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Shaved Angels (ShavedAngels.com)

There is none of those hairy pussies on this website. What this website has are clean, shaved and wet pussies. Admit it, it's easier and more delicious to lick and fuck clean and shaved pussies. The women from Shaved Angels keep it in mind to have their pussies shaved every now and then. It's what men want, and who are they to disappoint the men who want to bang them? And besides, shaved pussies are quite hygienic too.

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Shaved Angels (www.ShavedAngels.com)

My Toilets (MyToilets.com)

The internet's largest pissing game is on in My Toilets. See these ladies cross the boundaries of dirty and nasty as they drink down the piss of their partners. Some may find it gross, but these ladies don't. Instead, they find is hot as hell that they wanna fuck and get their pussies slammed afterwards. This is the kind of fetish you won't see so much on the web. Get the best only from My Toilets.

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My Toilets (www.MyToilets.com)

Girls Of Pain (GirlsOfPain.com)

Girls Of Pain... If you love BDSM and all the freakish delights that come along with it, you'll definitely want to check out this website. They stuff these girls' mouths with big ball gags, clamp their sensitive nipples, tie their titties up with tight ropes, and spank those asses until they're good and red. Go down into the dungeon and watch this exquisite pain fetish content right now at GirlsOfPain.com!

$24.95 Monthly, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Girls Of Pain (www.GirlsOfPain.com)

Fetish Dolls (FetishDolls.com)

Fetish Dolls combines some of your very favorite niches, from hot bondage, to sizzling lesbian action, to latex and nylon and rubber, oh my! We're DEFINITELY not in Kansas anymore. Dorothy is a horny little slut! Watch these babes indulge in the hottest solo and lesbian bondage play that you have ever seen on the net. They're wrapped up in patent leather and fishnet, tied up and just waiting for you to watch! See them tonight at FetishDolls.com.

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Fetish Dolls (www.FetishDolls.com)

Gyno Sex.tv (GynoSex.tv)

Got a medical fetish? Well, you've come to the right place. GynoSex.tv is the one and only website for real, hardcore, wacky insertion and medical fetish sex! If you want to see how far you can stretch an asshole before it splits right in two, or see just how long a girl can take being clamped open with cold, hard, surgical steal, then stick around, because Gyno Sex.tv delivers it like no one else! We've got tons of exclusive pics and lots of live cam sex, so sit back, and watch the show!

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Gyno Sex.tv (www.GynoSex.tv)

Cigarette Sluts (CigaretteSluts.com)

Having sex while smoking cigarette is just plain hot - sexy, smoking hot. This is what we bring you on Cigarette Sluts. These babes don't give a care in the world whether they are giving head or getting their pussy and asses banged, they simply want to smoke and that's what we love about them. See their smoking hot scenes only on Cigarette Sluts - you won't see them anywhere else.

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Cigarette Sluts (www.CigaretteSluts.com)

Erotic Smoking (EroticSmoking.com)

Erotic Smoking is all about sexy babes who love to smoke. If you've got a smoking fetish, you'll love seeing these images and videos of these girls sucking dick with hot smoke coming out of their mouth! They're doing it all with a cigarette between their lips or a cigar dangling from their fingers. No smoking signs be damned! Watch these sexy smokers get it on all night long at EroticSmoking.com!

3 Days for $1, 5 Days for $6.95, $29.96 a Month
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Erotic Smoking (www.EroticSmoking.com)

Just Right Height (JustRightHeight.com)

For a lot of people, little people are short but there and those people who think that they are just the right height. At JustRightHeight.com you get to see little people proving that they are just the right size when it comes to licking, sucking and fucking. One of the good things is that when they are licking and sucking they don't have to bend over. When it comes to fucking they could take just as much as people their regular size. JustRightHeight.com when you want them just the right size.

$1.98 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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Just Right Height (www.JustRightHeight.com)

Taboo Insertions (TabooInsertions.com)

Not all women like it when anything aside from a tongue, fingers or a cock is inserted inside their pussy. Well the women from Taboo Insertions are quite different. Expect the weirdest things to be inserted on the pussies here - wrenches, baseball bats, bottles and more. Of course we have the good old fresh produce such as bananas, cucumbers, strawberries and more. It's fetish that's gone wild on Taboo Insertions.

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Taboo Insertions (www.TabooInsertions.com)

Rubber Dollies (RubberDollies.com)

Don't deny it, you get turned on with ladies who wear latex. Well, who doesn't? Most especially when the women who wear those clothing are sexy and of course, gorgeous. You're in luck, because we have them all on Rubber Dollies. See these ladies wearing the tightest latex clothing get naughty and dirty. That's what you are waiting for, and that's what you're going to get only on Rubber Dollies.

