29 bonus teen sites.

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