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Cost: $34.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days Rating: 86

Cute Girl Feet - www.CuteGirlFeet.comCute Girl Feet picks up where BFT Girls left off, yet another teen foot fetish site from the Pancho Pass network, and similarly it's not currently updated either (what's up with that?). But before I get into quality and quantity, the two Q's that are behind every review I do, let's talk about what Cute Girl Feet is really all about...

Girls who like to suck their own toes! I had to laugh a little at the Cute Girl Feet tagline... Real girls, real feet? I mean what else would they be, fake feet? Haha... but beyond that this site seems to really present you with some great toe-sucking content! Check out the Jessica Alba lookalike on the tour page, and then let's get into Cute Girl Feet right now!

Just like every other site on this network, you've got a very appropriate top banner (a close-up of a chick licking her toes). Then you've got the navigation that points you to home, photos, videos, friends, support, and even the Spanish version of Cute Girl Feet. Below that you can access their top six updates, and then the bonus sites (I'll give you the skinny on those in a sec). Finally you are shown the “recent” picture and movie updates, but since the site isn't updated anymore, they're not really recent at all.

The videos on this site are organized by girl, which makes it hard to tell just how many videos there are to enjoy. There are 32 different girls on the site. I clicked on a bunch of them and each one only had one video, so I'd say there are most likely just 32 videos on the site. Not quite enough to get you through 30 days if you ask me (especially with shorter softcore videos like these). But not too terrible either.

The videos are all broken down into clips, which for me is a big drawback. I'd love to see full movie downloads here, and they're really not so large that they need to be broken down like this. The WMV clips are about 15MB and the AVI clips are about 30MB. The resolution is 640x480 in either format and they look pretty good, but I think the action is a little too slow for my tastes. I know it's softcore but it doesn't have to be boring. I've seen it done right and this comes up a little bit short. The girls are beautiful though and the feet hit the mark!

There are lots and lots of photo sets here—too many to count since they're all tucked into their sort-by-girl categories, but there are many for each girl. There are definitely several hundred. They're 1024x680 and they look great! Click 'em, flip through 'em, or download the zip sets—they're only about 7MB so why not? There are usually just 50 or 60 pics per set, but they're the best of the best and I often think less is more in the photo sections. Why do I need 1000 pics? That's how I feel about it. If they can capture it all in 50 frames, then I'm all for it. These look great, they show every angle, and you can hit it any way you want to (click, flip, or download). Good photos, I'm pleased!

Now I want to give you a taste of what bonus sites you'll gain access too as a perk of your membership with Cute Girl Feet. Here they are: True Tere, Kylie Teen, Piper Fawn, Lez B Teens, Tabatha Fey, BFT Girls (more barefoot girls!), Teen Travels, Teen Foot Club (still more teen girls with a foot fetish!), Ana Fey, Stormy Friday, Porn Wipes, Dasha Markova, Harmony Finn, Ivy Summer, Felicity Fey, 18 Magazine, Nastya Girl, Kristina Fey, Katie Fey, Andi Pink, Crimson Teens, Scarlet Peaches, Red City Nudes, Panty Fruit, Ariel Rebel, Wild Tarts, Paris Tale, Tranny Sex Nation, and Exclusive T Girls. So far it's been a pretty good network (they're all on the Pancho Pass network), though some of the sites (like Cute Girl Feet) are no longer updated, but most have a fair amount of content to enjoy.

If you have decided to join Cute Girl Feet, it's $34.95 for 30 days or $69.95 for 90 days. I think there are definitely enough pics to get you through either membership, but they come up a little short in the video department. Because of that I think I personally would have to go for the 30 day option. What rating does Cute Girl Feet earn from me? That would be a 86/100. If you're ready to check it out, just click the link to take the tour and join!

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Cute Girl Feet Picture
Cute Girl Feet Picture

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  • Cute Girl Feet by 8/9/2010 6:16:43 AM (68/100):
    If you love cute gals who love their own feet, then you are in luck. Cute Girl Feet combines the nubile niche with foot fetish fun and it does it well. The site has stopped updating, but the existing 24 videos and 214 photo sets will satisfy at least some of your foot craving. You get access to a bunch of bonus sites, but the price of admission still seems rather high.

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