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Rubber Dollies (www.RubberDollies.com)

Panty Hose Movie Club (PantyHoseMovieClub.com)

You may have seen enough photos posted all over the net featuring female in pantyhose, but videos were always hard to find. On this site we provide you full length DVD quality streaming videos of the greatest females in pantyhose. And it is not video on demand or pay per view. You will have full access to everything within your membership. You can even download and save them to your hard disk. Even burn and watch on your big screen TV. While we provide a great archive of videos we provide new videos with frequent updates. You may also find thousands of high-detailed photos.. Check out Panty Hose Movie Club.com!

FREE Trial, $34.95 Monthly, $59.99 for 3 Months
Panty Hose Movie Club (www.PantyHoseMovieClub.com)

Sadistic Sluts (SadisticSluts.com)

You'd be surprised to see how many ladies are willing to get tied up, gagged, slapped, whipped and generally, get beat up while they are being fucked. Basically they are called masochists. However, these ladies that we have are probably sadists as well. They get sexual gratification from being able to hurt their sexual partner. So it's all about pain, pain and pain on Sadistic Sluts.

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Sadistic Sluts (www.SadisticSluts.com)

WAM Girls (WAM-Girls.com)

If you love hot girls getting wet and messy then Wam-Girl.com is for you. Watch hot girls get messy and get nasty for you to watch. These girls are getting out the whipped cream and chocolate syrup to say the least and they want you to watch them get all messy. Check out these hot girls make food and getting messy sexy at Wam-Girls.com

$1.98 Trial, $29.95 Monthly, $59.95 for 90 Days
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WAM Girls (www.WAM-Girls.com)

Fetish Club (FetishClub.com)

Welcome to the Fetish Club. This is where all of your most depraved fantasies can become a reality ... or a nightmare. FetishClub.com is presented to you by Mistress Shaved and features an amazing assortment of hardcore fetish favorites. The site features all kinds of fetishes, kinks and perversions. In the members-only areas you'll find photos, movies and stories to satisfy all your wants and needs, as well as a very nasty chat room where Mistress Shaved sometimes cums to play. In checking out the site, I got to watch the "Bald Gangbang" and immediately came home with a razor for Mrs Rex. You should do yourself a favor and check it out.

$1.00 for 2 Day Trial, $39.95 a Month, $69.95 for 90 Days
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Fetish Club (www.FetishClub.com)

Women Smoking (WomenSmoking.com)

There are a lot of fetishes. And to name them, it would take you forever. One of the popular fetishes is Women Smoking. Well guess what? That's what we have here. But we don't just have any women, we got women who smoke while they are half naked and doing seductive poses. It's as sexy and arousing as it can get on Women Smoking.

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Women Smoking (www.WomenSmoking.com)

Fisting Online.tv (FistingOnline.tv)

As weird as it may sound, a lot of women have fisting fetishes. As much as they love cock, they also love to have their own or others' fist inside their pussies or asses. And sure enough, most men love it when these women play with their pussies by fisting. After all, you don't see ladies like this everyday. Only on Fisting Online.tv will you see babes as hot as these girls with this kind of fetish.

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Fisting Online.tv (www.FistingOnline.tv)

LateXXX Girls (LateXXXGirls.com)

What makes a woman fuckable? Gorgeous body? Tight pussy? Hot clothes? Well these LateXXX Girls have it all. Who wouldn't want to bang these horny sluts? They are probably the most sizzling hot ladies you'll see in your lifetime. They are all here to entertain you with their dirty deeds. Talk about getting what you paid for.

$1.00 for 3 Day Trial, $29.92 a Month
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LateXXX Girls (www.LateXXXGirls.com)

Sexy Smokers (SexySmokers.com)

Unfortunately SexySmokers.com is closed to new members but don't fret lovers of sexy women smoking. SmokeSigs.com is ready to accept you. Check out some of the hottest babes blowing smoke for your pleasure. Check out Smokesigs.com for your naughty smoke enjoyment.

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Sexy Smokers (www.SexySmokers.com)

Latex Sex.cc (LatexSex.cc)

Ladies in latex suits, bikinis and more. That's about as hot as it gets. These models have a fetish for having sex while wearing latex clothing. Oh, and did we mention that most of them are lesbians? They got all the stuff they need just to get satisfied. They don't need any men to pleasure them. It's toys, tongues and fingers, and these ladies are already happy on Latex Sex.cc.

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Latex Sex.cc (www.LatexSex.cc)

Fetish View (FetishView.com)

No matter what your fetish is, we won't make fun of you. Each person has his or her own fetish, and here we are, showing it all to you only on Fetish View. This website is probably the best website to go to if you are looking for the largest collection of fetish videos. Believe us, you will never regret taking a peek on this website. It's one of the sites that you will enjoy visiting.

