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Cost: $17.95 Monthly or $79.95 for 180 Days Rating: 81

Kelly's Foot Fetish - www.KellysFootFetish.comKelly's Foot Fetish features Kelly Anderson, the same hottie that you may know from Housewife Kelly. But this time she's indulging all her hot foot fetish fantasies for the camera! If you love sexy feet and toes, sensual stockings and sizzling sexy shoes, then you will really lust after the hot foot fetish content that Kelly's Foot Fetish brings you. Let's check it out.

If you're not familiar with Kelly Anderson of Kelly's Foot Fetish, it's time to get familar with her! She's a 30 year old hottie, you might call her a MILF, and she's got a smokin' body, nice tits, flat tummy, sexy long hair... but best of all she's got a sexy pair of feet! Those ten pretty toes are painted perfectly, polished and slipped delicately into the most sensual stockings she can find. You'll wish you could slowly remove her shoes and stockings and kiss each perfect foot yourself. And that of course would only be the beginning! But let's go ahead and log into the members section and see just what you get for your hard earned money on Kelly's Foot Fetish.

Though Kelly's an amateur babe through and through, I am impressed yet again with the professional layout on her site. It's simple and fresh--easy-access all around. Across the top you'll see the standard navigational bar that will take you to these site destinations: Home, Bio, Gallery, Links, and Clips4Sale. I'll take you through each of those in this review, but let's go ahead and check out the videos first since that's what most of us are here for!

Kelly's videos all spill down the main page, page after page, packed with screenshots and excellent blog-style descriptions written by Kelly herself. She loves to give her husband sexy footjobs and let him cum all over her feet. I like the way that they preview each scene with one large screenshot and three small thumbnails to give you a really great idea of the action that takes place in the scene. You definitely know what you're going to get before you sit through a lengthy download. The downloads are around 20MB for a low-quality WMV, around 90MB for a high-quality WMV, and around 40MB for the MP4 format files that are great for PSPs, iPods, and other portable video devices. The resolution on these videos is around 640x480 and they expand very well to full screen. My only gripes with these videos is that they are oftentimes shorter than I'd prefer (just in excess of 5 minutes) and some of the older videos are lesser quality, but the content is solid and Kelly definitely knows how to entertain with those pretty toes. And how many videos are there total? 32 at the time of this review. Looks like you get two or three updates per month. Not bad, not bad at all!

The gallery is laid out a bit differently than most sites--rather than just having an accompanying set for each video, you do in fact have a separate photo gallery here. It's organized into the following three albums: My Feet, My Friends, and My Fetish. The My Feet gallery includes 19 photo sets of Kelly in her bare feet, stockings, and sexy heels. The My Friends gallery of course features other girls whose sites Kelly is affiliated with, but it's free content that features women just as hot as Kelly, so I wouldn't ignore that if I were you. There are 11 galleries within. The My Fetish gallery is packed with 17 photo sets of Kelly giving those amazing footjobs that she's known for. Nice. The resolutions on these photos are 853x480, and the only drawback here is that they're a little grainy. Not bad though.

There's more to Kelly's site than just videos and galleries. There's also a bio section that features a nice set of stats and a lengthy introduction, also blog-style like her descriptions, written by herself. I love to get a nice intro to the babe I'm about to watch, so a bio like this is always nice to see. The Links section is literally just a bunch of banners linking to other foot fetish sites. I like the idea that if they've got to go with ads, that they put them all on a separate page--and also that they really do point you to other foot fetish sites that you will most likely enjoy. Finally the Clips4Sale section features individually downloadable videos of Kelly. This confused me because they are the same videos that are on the main member page. I assume this Clips4Sale page is publicly accessible by anyone and that they can purchase these videos on an individual basis rather than joining the site. If so, that's a bum deal--you're getting the best deal by grabbing that membership and having it all at one price. No doubt about that.

If you decide to join Kelly's Foot Fetish, you're going to pay just $19.95 for 30 days then $17.95 recurring every 30 days. Or you can choose to pay $79.95 for 180 days then $14.95 recurring every 30 days. Either way an awesome deal. You can pay with a credit card or an online check. Overall I am very pleased with Kelly's Foot Fetish, though I'd like to see weekly updates and fewer other girls spliced between the updates trying to pull you off to different sites. Other than that I think it's a strong site with great quality amateur material. I give Kelly's Foot Fetish a final rating of 81/100, and Kelly definitely gets my recommendation. This amateur hottie is too sizzling to ignore.

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Kelly's Foot Fetish Video

Kelly's Foot Fetish Video
Kelly's Foot Fetish Video

Kelly's Foot Fetish Pictures

Kelly's Foot Fetish Picture
Kelly's Foot Fetish Picture

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  • Kellys Foot Fetish by 8/9/2010 6:17:11 AM (77/100):
    The star of Kellys Foot Fetish is a hot babe who's been blessed with many stunning features including a sexy pair of feet. She's quite handy with them too and loves to use them to pleasure her husband's cock. You can see for yourself by taking a look at any of the 67 videos and 65 photo galleries. For the most part, the quality of her material is good and they add new stuff on average every week.

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