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Fetish View (www.FetishView.com)

Secret Fetishes (SecretFetishes.com)

What is your deepest and darkest secret? Could it be something that involves pain and pleasure? Are you sure that it is something that should be ashamed about? No, it's not. Secret Fetishes shows you what it's like to let out the things that you really want. Do you want to see how women react when they are inflicted pain? Pain is just a string away from pleasure. These women are aware of that. That's why they are here on this website in the first place.

$1.85 Trial, $29.99 Monthly
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Secret Fetishes (www.SecretFetishes.com)

Erotic Kittens (EroticKittens.com)

Our kittens in this website have a lot of fetishes. They are Erotic Kittens, and they love to spanked, gagged, handcuffed and a lot more. These ladies are kinky and horny - a perfect combination, if you ask us. They can also get a little frisky, especially if you get them wet and ready.

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Erotic Kittens (www.EroticKittens.com)

Club Bizarr.tv (ClubBizarr.tv)

Do you have weird fetishes? Don't be shy, we all do. Here on Club Bizarr.tv, everything is unusual. Some girls like to inflict pain on their sex partner while fucking, while some love to receive pain. It gives them some kind of arousal. You can watch these ladies do weird fetishes that you won't see anywhere else. 'Cause that's how we do it on Club Bizarr.tv.

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Club Bizarr.tv (www.ClubBizarr.tv)

Balloon Fetish.cc (BalloonFetish.cc)

Name the weirdest fetish you could think of. Bet you can't 'cause there are absolutely a lot of weird fetishes. And it wouldn't be called fetish if it wasn't so weird in the first place. On Balloon Fetish.cc, you guessed it right, it's all about balloon fetish. Men and women alike who love this kind of sexual arousal will enjoy this website for sure. The contents here on this site cannot be found elsewhere.

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Balloon Fetish.cc (www.BalloonFetish.cc)

Fist Bang (FistBang.com)

Got fist? If you love watching fisting videos, then see how far these girls can go. Whether it's anal or vaginal fisting, they are all for it. They get their pussy stretched and banged like hell. They aren't so easily contented even with a large cock, so they're on Fist Bang. That's got to hurt, a lot would say. But for these babes, pain is just a minor detail. The pleasure is above it.

$1.85 Trial, $29.99 Monthly
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Fist Bang (www.FistBang.com)

Fisting World.cc (FistingWorld.cc)

Everyone has his or her own fetish, some may be common, while some can be quite unusual. Not everyone knows that fisting is one of the most common fetishes, most especially among women. There are times when a cock is simply now enough, and they need something bigger. A fist, yeah. That would fit right through that tight pussy. It's not everyday that you'll see ladies as beautiful and gorgeous as this play with their pussies this way. That's what you're going to watch out for if you visit the Fisting World.cc website.

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Fisting World.cc (www.FistingWorld.cc)

Her First Fist.tv (HerFirstFist.tv)

Every "first" should be documented. That's what we have here on Her First Fist.tv. It's her firs time getting a fist inside her pussy. We know it's really hard to convince some girls to try this. But what we have here are ladies who have the guts and are quite adventurous. You won't regret seeing these ladies 'cause you know that it's all worth it.

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Her First Fist.tv (www.HerFirstFist.tv)

Extreme-Sex.cc (Extreme-Sex.cc)

Who doesn't know what BDSM means? If you have the passion for pain and sex, then we know that you will enjoy seeing the Extreme-Sex.cc website. They say that there is a thin line between pain and pleasure. The more you feel pain, the more sexual pleasure you get from it. It's rare to see women who would agree to this kind of kinky fuckery. Well, we call ourselves lucky 'cause we have them here on Extreme-Sec.cc.

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Extreme-Sex.cc (www.Extreme-Sex.cc)

Objects.tv (Objects.tv)

These girls know no boundaries when it comes to the things they insert to their pussies. They are here on Objects.tv to try out more bizarre things. They'll insert almost anything to their wet, juicy pussies such as baseball bats, vegetables, peppers, and even traffic cones. No matter how weird these ladies can be, we can't blame them. It's their fetish, and if you ask us, they are quite enjoyable to watch.

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Objects.tv (www.Objects.tv)

Wanna Wrestle (WannaWrestle.com)

Don't you love cat fights? We do too! That's why we have Wanna Wrestle. This is the only website where you can see barely legal ladies wrestle naked. If you love hardcore, then you'll definitely enjoy this website. These women have the guts, and they won't let other ladies steal their crown. They're gonna win this cat fight by hook or by crook.

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Wanna Wrestle (www.WannaWrestle.com)

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